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With hits like Fleabag and Killing Eve, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has truly rocked the world of television. After scoring an earth-shattering 11 Emmy nominations for her work on Fleabag season two, Waller-Bridge has certainly earned all of the incredible things coming her way.

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However, while things may be looking up for Waller-Bridge after the sophomore season of Fleabag, things aren’t exactly looking up for the Fleabag herself. Let’s take a closer look at some of the elusive, enigmatic, charming, and downright confounding characters that Waller-Bridge and her cast have brought to life. With the help of the Myers-Briggs Personality Index, we’ll take a peek behind the curtains and get a closer look at what is really driving these colorful personalities and derive any lessons we can learn from them.  

8 Harry: The Defender - ISFJ

Harry may be a tad more introverted than Fleabag, but, in times of crisis, it’d be difficult not to know what’s on his mind. He seems to care for Fleabag, in his own way.

But he also seems very preoccupied with his expectation of the relationship, the label of the relationship, and how the relationship conforms with “normal” relationships much more than he does about Fleabag. With all that said, it’s not surprising that he doesn’t manage to stick around a bit longer in the series. 

7 The Godmother: The Protagonist - ENFJ

Much like Harry, The Godmother has no problem expressing exactly what’s on her mind. Unlike Harry, however, she has no need for a crisis to let everything come out. While she seems to have the free-spirit of an artist, she’s also very obsessed with appearances.

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One might say that she is more interested in the role of an artist rather than being an actual artist. She is judgemental, abrasive, and structured. All qualities she regularly uses to torment both Claire and Fleabag. 

6 Dad: The Defender - ISFJ 

Dad is, well….Dad. He’s typically very quiet and subdued. He also has a habit of avoiding any conversation that he might perceive as too uncomfortable. While he is a very introverted and uncomfortable sort of man, he regularly goes out of his way to make sure that those he cares about are alright.

He may only be able to finish a sentence on a very rare occasion, and he may give absolutely awful birthday presents, but that’s just dad. 

5 Boo: The Campaigner - ENFP

Fans may have only gotten to know Boo through flashbacks painted with grief, but through those short moments Boo’s personality really shines through. Boo is kind and loving, open and funny. She’s an emotional caretaker and an amazing friend.

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She the type of person that always has a smile on, which is why it’s so devastating when viewers watch as she walks right into traffic after Fleabag’s betrayal. ENFPs like Boo find meaning through the deep and honest relationships they cultivate. Another reason why Boo was so devastated by Fleabag’s affair with her boyfriend. 

4 Martin: The Debater - ENTP

Perhaps the reason that Martin and Fleabag don’t get along is that they’re so incredibly alike. They’re both very extroverted people that some may refer to as the life of the party. Different circles, surely. They also both say exactly what’s on their mind. No filter.

While people like Claire and her father are much more internal, more careful of what they say to others. Fleabag and Martin don’t really have any qualms letting their thoughts and feelings known. Can hardly get them to shut up about them, actually. Like many ENTPs, Martin is often swept up in catching up with the ramifications of his impulsive actions. Something Fleabag also has a lot of trouble dealing with.

3 The Priest: The Protagonist - ENFJ

The Priest is a natural-born leader. Not only does he has a resounding strength of character, but he’s also incredibly observant and a marvelous listener.  He’s the only person in the series (so far) to have caught on as Fleabag breaks the fourth wall. He is genuinely interested in the people around him and has an immense desire to help them. He finds his power in his connections with other people, and through these connections, he believes he finds god.

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He is very honest and sincere in both his words and actions. Like many others throughout the series, he’s always letting the people around him know exactly what he thinks. Unlike most of them, however, what comes out is genuinely sweet and caring. Most of the time. Just don't let any foxes near him.

2 Claire: The Logistician - ISTJ

Like most ISTJ, Claire is at home in a crisis situation. Toss her in the situation room, DEFCON 1, and she’ll have the problem sorted in no time. However, the weakness there comes from her inability to really work with people successfully whenever she’s not in charge. When she’s in charge, like she is at work, she can masterfully manipulate the tools (people) at her disposal and get them to the places where they need to be.

It is in her personal life, where the relationship dynamic is not so cut and dry, that she finds the most problems. Her relationships teeter out of control again and again because she cannot control her friends and family the way she does subordinates at work. 

1 Fleabag: the Debater - ENTP

As her father might say, Fleabag simply got the fun gene. Like her mother. She can go up and start a conversation with anyone. She’s fearless. Ready to take charge of the conversation, the situation, or just take charge in general. Fleabag goes after whatever she wants because she knows that she’ll very likely be fine regardless of what happens.

Her charm does manage to get her into situations that can be impossible to get out of. While falling in love with, and seducing, a priest is pretty high up on the list, a dead best friend is simply something there’s no coming back from. Fleabag isn’t an awful person, or even a purposefully cruel person, but ENTPs like her can often get themselves wrapped up in situations that get the better of them.

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