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Featuring an all-star ensemble cast, Ocean's 11 follows the ingenious plot of Danny Ocean to rob three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously, all of which belong to casino tycoon Terry Benedict. To complete this task, Danny recruits eleven criminal masterminds to assist in this heist, all of whom bring their own specialties to the table.

With so many team members, as well as intriguing supporting characters that the team encounters along the way, this film provided a colorful array of personalities who truly helped this franchise take off. Let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs Personality Types of some of the stars of this blockbuster film.

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10 Danny Ocean: ENTJ (Commander)

Charming, witty and humorous, Danny Ocean was the mastermind behind the film's heist. His strong ENTJ personality is shown by way of his effective planning as well as his initiative. On many an occasion, Danny decided to initiate risky social interactions with Terry and Tess in the casino restaurant.

His one downfall, which many ENTJs suffer from, is his over-assertiveness. He displayed this trait when pursuing Tess, and Rusty nearly kicked him off the heist because of it.

9 Tess Ocean: INFJ (Advocate)

Danny's ex-wife, Tess can be quite serious and intense at times, particularly when it comes to rejecting Danny's advances. She is a deep thinker who is frequently seen contemplating about her relationship with Terry, and still very much has Danny in her thoughts as was evident in their initial encounter in the film.

Like many INFJs, Tess is quietly sensitive, which was evident when she showed appreciation to Danny for his protectiveness. She then revealed that her love for him still persists, even though she has attempted to cast it aside.

8 Rusty Ryan: ESTP (Entrepreneur)

Danny's partner in crime, Rusty is a cool yet humorous character armed with many witty comebacks. While he may seem to be easygoing as many ESTPs are, he is also analytical and a natural troubleshooter, as was evident by his many plans for the heist as well as his suggestion to construct a copy of the casino vault for problem-solving purposes.

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Like many ESTPs, Rusty is incredibly observant, which made him a great poker player and the ideal candidate to mentor Linus on body language and verbal conduct prior to performing his part in the heist.

7 Terry Benedict: ESTJ (Executive)


As the owner of three of Las Vegas's biggest casinos, Terry is assertive and knows how to take charge, which audience members can see when he interacts with high profile guests, even conversing in numerous languages. He is clearly a responsible individual, and systematic in his approach to dealing with the various employees and departments in his business, as a traditional ESTJ would be.

Unfortunately, his ESTJ decisiveness came at a price, as his quick decision to exchange Tess for his money led to the end of his relationship with her.

6 Linus Caldwell: INTP (Logician)


A critical thinker, Linus displays that typical INTP curiosity and analytical mind that allows him to be such a smooth pickpocket. He is able to stay objective even when other crew members engage in heated debate, such as when he established his commitment to his role even when Rusty and Danny experienced a temporary fallout.

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Such strengths come at a price, however, as like many other INTPs, Linus comes across as being socially detached. This made it all the more important for Rusty to coach him on body language and verbal etiquette for the social aspect of his role.

5 Basher Tarr: ENTP (Debater)

Outspoken and enthusiastic, Basher was the group's explosives expert who displayed a level of inventiveness that is typically only found within ENTPs and very few others. He is independent and adaptable, and was shown leading a team of his own prior to joining up with Rusty and the crew.

While his strong ENTP trait of enthusiasm has allowed him to persevere and form a valuable part of the team, it has also led him to dive into situations head-on and thus get into trouble, as was the case when he was arrested prior to the heist.

4 Saul Bloom: ESFJ (Consul)

An ex-con man, Saul is the veteran of the group, having been in the game for years up until his retirement. While he was reluctant to return to the fold, his cooperative personality that is common amongst ESFJs resulted in him assisting old friend Rusty and the crew.

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Like a true ESFJ, he is actively sociable, which allows him to be able to take on a new identity and successfully interact with the intended target; in this case Terry Benedict.

3 Reuben Tishkoff: ENFJ (Protagonist)

A former casino owner and financier of the heist, Reuben is warm and expressive, as was evident by his surprised reaction to Danny and Rusty's proposed casino heist. Despite his worries, Reuben's typical ENFJ openness to possibilities gets the best of him, and he agrees to help the crew.

Like many ENFJs, Reuben proved to be tactful, from the moment that he initially showed reluctance to his final input when discussing the plan.

2 Frank Catton: ESTP (Entrepreneur)

Frank's easygoing yet observant personality is evident as he performs the intricate role of a blackjack dealer in one of Terry's casinos. From his quick wit, while dealing out cards to his convincing performance when pretending to be caught out by the Nevada Gaming Commission as an ex-convict, Frank displays some true ESTP efficiency in his work.

Frank's willingness to be put into dangerous positions as a means of advancing the crew's agenda highlights how adventurous he is- a classic ESTP trait.

1 Turk Malloy: ESFP (Entertainer)

A gifted mechanic alongside his brother Virgil, Turk is fun-loving and enthusiastic, as is evident from how he would race in his car against his brother's remote control car as well as their constant bickering and joking about.

He and his brother's mechanical skills, willingness to dress in many uniforms and involvement in many roles in the heist are representative of his hands-on approach to every situation, which is a signature trait of true ESFPs.

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