MBTI® Of The Good Wife Characters

While Julianna Margulies won praise and accolades for playing Carol Hathaway on ER, it's safe to say that the actress is most beloved for playing Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife. The series lasted for six seasons from 2009 until 2016 and followed Alicia's journey from a housewife into a strong and independent lawyer who completely transformed her life.

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Alicia is one of the greatest main characters on a TV show as viewers watch her change and growth over the course of the show, but there are some other stellar characters on The Good Wife. From Alicia's coworkers, family members, and love interests, read on to find out the MBTI® of The Good Wife characters.

10 Cary Agos: ISTJ

Fans of Gilmore Girls were glad to see Matt Czuchry on another show, this time playing lawyer Cary Agos. Cary works at the same firm that Alicia joins in the first season, and it's hard not to think that he's always trying to one-up her and be seen as a better lawyer.

Cary is a tricky character. On the one hand, he's definitely out for himself. On the other hand, there is something kind about him.

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Cary's MBTI® would be ISTJ or "Responsible Realist." He's "analytical" and "steadfast" and he also seems pretty "reserved." ISTJs are loyal to the people that they know, which is definitely Cary. Even though he's very ambitious and therefore seems like a busy lawyer with zero personal life, he loves Kalinda, and also seems to have a fondness for Alicia.

9 Kalinda Sharma

Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) is one of the most popular characters on The Good Wife. Simply put, she knows how to get what she wants and she kicks some serious butt. Kalinda is the Private Investigator who works at Lockhart & Gardner.

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Since her job is literally to look into the lives of others, Kalinda sounds just like an ESTJ or "Efficient Organizer." She's "efficient" and "take charge" and also "straightforward." She could also be described as "impersonal." Even superfans of The Good Wife who have seen every episode more than once would agree that they don't feel like they really know Kalinda. She's amazing at her job but keeps her feelings super close to her chest. When viewers discovered that Kalinda and Peter had slept together once upon a time, it totally ruins her friendship with Alicia, and Kalinda can't deal.

8 Veronica Loy: ENTP

Stockard Channing is wonderful as Alicia's mom, Veronica Loy, a larger-than-life social butterfly who brings a lot of fun to every episode that she's in. ENTPs ("Enterprising Explorers") are said to be "curious" and "creative" and "lively." They aren't going to be detail-oriented, unlike some other MBTI® types, and they don't like to be on their own. Veronica definitely enjoys being around other people and having a good chat.

Viewers get the sense that whenever Veronica visits her daughter, she's come to stir some drama up, and they have a fairly typical mother/daughter relationship as they don't get along super well.

7 Owen Cavanaugh: ISTP

Owen (Dallas Roberts) is a totally hilarious character. He's Alicia's brother and is really nice comic relief on a show that can sometimes feel very heavy and serious.

Even though Owen seems quirky and very much his own person, he's actually a math teacher, which is a bit surprising since he feels like more of a go-with-the-flow type.

Since he's a math expert, that definitely suggests that this MBTI® is ISTP or "Logical Pragmatist." The most important thing to note about this MBTI is, "They can remain calm while managing a crisis, quickly deciding what needs to be done to solve the problem." That is exactly Owen as he always seems very chill, acting like everything is going to be just fine. "Factual" and "confident" are other words used to describe this MBTI® type.

6 Eli Gold: INFP

What can be said about Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) besides saying that he's one of the best things about The Good Wife? Eli is an integral character as he is involved with both Alicia and Peter: he works for Peter as he's his campaign manager but also becomes a good friend to Alicia over the years.

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Eli is funny, quirky, smart, and always has his eye on the prize. He gets what he wants and he can manipulate anyone in the process... but he's still likable, which is definitely an art.

Eli's MBTI® would be INTP or "Thoughtful Idealist." This is a type who "enjoy devising creative solutions to problems while making moral commitments to what they believe in." Even though Eli knows that Peter isn't perfect and he has messed up, he still thinks that he should work for his campaign. This MBTI type doesn't like "people shutting down my ideas" or "criticism" and that's exactly Eli. He gets very upset when he is ignored or undermined.

5 David Lee: INTP

Not everyone on The Good Wife is the nicest person around, but David Lee ( ) stands out as a regular character who no viewer would want to work with. He's petty, immature, and really doesn't seem to like anyone at the law firm... or maybe he just hates people in general.

His MBTI® would be INTP or "Objective Analyst." These MTBI types are described as "concise" and "reserved" and that's David. He doesn't open up at all.

INTPs don't like "socializing" or "small talk" and that's David as well. He doesn't want to chat with others or be very friendly, and he's not a team player

4 Diane Lockhart: ENFJ

Diane Lockhart is a tough character and fans can thankfully still watch her on the spin-off The Good Fight. Her MBTI® would be ENFJ or "Compassionate Facilitator."

Diane cares about her law firm so much that she is a mentor to Alicia and thinks about the future of the firm a lot more than some of the other characters seem to. She sounds just like the official description for ENFJs: "As leaders, they tend to be adept at building consensus and inspiring others."

Diane gets her heart stomped on quite a bit and faces a lot of personal turmoil and professional setbacks, but she is very strong. She is someone who will "inspire change" and she is "verbal" and "trustworthy."

3 Will Gardner: ESTJ

Aw, Will Gardner. Josh Charles played this character with a lot of talent and fans are still frustrated about the circumstances surrounding Will's dramatic and unexpected death.

Will is Diane's partner at Lockhart & Gardner and also Alicia's "will they or won't they?" love interest. It is heartbreaking to watch the two of them figure out whether they will go for it or not over the seasons... and even worse to learn that he left her a voicemail before he died.

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Will is a good guy, and his MBTI® would be ESTJ or "Energetic Problem-Solver." He has more of a personal life than the other characters as he actually goes on dates and has a lot of friendships. ESTJs are described as "negotiators" which is perfect for Will who he is a lawyer. He is also "fun-loving" and deals with "common sense."

2 Peter Florrick: Also INTP

Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) isn't a very complex character. Honestly, viewers aren't big fans of him since the very beginning, and how could they be? It's clear in the pilot that he has been unfaithful to Alicia and since he has a wife and two kids, that's pretty hard to explain away.

He has political dreams so he is very focused on that, and seems to put his job and ambitions way above his family.

Like David Lee, his MBTI® would be INTP. He's not into "small talk", either, he's "reserved" and really has no people skills, which is ironic considering he runs for office. He can be charming but it feels very fake.

1 Alicia Florrick: ISFJ

Alicia Florrick is definitely an ISFJ or "Practical Helper." Even though she comes into her own and the show is about her journey, she wants to be kind and help others, and that's who she is at her core. She's a mom, after all, so that makes sense.

ISFJs are "patient" and "responsible" and "loyal" which describes Alicia. She doesn't want to ruin Peter's life or chances at winning his bid for political office, so even though he has caused her pain, she looks out for her family and "plays the good wife" when she has to. Alicia is a strong-willed and fascinating character and a huge part of why the show still has such a big fan base to this day.

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