MBTI® Of Peaky Blinders Characters

Loosely based on the real Peaky Blinders gang based in Birmingham, England, during the 1800s and 1900s, Peaky Blinders is a historical crime period drama that viewers just can't get enough of. With unforgettable performances and memorable storytelling, this series easily qualifies as one of the best of our generation.

With nefarious dealings and lots of twists and turns, Peaky Blinders is a wild ride from start to finish. But, by far, the thing that makes this show so engrossing is the cast of complicated characters. Exploring the personality types of Peaky Blinder's main characters is easy thanks to the Myers-Briggs® typing system. Check them out below.

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10 Thomas Shelby - INTJ

Leader of the Peaky Blinders gang and patriarch of the Shelby family, Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy, In the Heart of the Sea) returned from the Great War a different man than he was when he left. Though he rose through the ranks to become sergeant major, and earned the respect of his subordinates in the process, the experience left him with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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In spite of his personal struggles, Thomas Shelby maintains a calm and confident image, making him a capable leader and a fearsome enemy. He's a master manipulator, orchestrating events behind the scenes in order to obtain his desired results. Ambitious, cunning, and independent, Peaky Blinder's Thomas Shelby is a fascinating INTJ.

9 Aunt Polly - ESFJ

Elizabeth "Polly" Gray (Helen McCrory, AKA Narcissa Malfoy from the Harry Potter series) is the matriarch of the Shelby family. When Thomas, Arthur Jr., and John were away, Aunt Polly was more than up to the task of handling the gang's dealings, and when the brothers returned and Thomas took over the role as gang leader, Aunt Polly became treasurer.

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A caring and conscientious woman, Aunt Polly is a pragmatist who does what needs to be done, and acts as the voice of reason when the need arises. She fights to maintain the authority and respectability of her family. Sensible, caring, and devoted to the people she loves, Polly Gray is an ESFJ.

8 Arthur Shelby Jr. - ESFP

Tommy is the mind of the Shelby family, but Arthur Jr. (Paul Anderson, The Revenant) is the muscle. He served alongside his brother during the war, working as a sapper, digging tunnels and using explosives to thwart the enemy - and, like his brother, the war took a toll on his mental state.

Arthur Jr. has a tendency to act before thinking things through, and he would much rather get in the thick of it than sit on the sidelines making plans and calculating. A conflicted character, he often enjoys drink and women, but just as often repents and turns to religion for redemption. While he sometimes trips up, Arthur Jr. isn't unfeeling, and his adaptability and sociable nature make him an ESFP.

7 Ada Thorne - INFP

The fourth and only female Shelby sibling, Ada (Sophie Rundle, Bodyguard) acts as the Head of Acquisitions of the Shelby Company Limited. Forward-thinking and with quite the rebellious streak, Ada is also a communist, and enters a secret relationship with, and eventually marries, fellow communist and wanted man, Freddie Thorne.

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Ada cares about her family, but she's also willing to separate herself from them because she dislikes their lifestyle. This desire to lead a life that's congruent with her inner ideals is a super INFP move. This type is curious, innovative, and just loves dreaming up new ideas. Adaptable, loyal, and values-driven, the INFP likes to maintain harmony, but isn't afraid to resist when one of their values is threatened.

6 John Shelby - ESTP

The third Shelby brother, John (Joe Cole, Black Mirror) picks logic and rationality over his feelings (almost) every time. His preference for pragmatism as well as his desire to dive into the action with both feet first make him an ESTP in our book.

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As an ESTP, John likes to focus on the here and now, and when resolving issues, he prefers to take measures that provide immediate results. He enjoys working with other people, more so than working alone, and his flexibility and quick thinking make him great at improvising. Temperamental at times, but with a good sense of humor (especially compared to his brothers), making a case for John as an ESTP is pretty easy.

5 Linda Shelby - ISTP

Wife of Arthur Shelby Jr., Linda Shelby (Kate Phillips, of The Crown, and who's also set to be in the upcoming Downton Abbey movie) is a Quaker, and tries to help him sober up and get his act together. Her husband has a soft spot for her, which gives her a certain amount of power over him - something Thomas greatly dislikes.

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Linda is deeply religious, which causes a lot of tension between her husband and the other members of the Shelby clan. She can also be a tough negotiator. She seems like a quiet goody-two-shoes, but she's not afraid to drive a hard bargain to get what she wants. Linda values efficiency and is one of the few people Thomas has conceded is smart. She's observant, she's analytical, she's an ISTP.

4 Michael Gray - ENTJ

Chief Accountant in the Shelby Company Limited, Michael Gray (Finn Cole, Animal Kingdom) is Aunt Polly's son. At the age of five, the police took Michael away from his mother and placed him with a foster family. When he turned 17, he decided to seek out his real mother.

Like INTJ Tommy, Michael's clearly ambitious. Unlike Tommy, ENTJ Michael tends to be more confrontational, although no less cunning, than his cousin. Michael isn't afraid to rub people the wrong way to get his point across, and this direct attitude (as opposed to the subtle manipulation that's a favorite with Tommy) places him in the ENTJ camp.

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Like INTJ Tommy, Michael's clearly ambitious. Unlike Tommy, ENTJ Michael tends to be more confrontational, although no less cunning, than his cousin. Michael isn't afraid to rub people the wrong way to get his point across, and this direct attitude (as opposed to the subtle manipulation that's a favorite with Tommy) places him in the ENTJ camp.

3 Grace Shelby - ISFP

When we first meet Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis, The Mummy), she's working as a barmaid, but she's actually working for the police, and secretly trying to bring down the Shelbys. Of course, eventually, she really does fall in love with Tommy, and the two are married.

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Grace seems mysterious on the outside, which probably has a lot to do with that whole "double agent" thing. But she's not afraid to risk it all in order to act on her true feelings when she switches sides. She's kind and sensitive and loyal to the ones she loves most, plus she knows how to live in the moment, and all of these traits make her an ISFP.

2 Alfie Solomons - ENTP

The ENTP personality type is good at thinking on their feet. They're alert and outspoken, which can be a good thing because it means never having to wonder what's really on their mind, but it also means they can come off as brash, crass, and, well, kinda rude sometimes. Tact just isn't one of this type's strong suites.

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Of course, when it comes to Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy, Venom), he really doesn't care if he comes off as rude. In fact, he really gets a kick out of humiliating his enemies and insulting them right to their faces. As an ENTP, not only is Alfie's good at reading people. He knows exactly which buttons to press, and in what order.

1 Esme Shelby - ENFP

Esme Martha Lee (Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Luther) marries John Shelby in season one, in an arranged ceremony orchestrated by Thomas and the Lee family, in order to keep the peace between the two clans. Though neither John nor Esme actively wanted to marry each other, neither of them opposed it, and by season two, it was easy to see that they'd developed a strong bond.

Though Esme loves John and is happy with him, she hates the Shelby's lifestyle and tries her hardest to keep her husband away from them. Esme often feels cooped up; she longs to live in the countryside, closer to nature and with wide open spaces. She also enjoys employing fanciful language. Outspoken, enthusiastic, and imaginative, we say Esme's an ENFP.

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