MBTI® Of Toy Story 4 Characters

Toy Story 4 is looking to be one of the biggest films of the summer and yet another smash hit for Pixar. After Toy Story 3 seemed to bring the franchise to an end, there proved to be one more story to tell in this final adventure with Woody, Buzz, and the other toys as they embark on a road trip.

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Like the Toy Story sequels that came before, Toy Story 4 brings back our favorite characters while introducing several exciting new toys as well. With all these colorful characters, you can most likely find one that fits closely with your own MBTI® Personality Type. Find our which Toy Story 4 character you share a personality with.

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Bonnie Forky and Woody Pride in Toy Story 4
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10 Bonnie – ISFP

Bonnie Forky and Woody Pride in Toy Story 4

While Bonnie isn't one of the toys in the story, she is an incredibly important part of the movie. In Toy Story 3, we see Andy finally part ways with his old toys and give them to a new young kid, Bonnie. In this film, we find Bonnie dealing with the fear of starting kindergarten.

Bonnie, though just a young girl, is a pretty clear ISFP personality. She is kind and sensitive which makes kindergarten a scary experience for her. Luckily, she is also creative and artistic, enjoying to live in the present moment which leads her to create a new friend.

9 Forky – INTP

Forky in Toy Story 4

Forky is one of the most interesting new characters introduced in Toy Story 4. He is a toy that Bonnie made herself out of some discarded craft supplies. Forky comes to life like the other toys but struggles with his identity as he considers himself trash.

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Despite how unusual he is, he seems to fit the INTP personality. These personalities can be more interested in being on their own rather than following others which is how we first meet Forky. However, as he discovers more about his role as a toy, he gets excited by these new ideas and comes to new conclusions on his own.

8 Dolly – ISTJ

Dolly is not one of Andy's original toys but she gets a bit more prominent role than most of them in this film. Introduced in Toy Story 3, Dolly is one of Bonnie's older toys and, like Woody with Andy's toys, tends to run things in the toy room.

Like most ISTJ personalities, Dolly is motivated by her own sense of duty. She is a leader and therefore she remains serious and responsible among the chaos of the other toys. She has her own tried-and-true sense of how things should be done and expects others to follow her rules.

7 Giggles McDimples – ESTJ

Giggles McDimples is another great new character introduced in the movie. A miniature figurine, Giggles' small stature is made up for by her big personality which seems to be a typical ESTJ personality.

Giggles is Bo Peep's loyal ally and while she'll follow her lead, Giggles likes to be the authority in situations. She sees herself as a guardian of sorts and is impressed that Woody appears to be "a cop". She is hard-working, active and always concerns with the security of her friends.

6 Duke Caboom – ISTP

As fun as it is the see the old toys return, the real star of Toy Story 4 is Duke Caboom. Duke is an action figure who is dubbed as Canada's greatest stuntman. However, he was discarded by his former owner because he couldn't live up to the unrealistic commercial.

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ISTP personalities are known for their interest in extreme sports, which certainly sounds accurate for Duke. He is also still very loyal to his old owner and loves to take risks. He is not one to over-analyze things and his desires are very straight forward.

5 Gabby Gabby – ENFJ

Gabby Gabby is set up as the villain of Toy Story 4, but it quickly becomes clear there is more to her than meets the eye. She is a damaged toy who just wants to have the opportunity to be taken in and loved by a child so she can feel she has a purpose.

This complex character feels like an ENFJ personality. She is surprisingly personable, even when her actions seemed nefarious. She feels a responsibility to find a child and give them the love of a good toy. She needs to have that reassurance for herself but is mainly concerned with serving others.

4 Bunny And Ducky – ESTP

Buzz Lightyear With Ducky and Bunny in Toy Story 4

Bunny and Ducky are two of the other memorable new additions to this story. These two stuffed animals are literally attached and have spent many years as the top prize of a carnival game, waiting to be won.

While they are two different characters, their personalities are as attached as their hands are. As ESTP personalities, they are concerned with immediate results. They are risk-takers and fast-paced in their lifestyle, but they are uninterested putting much time into thinking or planning.

3 Buzz Lightyear – INTJ

The Toy Story franchise has always been about Woody and Buzz, but Toy Story 4 puts more emphasis on Woody this time around. Still, Buzz gets some nice moments as he is put in the leader position and finds himself looking for direction on how to proceed.

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He is as determined as ever and while he is a capable leader on his own, he has no problem following Woody when necessary. He has solid plans and follows through with turning them into action. As always, he has high standards for himself and those around him.

2 Bo Peep – INFJ

In Toy Story 3, we learn that Bo Peep has been separated from the other toys. She makes her triumphant return in Toy Story 4 with most of the story focusing on hero reunion with Woody. Now a lost toy, Bo Peep is a tough and resourceful INFJ personality.

With years of being alone, Bo Peep has her own way of doing things. When she sets out to do something, she will see it to the end. She is forceful and is more comfortable on her own rather than relying on others.

1 Woody - ISFJ

Toy Story 4 poster with Woody

Woody has always been the heart of the Toy Story franchise. Toy Story 4 is a satisfying and end of his tale which sees Woody as a very changed toy. He is no longer that top toy who brings comfort to a child and he is struggling to understand his purpose.

Woody is a clear ISFJ personality as his main quality is that he is a dependable toy. Even though he is not Bonnie's favorite toy, he strives to make things better for her. He is very perceptive about the feelings of others which makes him such a caring and considerate person.

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