MBTI® The Parent Trap Characters

The Parent Trap will be forever be known to '90s kids as the movie where Lindsay Lohan plays two people. Although the 1998 film is a remake of the 1961 original, it's fair to say that the Lohan vehicle gets a lot more attention. The story of two girls who meet at camp and realize that they're actually twins is heartwarming, charming, and hilarious.

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The girls decide to scheme and get their parents back together by switching places, and the result is a classic movie that features a sweet and funny cast of characters. Here are the MBTIs of the characters in The Parent Trap.

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10 Martin: ENTJ

Simon Kunz's The Parent Trap character is Martin, Annie's and her mom's butler. His main role in the movie (besides being adorable and sweet) is dating Chessy (who works for Hallie and her dad) at the end.

Since he's a butler, Martin's MBTI would be an ENTJ or "Decisive Strategist." As he organizes the house and keeps everything running smoothly, he sounds a lot like the description: "They like to organize people and resources efficiently in order to accomplish long-term goals." He's "logical" and someone who will "provide structure." He has a romantic streak, too, and he and Chessy are so cute together.

9 Charles James: INFJ

Annie's grandpa Charles James (Ronnie Stevens) doesn't play a huge part in The Parent Trap but he's the focal point of a funny scene when Hallie wants to know what Annie refers to him as and Annie's answer is simply "Grandfather."

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This character sounds like an INFJ or "Insightful Visionary." He's "sensitive and reserved" and greatly cares about his granddaughter. He's got a "quiet warmth" and is also "loyal."

8 Marva Kulp, Jr.: ISTJ

Strict and formal, Maggie Wheeler's character is an ISTJ or "Responsible Realist." She runs the summer camp with her mom, Marva Kulp, Sr., and she sounds like ISTJs who "enjoy working within clearly defined systems and processes in a traditional, task-oriented, decisive way."

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Like most camps, this one has a ton of guidelines, and this character is all about rules. She's "steadfast" and will "focus on tasks."

7 Marva Kulp, Sr.: ENFJ

Polly Holliday's character in The Parent Trap has a hilarious moment when she's very confused by Annie and Hallie and how much they look alike. She says, "At least I'm not putting salt in the sugar shakers. Well, actually sugar in the salt shakers, but..."

Marva Kulp Sr. would be an ENFJ or "Compassionate Facilitator." She's a bit quirkier than her daughter and while managing the camp, she will "get the most out of teams by working closely with team members." She's "energetic" and "organized" (even if sometimes she says funny lines like the salt/sugar one).

6 Meredith Blake: INTJ

In what is arguably the best scene in the whole movie, Meredith Blake (Elaine Hendrix) awakens from a peaceful sleep and realizes that she's literally in the middle of the lake. The girls have been bugging her the whole time that they've gone camping, and she's had enough.

Her MBTI would be INTJ or "Conceptual Planner." Meredith continues the tradition of characters who work in PR in movies and TV shows who are bossy, loud, and aggressive in getting what they want. She's "demanding" like INTJs along with being "firm" and "deliberate."

5 Chessy: ISFP

Lisa Ann Walter played Chessy, who works for Hallie and her dad Nick cleaning and taking care of the house. She's a maternal figure to Hallie. She adores children, is warm and comforting, and also very tough.

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Chessy's MBTI would be ISFP or "Versatile Supporter" as she does "enjoy providing practical help or service to others." She's "kind" and "modest." Chessy is also "observant" as she discovers that Hallie is actually Annie because she knows she's being super strange.

4 Nick Parker: ISFJ

Nick Parker (Dennis Quaid) may love his daughter Hallie, but he seems a bit perplexed by the whole single dad thing. He insists on marrying Meredith, which Hallie thinks is a totally ridiculous idea, and it takes him the entire movie to realize that he should have stayed with Elizabeth and kept his family intact.

Nick would be an ISFJ or "Practical Helper." He definitely doesn't stand up for himself as well as his daughters do and lets Meredith make all the choices for him until he finally breaks up with her. He's "sensitive" and "loyal" and "low-key" just like ISFJs.

3 Elizabeth James: INFP

The late Natasha Richardson played Elizabeth James, mom to Annie and Hallie. Her MBTI would be INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist." She's very sweet, emotional, and she gets completely overwhelmed once she finds out what the girls have done.

In one funny scene, when she sees Nick at a hotel, she says to her daughters, "Can one of you get something cold for my head?" and isn't sure what to do with her emotions. Like INFPs, she's also "concerned" and "loyal" and "compassionate." Although she's wealthy, she's also kind and she's a great mom.

2 Annie James: ESTJ

Annie James and Hallie Parker (Lindsay Lohan) may look alike, but they don't think or act alike at all, especially at the beginning of the movie when they meet at summer camp. One of Annie's best and most memorable quotes is when she responds to Hallie's question about what makes them opposites, "I know how to fence and you don't. Or, I have class and you don't. Take your pick."

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Annie's MBTI would be ESTJ or "Efficient Organizer." Since she has been rich her whole life, she has the confidence of her family's money. She's "direct" and "self-confident" and "matter-of-fact." She'll tell anyone what she really feels and thinks about them, even Hallie. The girls don't like each other at first but once they switch, they become close and are more than a little bit excited about being family.

1 Hallie Parker: ENTP

Hallie's just as much into scheming as Annie is but she might even be more headstrong. In a moving scene, she tells their mom Elizabeth that she's Hallie and she says, "Annie and I met up at camp and, and we decided to switch places. I'm sorry, but I've never seen you and I've dreamt of meeting you my whole life and Annie felt the exact same way about Dad so, so we sort of just switched lives. I hope you're not mad because I love you so much, and I just hope that one day you could love me as me, and not as Annie."

The fact that she can be so open and honest (and she's young at only 12 years old) is impressive. Her MBTI would be ENTP or "Enterprising Explorer." She and Hallie hate their dad Nick's fiance, and they work together to ruin her. Hallie is "creative" and "curious." She's also very "conceptual" and comes up with many plans.

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