The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Netflix's Sex Education

Sex Education Cast and Character Guide

Netflix has been absolutely killing the game lately with great new shows, including their newest release, Sex Education. The comedy series depicts the life of a socially awkward high-schooler turn sex counselor, and the countless debacles he and the rest of the characters manage to get into.

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With the show surrounding an array of high school students, it goes without saying that the series is full of eclectic and different personalities. Despite there being so many different personas, we've gone ahead and sorted out each character according to their Myers-Briggs® personality types.

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10 Otis Milburn -  Logistician (ISTJ)

Otis Milburn, played by actor Asa Butterfield, is the show's primary character (and high-schooler turn sex therapist) that really makes this series worth the watch! Otis is quite timid, shy, and keeps to himself; that is until he begins his career as a sex expert of sorts. Despite his introverted personality type, Otis is quite practical and fact-minded; he is not one to get too caught up in doing the wrong thing. With that being said, this makes Otis quite the logistician!

9 Jean Milburn - Defender (ISFJ)

Jean Milburn, who plays Otis Milburn's mother, is played by none other than Gillian Anderson. Jean, who is a professional sex therapist, finds herself being quite protective of both her son Otis and his close friends as well.

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Although Jean may be extremely protective, she can certainly cross the line at times into being far too over-protective, especially when it comes to her son's personal needs. Considering Jean overbearing at times, she always means well, and only wants to see her child happy, making her the perfect match as the defender personality type.

8 Eric Effiong - Campaigner (ENFP)

Eric Effoing, played by actor Ncuti Gatwa, is Otis Milburn's best friend! He brings much of the comedy to this series and is one fierce character.

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Eric is only one of two openly-gay characters on the show and finds himself being the life of the party in many ways. Despite his internal struggle with acceptance at one point during the series, Eric is quick to shake himself out of his period of doubts, and get back into the social game! These characteristics make Eric quite the campaigner, displaying enthusiastic, creative, and socially free characteristics, making him the perfect fit for that very type.

7 Maeve Wiley - Architect (INTJ)

Maeve Wiley, who is played on-screen by actress Emma Mackey, is the unphased character who could not be bothered with social groups or hierarchy in the slightest! Despite her careless attitude, Maeve is quite the smarty-pants; not only is she academically talented, but she is quite the entrepreneur. Maeve is the mastermind behind the entire sex therapy business that she and Otis provide to their fellow high-school counterparts. Considering she is quite imaginative, strategic, and can easily come up with a plan for just about anything and everything, Maeve is hands down the architect personality type.

6 Adam Goff - Executive (ESTJ)

Adam Goff is the high-school bully with a major secret that reveals a lot of why he acts the way he does, but without giving away too much, he is not as mean as you'd think!

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Played by actor, Connor Swindells, Adam is not only the principal's son but is considered as the high-school failure, who finds himself getting shipped off to military school in the series final episode. With that being said, Adam fits the executive personality type the most, with a sprinkle of the advocate type as well! Sure, he may be quite stern and power hungry at first, but he has a quiet and mystical side that leaves viewers secretly rooting for him.

5 Jackson Marchetti - Protagonist (ENFJ)

Jackson Marchetti plays the role of the school jock! Played by actor Kedar Williams-Stirling, Jackson is the uber-popular athlete who becomes one of the most beloved characters on the show. Despite his hardships he endures between himself and his mother, Jackson is always able to rise to the top and shine.

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These characteristics make Jackson the protagonist of personality types. Jackson is incredibly charismatic and has countless leader-like qualities and can mesmerize just about anyone from his peers, parents. or the school principal.

4 Aimee Gibbs - Entertainer (ESFP)

Aimee Gibbs is part of the coolest group at school known as the "Untouchables." She's also secretly best friends with Maeve Wiley, however, which is a major social faux-pas when it comes to her posse. Despite her being somewhat of a ditz at times, Aimee is definitely someone who knows what she wants and how to get it! From throwing lavish parties, hosting study sessions, and doing just about anything she can to impress her love interest, Aimee is undoubtedly an entertainer. She is quite energetic, and it goes without saying that there is never a dull moment with Aimee, making this personality type very fitting.

3 Mr. Goff - Executive (ESTJ)

Sex Education Season 1

Mr. Goff, played by actor Alistair Petrie, is definitely not the fan favorite! Mr. Goff plays the high school principal and Adam Goff's father.

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His character is extremely authoritative, and can only be classified as an adult bully. Mr. Goff displays dictator-like behavior throughout the series, making him an executive personality type in all the worst ways. In addition to looking down on his own son, Mr. Goff also pays no mind to students such as Maeve Wiley, who he believes is nothing but a failure, too. If shipping your son off to military school doesn't scream executive personality type, then we aren't sure what will.

2 Ola Nyman - Mediator (INFP)

Ola Nyman is one of the sweetest characters in the whole series! Although Ola may not be present for very long, she still stands out as quite the sweetheart. Starting off as the cheeky girl who shows up at Otis Milburn's door, to becoming his first ever girlfriend, Ola is definitely the mediator. With a very poetic and kind personality, Ola is always there to make Otis smile and is always eager to lend a helping hand, whether it's attending a school dance or fixing a burst pipe.

1 The Untouchables - Executive (ESTJ)

As mentioned previously, the "Untouchables" are the most popular group at school. They are made up of four members, Aimee, Ruby, Anwar, and Olivia. They are incredibly stylish and snobby at the same time, however, Aimee proves to be different from the other three later on in the season.

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Despite their dashing looks, the Untouchables are quite ugly on the inside, making them too, an executive personality type. They are great at manipulating just about anyone and anything, which fits the type to the T. Although they are mean 99.9% of the time, there are some moments that make them seem somewhat humane, but those moments pass quickly.

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