MBTI® of Sex And The City Characters 

Sex And The City characters are about so much more than just sex and love... and we've got their Myers-Briggs® types!

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is an instrument used to categorize different personality types. Obviously, we all have different quirks, strengths, interests, and traits that make us all unique and wonderful. And these different factors have been divided up into specific groups, meaning we should all relate to one MBTI result over the others.

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Oh, and the characters from SATC should, too! Yes, this popular show about Carrie Bradshaw, her friends, her writing and her relationships in New York is a thrilling one. Therefore, we thought it be fun to look at the personality types of these characters… So here we go!

10 Carrie Bradshaw - ENFJ

It can be hard to fit a person inside a box at times, especially someone like Carrie Bradshaw; she is a thoughtful writer, but she is also a vivid and outgoing gal. All in all, she seems like an ENFJ. She is highly attuned to the emotions of others, which helps her in relationships and in her work. She is loyal, as her girlfriends are everything to her. She is responsive to praise and criticism, since a good writer has to be. And she is very sociable, as she attends glamorous social events and exudes an inspiring leadership quality.

9 Samantha Jones - ENTJ

Samantha Jones is more outspoken and more open to opportunities than Carrie, so she is an ENTJ. She can be a little frank and forceful sometimes, but that is just because she has a strong personality and is not afraid to speak out and up. She is also a smart businesswoman within the public relations industry, as she can quickly see illogical and inefficient problems and then solve them in a wise and wonderful way. To some, she may seem like just the feisty blonde bombshell of the group, but she is quite knowledgeable and enjoys passing that along to others.

8 Charlotte York - ISFJ

The ISFJ category belongs to Charlotte York, since she is quiet yet friendly and responsible yet conscientious. Although she is much more than just a housewife, that is a big part of her identity, as she enjoys being a wife and mother and is committed to meeting any and all obligations. From her clean home to her loved friends, she is thorough, loyal and considerate, making it clear what is important to her in life. Like a true ISFJ, Charlotte strives to keep order and harmony going in all areas and at all times (which she succeeds at!).  

7 Miranda Hobbes - INTJ

The hardworking lawyer in Miranda Hobbes can make her have a no-nonsense and cynical view on other things in life, like men. Yes, she has an original mind and a drive that doesn’t let anything get in the way of her goals - which is part of why she is an INTJ. She is obviously very smart, and she carries a job through, no matter what. The high standards that she sets mean that she is hard on herself and critical of others, but that is just because she is used to perfection and wants that in all areas of life.

6 Mr. Big - ESTJ

Mr. Big seems like an ESTJ, as he is practical and quickly moves to implement decisions. He is very efficient, logical and into routine details, which caused some issues between him and Carrie; she has a bit more of a free spirit and fun personality, but he has expectations he wants met and can be sort of forceful in implementing all of this. And it can be hard to say no or to want to upset personalities like this, since Mr. Big was well-off, charming and full of a, well, big presence that was hard to ignore or shake.

5 Aidan Shaw - ISFP

On the other hand, there is an ISFP, Aidan Shaw. Unlike Big, he is quiet and sensitive. He is more down-to-earth and likes to have his own space and to work within his own time frame (whether it comes to making furniture or his love life).

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And speaking of love, ISFPs are loyal and committed, as these types dislike disagreements and conflicts. As fans know, while this sounds great, it, too, led to some issues for Aidan and Carrie. Nevertheless, he is a super sweet guy who truly cares for those who are important to him.

4 Steve Brady - ESFP

The only man that Miranda could have ever ended up with is Steve Brady, her husband and the father of her son. Steve, an ESFP, is outgoing, friendly and accepting. While Miranda is structured and serious, Steve loves life and enjoys working to make others see the beauty in it all, too. He brings fun to all he does, including his life with Miranda, and he works oh-so-well with her, as he is flexible and spontaneous. Yes, this couple is the perfect match, and a lot of that is due to the fact that Steve is an ESFP!

3 Harry Goldenblatt - ENFP

Another husband from this TV series is Harry Goldenblatt, and he seems like an ENFP. While Charlotte definitely didn’t experience love at first sight with Harry, she could not help but fall for this warm, enthusiastic, clever man. Harry is a divorce lawyer and somewhat of a slob, but he is full of appreciation and support. His care for his loved ones is obvious, and he just seems like a total sweetheart - a loud, sweating sweetheart… but a sweetheart nonetheless. His outgoing personality even led to a spontaneous proposal, which was a great SATC moment!

2 Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod - INFP

Someone who is an INFP is idealistic, loyal, curious, understanding and adaptable, and these are all traits found in Jerry 'Smith' Jerrod. An aspiring actor, he became another one of Samantha’s flings… or did he? It turns out that this young man is super caring, and he wanted to get to know Samantha in more ways than one. In turn, she decides to help him with his career. And even though she can be closed off emotionally, she saw that Smith is genuine and loyal, which is can be rare. He is also, obviously, quite the looker yet is very humble, which is also quite refreshing.

1 Stanford Blatch - INFJ

Carrie’s gay best friend is Stanford Blatch, and he seems like an INFJ. While he finds success at work, he takes a while to find someone special in his love life. Through it all, fans see him searching - for meaning, connections, relationships and motivation, which is all part of being an INFJ. He is also conscientious and committed, as he had a clear idea for what he wanted and as he eventually got something even better; he ends up with Anthony Maratino, an outspoken event planner who actually used to be Stanford’s enemy and who makes it clear that opposites attract!

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