MBTI Of The Good Place Characters 

For those who don’t know, the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator categorizes people based on their personalities. While, of course, people are unique individuals who can’t be fit into perfect little boxes, we have found that these types can be pretty accurate; everyone should identify with one type over the others - and even characters from television shows like The Good Place can be categorized by this indicator!

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The Good Place is a comedy series with a unique plot, and it stars some big names as some truly memorable characters. So let’s find out their MBTI by taking a closer look…

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10 Eleanor Shellstrop

While an ESFP is usually outgoing and overly friendly (words that may not really describe Eleanor Shellstrop), there are some other traits that we need to discuss here. Eleanor loves material comforts, and deep down and as the series progresses and as she grows, it is realized that she loves people, too. 

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She enjoys making things happen (whether it be making a night in with ice cream happen or making a plan to figure out a current Good Place/Bad Place dilemma happen). She takes realistic approaches to things (since she is anti-bullshirt), yet also throws in some fun to everything she is doing.

9 Chidi Anagonye

Chidi Anagonye is an ESTJ, as he is practical, organized, efficient and logical. As a professor (when he was living and in this afterlife), he looks at facts and enjoys explaining things to people. However, there is one ESTJ trait that Chidi does not possess; he is not decisive! We mentioned that MBTI gives a general idea about someone’s personality. And many of the ESTJ characteristics are characteristics that are found in this character... just not being quick to make decisions. But maybe this is something Chidi will continue to deal with and to improve on in his new life.

8 Tahani Al-Jamil

Tahani Al-Jamil may be a little into herself. She may be a tad vain. She is also great at planning events and bringing a cheerful attitude - like an INTJ! She has this creative drive, which helps her plan and find success. Organization is also a big part of this, and that type-A personality also makes Tahani have very high standards; she is from an affluent family, so she expects certain luxuries. 

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She expects herself to be the most charming, the most attractive and the most successful, and she expects others to reach her level (but she, too, has seen some tremendous growth!).

7 Janet

Janet, the programmed guide and a fan favorite, seems like an INTP. She develops logical explanations, providing information for everyone around her. Because INTPs are so theoretical, they enjoy ideas more than social interaction - which is fitting for a robot-like character. While Janet is always focusing on solving problems in an analytical way, she is also being adaptable and flexible, as she works to please those around her and make sense of her new feelings and her role in the lives of new, interesting people. It is definitely fun to watch this walking encyclopedia interact with the other main characters, who are friends... and more than friends.

6 Bad Janet

On the other hand, we have Bad Janet, an ENTP. Like her Good Place counterpart, she is a quick thinker, very stimulating and super alert. She is resourceful, since these guides are resources themselves, but she is edgy, sarcastic and a bit rude... so she would rather offer a witty comeback then provide actual useful information. 

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And like an ENTP, Bad Janet is bored by routine, and she needs some danger and some excitement in her life! Luckily, there are plenty of thrills within this show, but who knows if any of it is good enough for this character, who has a too-cool-for-school vibe.

5 Jason Mendoza

This character was first introduced as a silent monk, but he is actually an immature DJ from Florida named Jason Mendoza, and he is an ISFP. He can be quiet (especially as a monk), but he is super friendly and caring. He enjoys the present and wants to soak up life, whether he is attempting a robbery, playing video games or falling in love in his afterlife. While he is very loyal to his loved ones, he definitely gets things done in his own time, at his own speed and in his own Jason way.

4 Michael

For the ESTP on this list, we have Michael, the architect of The Good Place. We don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t seen this yet, but the main plot of this series involves Michael’s experiment... which he starts over and over and over. That being said, he is quite flexible and tolerant, as he tries approach after approach to try and get his desired results.

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People try to help him and talk him out of it, but ESTPs act energetically, are spontaneous and seem to learn best through doing, so maybe Michael will finally get the results that he is hoping for and that others would like to see.

3 Real Eleanor Shellstrop

The real Eleanor Shellstrop is a human rights lawyer who was mistakenly sent to the Bad Place, and she seems like an ENFJ. On Earth, she was an empathetic and responsible human being, who helped others and acted as a catalyst for growth. But in this afterlife setting, her strong traits and her unique setting made her threatening, as she had to use her leadership skills to speak out against... Well, we don’t want to give anything away. Those who have not started watching this or who are not caught up need to go now!

2 Trevor

Adam Scott is also in this TV series as Trevor, who is from the Bad Place and who is an ENTJ. He can be frank, but he is definitely a leader (just not a super nice one). He can be quick to point out anything that is illogical or inefficient, but he is also good at coming up with solutions (they are just usually geared towards those in the Bad Place). 

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He is informed and likes passing info along to others, but he can be forceful when presenting these ideas (since he is a not-so-great guy - but definitely an entertaining one, too!).

1 Mindy St. Claire

And finally, there is Mindy St. Claire from the Middle Place. Mindy can be conscientious and caring, as she was going to create a foundation to help people and since she did sort of help out the main characters at times. We want to elaborate on her relationship with the main characters... She likes when they are around - when anyone is around! - and can provide ways to enhance day-by-day lives (like her interesting forms of entertainment and the way she made points that the others had not noticed yet). Through it all, she also then wants to be appreciated, and these are all ESFJ traits.

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