MBTI® Of Paul Rudd's Famous Roles

Paul Rudd is one of those actors that audiences just love to see in any movie. He is a charming and hilarious performer who has proven to be effective in all kinds of different projects. He can carry a movie as a strong leading man, or he can steal the show in a quick cameo. And he's always a joy to watch.

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Throughout his entertaining career, Rudd has created some wonderful characters. These roles are a great display of Rudd's range as an actor with heroic, funny and lovable. With so many different characters under his belt, there is one for just about every personality type. Find out the MBTIs for Paul Rudd's most famous roles.

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Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
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10 Andy (Wet Hot American Summer) – ESTJ

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Wet Hot American Summer was a cult hit that was an early display of Rudd's talent for outrageous, goofball humor. The film is a parody of summer camp comedies with a group of dysfunctional and inept councilors running a children's camp.

Rudd plays Andy, a perfect ESTJ personality. Such personalities are ideal for councilors as they excel at running and organizing activities for large groups. Andy is also an athletic, popular guy who plays by his own rules. He has an idea of how things should be done and really resists being told otherwise.

9 David (The 40-Year Old Virgin) – ENFJ

The 40-Year Old Virgin follows Andy (Steve Carrell) in his long and messy search to finally lose his virginity while being encouraged by his friends. One of those friends is David (Paul Rudd) who is a clear ENFJ personality in their group.

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Unlike some of the other friends, David is a more caring and considerate person. He is sensitive about Andy's struggles and really considers his feelings. While the others see sex as a game, David looks at the human connection of the activity much to the annoyance of the others.

8 Peter Klaven (I Love You, Man) – INFP

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd in I Love You Man

I Love You, Man is a buddy comedy with a charming twist. Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a man who is about to get married but doesn't have any close male friends to be his best man. This leads him to seek out a new friend to fill that void.

Peter seems to fit well into an INFP personality type. He can be quiet and awkward which makes it hard to make friends. He is caring and likes helping people and is extremely loyal to those close with him. He also learns to be more laid-back with his new friend.

7 Ned (Our Idiot Brother) – ISFJ

Paul Rudd in Our Idiot Brother

Our Idiot Brother is a charming and underrated comedy featuring one of Rudd's best performances. He stars as Ned, a kind and caring person whose dim-witted actions often annoy his three sisters who live their own stressful lives. Ned is a great character for Rudd and a typical ISFJ personality.

Ned, despite not being the brightest person around, is totally dependable to be there when he is needed. He completely puts the needs of others before his own and is interested in helping others improve their lives, even if it doesn't always work out that way.

6 Brain Fantana (Anchorman) – ESTP

Sex Panther from Anchorman

Anchorman is one of the films that helped the world recognize Rudd as such a gifted comedic actor. The outrageous comedy follows the ridiculous exploits of a 70s news team. Pudd plays Brian Fantana, the team's reporter in the field.

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Despite the characters in the movie being hilariously cartoonish, it's easy to see Fantana is an ESTP personality type. Like the others on the team, he is more interested in immediate action and is bored by long explanations. He is very loyal to the rest of his team but is not interested in following the rules.

5 Chuck (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) – ISFP

Rudd's role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall is proof that he can be so memorable no matter the size of the role. The film follows Peter (Jason Segel) who travels to a Hawaiian resort to get over a breakup only to find his ex and her new boyfriend at the same resort.

Rudd plays Chuck, the resort's surfer instructor who is an ISFP personality. He is very easy going and avoid conflict. He is very open-minded and enjoys living in the present moment. He is not interested in leading or following anyone else and just does his own thing.

4 Danny (Role Models) – INTJ

Paul Rudd in Role Models

Role Models is another underrated buddy comedy that pairs Rudd with Seann William Scott. The two play vulgar and immature men who are sentenced to community service where they must mentor troubled children.

Danny is an INTJ personality though he maybe exemplifies some negative aspects of that personality. He thinks independently and analytically which often leads him to criticize what others love. But as it turns out, he is a natural leader and is also willing to follow others for the greater good.

3 Pete (Knocked Up) – ENTP

Rudd's character of Pete is introduced in Judd Apatow's Knocked Up as a supporting character and then stars in the quasi-sequel, This is 40. Peter is a family man married to Debbie (Leslie Mann) as they raise their two daughters and manage the struggles of married life.

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As an ENTP personality, Pete is a creative and resourceful thinker. He enjoys debates which leads to many arguments with his wife. He gets excited about his new ideas concerning his job but that can sometimes lead to him neglecting other aspects of his life.

2 Josh (Clueless) – ISTJ

Paul Rudd in Clueless

Clueless is an early role of Rudd's which helped put him on the map. The comedy classic follows Cher, a kind but vain popular girl who decides to play matchmaker in her high school. Rudd plays Josh, Cher's former stepbrother who is still very much a part of her life.

Josh is an ISTJ personality and a very ambitious one. He is on a path to be a lawyer and takes great interest in the real-world issues of the day. He is known for his drive and determination. He is responsible and dependable even when he and Cher are at odds.

1 Scott Lang (Ant-Man) – ISTP

Rudd became a genuine superhero when he was cast as Scott Lang aka Ant-Man in the MCU. Scott has appeared in four MCU films to date and has proven to be a very essential member of the team with his powers to shrink and grow to extreme sizes.

Scott is a unique ISTP personality in the superhero world. While he wants to save the world, his main concern simply his daughter, Cassie. He holds his family values very close but is very willing to break the rules when needed. He is an expert with mechanical work and he excels at finding solutions to very big problems.

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