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For those who are loyal fans of Netflix's new show The Order, it's no secret that every main character has a completely different personality from the next. This has made for an interesting and dynamic cast, one of which many viewers have fallen in love with. Of course, there are some characters that many of us despise—hello, Gabrielle Dupres—but there are also some we couldn't imagine losing on the show. This made us wonder if each character would actually fit a Meyer-Briggs Personality Type® and, lo and behold, they do! Similar to how a spell must have each component to perfection in order to work, a show that's worthy of watching must have a unique blend of personalities in order to be entertaining. Here are all the characters we love and, well, some we wouldn't mind using as a sacrifice, along with their personality types.

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10 Jack Morton As An ENTJ

It's no surprise that when it comes to leaders, Jack Morton is leading the charge. This is an interesting thing to consider since he calls for an 'alliance' with the Knights when the show first kicks off, but he does, in fact, turn into somewhat of a de facto leader by the end. This character progression is exactly why he's undoubtedly an ENTJ. Ready to take charge at any moment, always finding a solution to a problem without hesitation, and, of course, never running from a fight. His imaginative ways and creative—logical—thinking allow him to navigate both the Order and the Knights better than anyone else.

9 Alyssa Drake As An INTP

An INTP would likely go hand-in-hand with an ENTJ as Alyssa does with Jack. Although—spoiler alert—she wipes his memory clean by the season one finale, they still have remarkable chemistry up until that moment. That's likely because she would be an INTP, a personality type known similarly for working out problems without hesitation. Her logic and well-thought-out courses of action might make her a bit slower to react, but certainly not inferior in terms of coming up with a solution. Her careful thinking allows her to gain trust within the Order, but it's her compassion and desire for knowledge that wins everyone over in the end.

8  Edward Coventry As An ENFJ

You either love or hate Edward Coventry, and we wouldn't blame you either way. He's your typical charismatic warlock, but with an unquenchable urge for power which he simply just can't let go. While he's the main antagonist, he also is deserving of a personality type that suits his prowess, and that would definitely be an ENFJ. Although this personality type is, ironically enough, considered the 'Protagonist', it's his attributes that make this connection so. His charisma allows him to win over nearly the entire Order, while his natural leadership and ability to rock the house with a speech—or a fire spell—that gains their respect.

7 Vera Stone As An ESTJ

Known as the 'Executive', we truly couldn't see Vera Stone as being anything but this personality type. She's excellent at her position in the hierarchy and makes it her life mission to control the chaos that is the Order. One of her shining traits is her ability to manage people, and while she's not nearly as manipulative as Edward, she still does a great job at controlling many of the Order's members. While not a true leader—not yet, anyway—she does put a plan to action and manages to help save the day with some extraordinary commanding skills.

6 Randall Carpio ISFP

Everyone loves Randall Carpio and—spoiler alert—there's no way we couldn't see his and Lilith's relationship blooming from a mile away. His personality as an ISFP allows him to get along with just about everyone, as manipulation and control are not in his nature. As the former somewhat leader of the Knights, Randall is a true adventurer, always ready to take on whatever lies ahead. He doesn't fear much and it's in this that his true attributes lie. He's a natural charmer, someone anyone would get along with and is always ready to tackle anything despite his experience with it or not.

5 Lilith Bathory As An ESTP

Lilith is a bit trickier to figure out, but her zest for living life as it comes is what most likely makes her an ESTP. Known for living on the edge, Lilith enjoys a good banter as well as a good fight. Throughout the season, her character development is by far the most transitory. She goes from an immature college student who's somewhat immature to a good-natured werewolf who's slowly beginning to open up. Throughout it all, she maintains her intelligence and unbelievable energy, and this is what propels her forward in life. All of these things make her a true ESTP, ready for any challenge.

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4 Hamish Duke As An ISTJ

Hamish is an easy one to type since it's his intelligence that makes him truly unique. Hamish is one werewolf who is set apart from the rest in terms of his intellect, as he's the only one who truly absorbs knowledge and, well, picks up a book and actually reads it. Similar to Vera, he's great at commanding the room, but his true attributes come in the form of his reliability and fact-based solutions. This is where he displays unmatched talent when it comes to thinking out a logical solution, something many characters don't take the time to do.

3 Gabrielle Dupres As An ENTP

Gabrielle is perhaps one of the most despised characters on the show. and, fortunately, she does get what she has coming to her in the form of a well-earned lesson. She would likely be an ENTP, known for the constant need to debate anyone and everyone. This stems from her high intellect; however, it is challenging to determine whether her smarts come from actually thinking or from the fact that she can administer pain at will. Regardless, her desire to shut others out and be the top dog is what makes her a true ENTP, although her methods are not always smart.

2 Pops (Pete) Morton As An ISFJ

Pops makes a perfect ISFJ because of his unparalleled love and passion for righting the wrongs that Edward Coventry has wrought on the Morton family. Although he does meet his tragic demise by the end of the season, he's a fighter up until that moment. His desire to defend and protect his only grandson—not counting Jack's half-brother—is a true quality of an ENTP. They'll always protect their loved ones at any cost and are always ready to go to battle for them. This is one character we were definitely sad to lose, RIP Pops.

1 Professor Eric Clarke As An ESFJ

Yet another character who is gone too soon in the season, Eric Clarke was a likable guy who always seemed to have a witty response for everything. Jack was a huge fan of him as, and, despite his witticism, he never hesitated to help his students out. This is what makes him a likely candidate to be an ESFJ, a personality type which is unbelievably caring and always willing to help others. His compassion was plain to see even through his suave nature, and that's what made it so tough to watch him go. Despite this, he made a great professor... even if he was possessed mid-season.

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