One-Punch Man: Personalities Based On The Myers-Briggs® Personality Test

When One-Punch Man first hit screens across the globe, it burst onto the anime scene like a series of consecutive normal punches. Mangaka One has created a truly remarkable and hilarious deconstruction of the superhero genre and what it means to hold the kind of unstoppable power in your fists that someone like Saitama does. So whether we’re looking into Saitama’s unstoppable natural ability or Genos’ unstoppable drive to become the hero the world deserves with Saitama’s help, let’s break down the attributes that cause someone to stand up against the rampant crime of the Alphabet Cities, using the Myers-Briggs® personality test. 

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10 Puri-Puri Prisoner: The Consul - ESFJ

While Puri-Puri Prisoner may not look like it, he’s one of the strongest heroes we meet in One-Punch Man. He may be the weakest of the S-Class heroes, but he still managed to claw all the way up with his strength, dedication, and perseverance.

We know that Puri-Puri Prisoner is not afraid to take on a challenge simply to increase his rank as a hero, as we see illustrated when he takes on the Deep Sea King simply to get ahead of Genos in the ranks. His one key weakness seems to be his inability to control his emotions, as he has been thrown in jail for attacking heroes he has found a little too intoxicating.

Puri-Puri Prisoner is flamboyant, extroverted, and never afraid to take on a challenge. Now, if only he could keep his darn infatuations in check, maybe he’d manage to stay out of prison.

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9 Mumen Rider: The Defender - ISFJ

Mumen Rider is nowhere near the strongest hero we’ve been introduced to in One-Punch Man. He is, however, one of the most dedicated and inspiring. In a lot of ways, Mumen Rider is the heart of the series and the Hero Association as well. He illustrates to the audience that no matter how powerful you are, even if you’re just some guy on a bike, you have the potential to be a great hero. All you need is the faith and willingness to do good when no one else is willing to. A sweet bike helps out as well, I suppose.

8 Silver Fang: The Architect - INTJ

Silverfang—or Bang as he typically prefers to be called—is a tranquil, collected, and intelligent hero. He shows incredible ability and dedication when completing his duties as one of the top-ranked heroes in the Hero Association. He shows little fear when confronted with the idea of having to stop a Dragon-level threat in the form of a meteor. Unlike most of his peers, he is one of the few heroes that actually recognizes Saitama’s immense power. Bang has a very introverted nature and often withdraws even further into himself when he is upset by something.

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7 Tatsumaki: The Executive - ESTJ

She may be small, but she contains multitudes. Tatsumaki, despite her petite stature, is large and in charge. As the second-ranked S-Class hero in the entire Hero Association, Tatsumaki is used to getting her way. On the few occasions where she doesn't immediately get her way, she has no problem “gently” coaxing any problematic people into her way of thinking. While she can be incredibly arrogant, she truly believes that her career as a hero is more duty-bound than anything else. She knows that someone with her natural abilities and skills should be doing everything they can to help out those around them, and protect them when necessary. Just don’t get on her bad side...

6 Speed-o’-Sound Sonic: The Entrepreneur - ESTP

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While Speed-o’-Sound Sonic may not be a member of the Hero Association, he certainly has the skills and ability for it. It does, however, make a lot of sense the Speed-o’-Sound Sonic has refused to join the rigid structure of an association like the Heroes Association. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is an innovator, a hard-working pathfinder. He doesn't enjoy playing by rules others have laid down for him as he’s much more likely to break out on his own and find his own way to accomplish the tasks set out for him. His near-instant reflexes go far beyond what his body is capable of, as he is incredibly quick-witted and capable of improvising complex plans on the fly.

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5 Child Emperor: The Logician - INTP

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Don't let his young age fool you, Child Emperor is one of the top-ranked S-Class heroes in the entire Heroes Association. He may be the youngest member of the Heroes Association, but that in no way means he is the least capable. Child Emperor has a very analytical mind which he used with absolute proficiency while regularly saving citizens and heroes much older than himself. While Child Emperor can be very logical, he also has a very caring side, as displayed by his focus on creating an antidote for his fellow heroes rather than finishing off the monster Eyesight.

4 Atomic Samurai: The Executive - ESTJ

Atomic Samurai can be very sensible when it comes to things like fighting off villains, monsters, aliens, and when it comes to saving the lives of the citizens he's sworn to protect. He does, however, have an incredibly prideful side as displayed when he refuses to shake Saitama’s hand, stating that he “only acknowledges the strong.” (Pfft. This guy.)  It’s difficult to say whether or not Atomic Samurai decided to become a hero simply because he wanted to help those he knew he had the power to, or he was simply on a quest to prove his strength to himself and to those around him.

3 Lord Boros: The Commander - ENTJ

Lord Boros is one of the more obvious typings on the list as he makes who he is, what he wants, and how he chooses to accomplish his goals incredibly clear to anyone who will listen. We know that Lord Boros inspires great respect and fear from his subordinates. He’s also willing to travel all across the known universe simply to prove his power and seek out a worthy opponent to his grandeur.

Lord Boros is thoughtful, structured, and able to take in the complexities of the universe with ease. It’s a shame that he couldn’t see Saitama for the opponent that he was until it was too late. But then again, that’s the kind of thing that happens when you decide to go pillaging the entire universe.

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2 Genos: The Logistician - ISTJ

While Genos may not be the strongest hero in the Hero Association—or the highest ranked—he certainly knows how to go about achieving the strength he so desperately strives for. Genos is logical, sensible, and incredibly structured. It’s almost like he’s some sort of cyborg or something. His sensible and logical way of taking in the world around him is likely one of the factors that makes it so easy for him to recognize Saitama’s power. He’s not looking for some sort of excuse as to why Saitama can do the things he does. He’s not looking to justify it in any way at all. All he knows is that Saitama is so much stronger than he is, even with all his cybernetic enhancements, and perhaps, if he follows him long enough, maybe he can gain some of that strength, too.

1 Saitama: The Virtuoso - ISTP

Saitama One-Punch Man Season 2

Saitama, when all is said and done, is actually a lot like Genos. They are both very sensible people that take in the circumstances of their existence for exactly what they are. He realizes pretty early on that the life of a typical worker is just not for him. He knows that there is so much evil going on in the world and after his run-in with Crablante, he is no longer able to just stand by idly. Saitama, as you may be able to tell, is the type of person who could likely pick up just about anything and make it work. With the exception of the Heroes Association’s written exams, that is.

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