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After three hilarious seasons, Community's creator Don Harmon got fired, but the show returned for a fourth season regardless. Harmon's absence caused a dip in ratings, so NBC decided to bring him back for the fifth season, but then opted to pull the plug.

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However, Yahoo! stepped in and revived the show for a sixth season. By this point, "six seasons and a movie", a running gag on the show, turned into an actual campaign. Since the series ended in 2015, we've all been waiting for the movie. Reportedly, the cast is all for it, the script is there, and Harmon is trying to make it happen, so hopefully, we'll get that movie sooner rather than later. Until then, let's take a little look-see into the minds of the Greendale Seven and their quirky Dean.

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Community Dean Craig Pelton
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Community Dean Craig Pelton

Let’s kick this off with everyone’s favorite cross-dressing, pun-loving, irrelevant-news-announcing Greendale College Dean, or shall we say, Dean-tainer – Oh, what? Only the Dean can make bad Dean puns? Well, that’s not fair. The Dean is clearly an Entertainer in every sense of the word. He loves to make a spectacle out of everything he does and lives in the spotlight.

He gets overly excited about each and every extra-curricular activity and social event, always eager to put on a show, and a totally outrageous costume. In fact, he’s said that organizing events makes him and Greendale feel like less of a failure. Known for their boundless excitement and adventurous spirit, ESFPs love trying fun and new things, just as our beloved Dean.


Community Pierce Hawthorne

Pierce is by far the most disliked member of the study group. Right off the bat, he comes off as abrasive, bigoted, and tactless, which for the most part is who he truly is. Pierce’s upbringing certainly had a lot to do with his racist and bigoted beliefs. However, his tactlessness probably has something to do with his ESTP personality type.

Entrepreneurs often show little regard for sensitivity when interacting with others. Pierce constantly made outrageous statements that came off offensive and rude, and for the most part seemed to derive pleasure from others’ discomfort – arguing that there’s value in saying the things no one else wants to. ESTPs are known to thrive on drama, so it’s no wonder Pierce loved to stir it up every now and then.


Community Shirley Bennett

Consuls are social creatures who love to be at the center of attention and need to be the friend others turn to for support. Shirley’s constant mothering, tendency to give unsolicited advice and her belief to be the conscience of the group don’t come from a bad place but can have adverse effects.

ESFJs feel it’s their responsibility to help others, however, they sometimes forget that what’s right for them might not be right for other people. Shirley has a tendency to act self-righteous and attempts to impose her opinions and beliefs on others, namely her faith. But when her beliefs and opinions are rejected or challenged, Shirley easily becomes upset. Given that Consuls don’t usually handle criticism all that well, this does not come as a surprise.


Community Troy Barnes

The lovable and goofy nerd, Troy Barnes, started out as the typical dumb jock but evolved into the heart of the group. Always looking for a way to entertain, Troy’s juvenile antics (usually with Abed) made it difficult for others to perceive him as an adult. However, while ESFPs love putting on a show for their friends, they’re also very sensitive and capable of providing emotional support.

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Entertainers are known for their willingness to lend a helping hand and listen to their friends’ problems, which Troy has done quite often. Throughout the show, Troy has been the only one to truly understand Abed. When Troy decided to leave Greendale, Abed had a breakdown and imagined that the floor is actually lava, and Troy went along with it and persuaded everyone else to go with it for Abed’s sake.


Community Abed Nadir

The pop-culture obsessed, genre savvy, and adorkable Abed Nadir is pretty much the poster child for INTPs. Abed’s mind is constantly buzzing with ideas, which makes him seem detached. Spotting patterns and discrepancies, a Logician's hobby, comes naturally to Abed. But because he’s always running scenarios in his head, Abed is able to use his keen intellect and creativity to analyze his friends predict their action, which he gets right almost all the time.

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He tends to speak very fast when gets excited, which is a common trait of Logicians. Abed clearly has difficulties understanding and sharing other people’s feelings, and his lack of social skills can result in social blunders. Even so, Abed does care about his friends a great deal, even if his way of showing it can sometimes make him look bad. But, INTPs aren't known for their top-notch social skills.


Community Britta Perry

Britta’s passionate but inept attempts to stand up for various causes are part of what made her the butt of every joke. Perhaps if she’d dedicated her energy to a cause she was truly invested in she might have actually accomplished something. INFPs operate much better when they don’t try to spread themselves too thin.

Mediators are in their nature idealists and dreamers, but if they spend too much time caught up in their quests they tend to burn out and lose direction in life, as is clearly the case with Britta. Britta has a pro-anti attitude and tendency to claim the high ground even when she has none often hold her back. However, her heart is generally in the right place and she does genuinely want to help her friends... and can be pretty insightful when it comes to figuring out their problems.


Community Annie Edison

Bright-eyed and optimistic, Annie Edison is intelligent and driven but tends to get neurotic if everything doesn’t go according to her meticulous plans. This unique mix of sensitivity and excellent analytical abilities is typical of ISFJs. In fact, Annie is pretty much the embodiment of the so-called Defender personality type.

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Meticulous to the point of perfectionism, willing to go to extreme lengths for a grade (like go full on Law and Order mode because of a squash yam), Annie seeks excellence and recognition. But she’s not entirely self-absorbed. After all, ISFJs possess the ability to connect with others like no other introverted type. Annie cares deeply for her friends and will go out of her way to help them. She even roleplayed in the Dreamatorium with Abed to help him get over a breakdown.


Community Jeff Winger

Vain, egotistical, sarcastic, and aloof, Jeff Winger keeps everyone at arm’s length, avoids talking about his feelings at all costs, can talk his way out of virtually anything, and abhors doing any actual work. In short, he’s a textbook example of the ENTP personality type, the so-called Debater.

Debaters enjoy mental challenges and always come up with innovative solutions to problems, but when it comes to putting those plans into action they prefer to leave that part to others. According to Jeff, if you’re smart enough, you can get through life without actually doing anything. And Jeff works very hard at being lazy. They may not like completing boring tasks, but ENTPs love taunting their knowledge and need to be the best at everything. Like how Jeff just had to be better than Rich in pottery, even though he sucked.

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