The Myers-Briggs® Types Of The Nightmare Before Christmas Characters

A single visit to Halloween Town might reveal a bunch of monsters capable of chills and thrills, but each character in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has their own unique personality traits that are easy to spot. Fans choose their favorite characters, from idealistic Jack to pragmatic Sally, based not only on their cool stop-motion effects, but on their attitudes and actions.

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While it's highly unlikely that the singers of "This Is Halloween" have ever taken the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator® test, we think their personalities speak pretty clearly for themselves. It's fun to see which Type each character is and whether or not we match with Oogie Boogie and the gang.

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10 Jack Skellington: ENTP

While some might claim that Jack Skellington is an introvert at heart, Burton's main character is delighted with the excitement of group activities and fan accolades--if they're within his greater vision. An ENTP, Jack is all about solving problems in creative ways, especially when he gets bored with routine. He's fantastic at reading people, which makes him alter his speeches mid-performance. Scientific and outspoken, he researches his dream before presenting it to the town, a true "Visionary."

Jack hates the tried-and-true methods of the way things are done and will always come up with new ways to do his job, even when he ultimately decides that Halloween and not Christmas is the way to go. The great debate on whether the movie is best seen at Halloween or Christmastime is still answered, of course, with a simple, one-word answer: both!

9 Mayor Of Halloween Town: ESFJ

If we had to guess, we'd say that zodiac-wise, the mayor of Halloween Town represents the scarier version of a Gemini, but his MBTI® tells us that he is an ESFJ, or "The Provider." He's a social butterfly who wants to make everyone happy and the town harmonious, even if he's a bit awkward about it. He's Jack's biggest cheerleader, and he loves to organize the biggest social event in Halloween Town: Halloween! He has the maps and plans the day after Halloween to prove it.

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The mayor is loyal and warm to the people of his town, and losing Jack truly shatters him. He anticipates the needs of his town and works diligently to provide for them. He also loves to be praised for his hard work and preens when he's recognized.

8 Santa Clause: INFJ

Given the many versions of Santa Clause in pop culture, it's easy to say that his personality may be different in each portrayal of the legend. This might be true on occasion, but most versions of Father Christmas are typical INFJs, and Santa in The Nightmare Before Christmas is no exception. As "The Counselor," the rarest personality of all, Santa is an idealist who needs to make the world a better place. Everything he does is about his vision, which is honoring children, especially those who, too, do good in the world.

Santa's naughty list even confirms this, as an INFJ has no time for anyone who doesn't also seek meaning and positive movement in the world. Santa's values are firm and he knows exactly what he wants to do to make his vision come to life in the world.

7 Oogie Boogie: ENTJ

A natural born leader who only sees roadblocks in his path as challenges to overcome and take pride in, Oogie Boogie, the film's antagonist, is "The Commander," or an ENTJ. "Forceful" is a word used regularly to describe an ENTJ but for Oogie, it's the understatement of the year. It's this monster and his bugs' way or the highway.

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Decisive and hungry for the opportunity to be in charge, Oogie Boogie thinks the world he's in has a lot of issues he'd like to fix, and that his methods are the best to get the job done. He's smart, well-informed and always knows what's happening, not because he's so curious but because he needs all of the information possible for his plans.

6 Dr. Finkelstein: INTJ

If anyone in The Nightmare Before Christmas deserves the title of "The Mastermind," it's Dr. Finkelstein. We all know that he deserves his own movie, and that his movie would feature the most devious of plots. An INTJ, Dr. Finkelstein has extremely high standards for himself and his work, and his scientific mind assesses situations, finds patterns and lives in a world of theories and ideas.

Introverted Finkelstein prefers to work alone, manufacturing companions who are designed only as his helpers and companions, and like other INTJs, he isn't a lover of surprises. He likes to have a strategy and for his life to follow that plan.

5 Lock: ESTP

Spontaneous and extroverted, Lock, the little red devil who is voiced by Paul Reubens, is "The Doer," or an ESTP. Lock is NOT a thinker. He's all about doing what feels right in the moment without a lot of thought behind his actions, which leads to kidnapping the wrong Santa Clause. He's not an idea person and goes along with what's asked of him, but he's content to fix his mistakes as he goes along.

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Freedom is another quality that an ESTP demands, and working as one of Oogie's Boys gives Lock quite a bit of it. He's energetic and loves nothing more than causing mischief with his two best friends, much like other ESTPs like being active with their friends. Lock also has the best style of the trio, which is a signature ESTP quality.

4 Barrel: ENTP

Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Shock Barrel

Green-haired Barrel may be Oogie's "star pupil," but as an ENTP, "The Performer," he really likes to ham it up and have fun while working with his friends. He values their friendship so much he even offers to draw straws. Lively and active like Lock, he hates being bored and learns best by doing. He loves new people and new environments and could probably explore all of the holidays if given the opportunity.

Barrel loves the idea of being rewarded for his efforts and being in the spotlight motivates him to succeed at his mission to not only kidnap "Mr. Sandy Claws," but to deliver him to Oogie Boogie.

3 Zero: ISFP

The Nightmare Before Christmas Pitch Meeting Jack Skellington and Zero

As one of the most loyal personalities, ISFP, Zero is a sensitive soul who always picks up on what his master is feeling. Warm and friendly, Zero is "The Composer," the fun and caring companion who enjoys new experiences and living in the moment. It's not hard to picture this personality for a dog, even if it's a ghost dog.

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ISFPs like Zero enjoy their own space, which is why the dog still has his own outdoor house despite being Jack's companion. Conflict and disagreement make the pup sad, which is why he's all about being supportive and filling in whenever needed, even if it's to light Jack's sleigh during an ill-advised plan to make Christmas.

2 Shock: ENFJ

Affectionately disgusted that her "cohorts are so dumb," Shock, an ENFJ, is an example of "The Champion" personality. She likes to do things her way and while she loves to be around her friends, she refuses to do their hair-brained ideas in lieu of her own unique methods. She's driven by her intuition regarding what will work best, whether it's baiting a trap to catch "Sandy Claws" or sending Saint Nick a mysterious present to take him down.

Shock is loyal to Oogie Boogie as well as her companions, and she's dedicated to ensuring that Oogie's Boys get their job done. While she's not an official leader of the group, she often acts as one.

1 Sally: ISFJ

Sally is the ultimate ISFJ, "The Nurturer." From the moment she makes Jack's care package to her frequent attempts to warn him, she's all about the well-being of those she cares about. She even nurtures Dr. Finkelstein, who made her, and never harms him, opting to give him a sleeping draft in order to escape instead of actual poison.

Kind-hearted and warm, Sally not only cares about how others feel but notices the tiny details that others might miss. Sally's awareness makes her a powerful ally, someone Jack should have listened to before his lament. Sally does crave harmony in her life and wants to prevent chaos however possible.

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