MBTI® Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Characters

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean

With a sixth film in the works, Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the highest-grossing film series of all time, and, with its array of amusing characters, fight scenes, adventure, and mix between fantasy and history, its no wonder why.

While Captain Jack Sparrow is typically featured at center stage, the two latest installments have introduced audiences to a host of new additions to the cast that have steered the story in a whole new direction. Let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs Personality Types of old and new characters alike.

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10 Jack Sparrow - ENTP

Humorous, witty and resourceful, Captain Jack is incredibly inventive, particularly when it comes to wriggling his way out of sticky situations. Examples of his ingenuity include using underhand tactics to defeat Will in a swordfight in the first film and escaping from the guards of King George II and Hector Barbossa in On Stranger Tides.

He is always in pursuit of new novelties, from retrieving the Black Pearl to finding the Fountain of Youth. This drive does sometimes come with its downsides, however, as Jack often leaves Will and Elizabeth in distress while pursuing his own personal interests.

9 Elizabeth Swann - ESFP

A determined and adaptable woman, Elizabeth is both quick-thinking and practical when it comes to chasing after what she wants. Examples include her use of the golden medallion to parlay with Barbossa and her use of Sao Feng's medallion to take over as a pirate lord and join the Brethren Court. While she tough and determined, she is also warm-hearted and caring, and she deeply expresses her love for Will.

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8 Will Turner - ISFJ

Orlando Bloom as Will Turner in Disney Pirates of the Caribbean

Will is a strong-willed and courageous man who will go to great lengths to look out for his friends. It is for this reason that he has rescued Jack Sparrow from his enemies' grasps on numerous occasions, and has provided Elizabeth Swann with love and support since they first fell into each other's arms, emphasizing how dependable he is. He is a sympathetic man who put in the utmost effort to assist his father aboard the Flying Dutchman. He showed how dutiful he is by taking on his role as Captain of the Flying Dutchman after Davy Jones' demise.

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7 Hector Barbossa - ESTJ

Geoffery Rush as Hector Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean

An active organizer, Barbossa was an inspiring and charismatic leader who successfully convinced Jack's crew upon the Black Pearl to commit a mutiny and elect him as the new captain. He was well organized and decisive and used his cunning and systematic approach to close deals with intimidating foes such as Armando Salazar and secure respectable employ as a privateer serving under the British Crown. He was also a much-loved character due to his dry humor and wacky opinions.

6 Joshamee Gibbs - ENTJ

Typically down-to-earth and logical, first mate Gibbs provides the sensibility that Jack Sparrow does not, provided he is not on one of his rum-drinking rampages. A loyal ally of Jack and effective planner, he constantly finds himself devising new plans for getting Jack out of trouble, such as the time that he and the crew saved Jack from execution and subsequently attempted a robbery.

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5 Davy Jones - ISTP

Analytical and cunning, this chilling foe of Jack Sparrow was incredibly good at convincing others to enter into agreements that would later result in them becoming indebted to him, including even the witty Jack Sparrow. As captain of the Flying Dutchman, he was an incredibly effective leader who constantly lead his crew to victory against all manner of enemy ships, thus showcasing his troubleshooting abilities. He also managed to convince many a prisoner of war to join his crew.

4 Angelica - ENTJ

Jack's former lover and accomplice during his pursuit of the Fountain of Youth, Angelica proved to be an innovative thinker who could outsmart many a man using the art of deception. This included successfully posing as Jack Sparrow himself. Her unwavering goal to locate the Fountain of Youth and thereby assist her father shows how vision-focused she is, while her consistent efforts put into this goal highlight her constant pursuit of achievement.

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3 Cutler Beckett - ENTJ

An assertive bordering on aggressive leader, Beckett was the governor of the East India Trading Company. His decisiveness came in handy when dealing out harsh punishments to those he considered enemies, including children who were suspected of being involved in piracy.An effective planner and an initiator of well-thought-out provisions, Beckett was able to bend many to his will, including the much feared Davy Jones, who was forced into beaching the Kraken by Beckett.

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2 Henry Turner - ESFJ

The son of Will Turner, Henry is kind-hearted and always puts others before himself. From the moment that audience members were introduced to him, it was evident that helping his father to be released from his curse was of utmost priority in his life. He is a sociable character who proved easy to get along with, and has a warm presence, making it no wonder why Carina eventually fell for him.

1 Armando Salazar - ENTJ

Javier Bardem as Armando Salazar in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

This fear-inducing undead sea captain is incredibly systematic in his approach to attacking pirates, down to the last tee. He is so concrete in his ways that every time he attacks an enemy ship, he kills all but one crew member, who is only left alive to tell others the tale of what happened. He is frightfully conscientious when it comes to carrying out his obsession with killing pirates, and his bloodlust has only increased as time has gone on, thereby proving his decisiveness.

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