MBTI® Of The O.C. Characters

For four seasons, The O.C. captivated young audiences by turning the genre of teen dramas on its head. Centered on Ryan Atwood, a troubled but promising young man taken in by the wealthy yet kind-hearted Cohen family, this series dealt with real-life issues that hit close to home for many teens, such as drug issues, sex, social hierarchy and the difficulty of navigating high school.

At the heart of this series' sincerity is a cast of down-to-earth and authentic characters, each with a set of unique personality traits that audiences far and wide couldn't help but fall in love with... and that we couldn't help categorizing using the Myers-Briggs® system.

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Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen in The OC
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10 Sandy Cohen-ENFJ

Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen in The OC

A genuine and expressive person, Sandy sets himself apart from the general, snobbish community within which he finds himself living. He is incredibly sociable and has a keen sense of humor that appeals to audience members.

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Above all, Sandy is a warm-hearted individual who loves to give back, which is a trademark ENFJ trait. When Ryan was at his worst, Sandy took it upon himself to take Ryan in without expecting anything in return. He is also an insightful father to Seth, often providing sound fatherly advice.

9 Kirsten Cohen-ISTJ

Kelly Rowan in the O.C.

Having grown up in a conservative household, Kirsten maintained many of her parents' values in adulthood. Like most ISTJs, she is pragmatic and weighs up the risks and rewards in every situation. This allows her to make sound decisions for her family.

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This trait does come with a downside for many ISTJS however, namely a cautiousness that makes it difficult to develop trust in others. It was for this reason that she took longer to warm up to Ryan than her husband and son.

8 Ryan Atwood-ISFP

The quietly caring Ryan is incredibly protective of Seth and his other friends, particularly since he does not want them to experience the difficulties that he faced during his tough childhood. While he found it difficult to trust at first, the loyalty that he built up towards his friends is unwavering if not sometimes a little too strong, as Ryan has had his fair share of physical confrontations due to taking his protection duties a little too seriously.

Like many ISFPs who may appear cool on the surface, he is actually a deeply compassionate and selfless person, who often takes the time to uplift those who are in a more difficult situation than himself, which is oddly enough yet another great ISFP trait.

7 Seth Cohen-ENFP

Adam Brody as Seth Cohen in The OC Fox

Quirky, dorky, and a little overly talkative (which is a common issue amongst ENFPs), Seth is an energetic person who loves to be the center of attention. He is incredibly humorous, sarcastic, and playful.

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While he may seem slightly self-serving at times, he is actually a caring person who wants to do right by his friends. What truly showcases his ENFP personality is his optimistic, never-say-die attitude, particularly when it came to pursuing a romantic relationship with Summer.

6 Marissa Cooper-ISFP

Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper on The OC

While she struggled with constant mood swings and a strained relationship with her mother, Marissa still showed a great deal of affection for Ryan at times during their on-again and off-again relationship; a positive ISFP trait.

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She sometimes came across as very idealistic (the downfall of many ISFPs), as she would often appear to lack gratitude for the life she lived. This, however, this was down to her being an introvert at heart who preferred to rather spend time with a few friends in a quiet setting, away from the spotlight.

5 Summer Roberts-ESFP

Rachel Bilson Take Two ABC

Often domineering and outspoken, Summer regularly came across as materialistic and arrogant at the beginning of the series. Although she improved her behavior immensely throughout the show's duration, one thing that remained with her was her spicy attitude and her ability to take charge in any situation.

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As is the case with most strong ESFP personalities, Summer is incredibly expressive, and often showed her true feelings through her actions, even if unintentional. One famous example was her first kiss with Seth, where she also revealed that she is actually a caring person under all the glitz and glamour. Perhaps the one area of weakness for Summer and the other ESFPs is that their expressiveness oftentimes leaves them emotionally exposed.

4 Taylor Townsend-ENFJ

A perky and attention-seeking character, Taylor's lack of affection from her mother has resulted in a hunger for acknowledgment from her peers. A little over enthusiastic, which is a problem faced by many ENFJs, Taylor appeared to be obsessed with Seth at first and became Summer's nemesis for quite some time.

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She does also have some outstanding ENFJ qualities, however, such as being a loving friend and girlfriend; a trait that resulted in a serious relationship with Ryan.

3 Jimmy Cooper-INFJ

While he was found guilty of embezzlement- an action that ruined his career- Jimmy is in fact a sensitive and loving father, as most INFJs would be.

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While Marissa and Kaitlin's relationship with their mother is strained, they often turn to their father for love, guidance, and understanding, which he is always prepared to give. He always seeks to achieve harmony, as is a goal for many INFJs, and while his relationship with Julie is on the rocks, he has successfully ensured the loyalty of his daughters due to this trait.

2 Julie Cooper-ENTP

Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke as Summer Roberts and Julie Cooper in The OC

The ingenious wife of Jimmy, Julie often uses her cunning in a devious manner. Like a stereotypical ENTP, she possesses the energy to pursue projects that work towards fulfilling her goals, however, this is often done in order to fulfill her selfish needs; a negative trait common among ENTPs. Often viewed by others as being shallow,  she has, however, shown her sensitive side on numerous occasions, thus proving her character complexity as many ENTPs do possess.

Julie is incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to participating in events with other ladies in the community, particularly as a means of boosting her own social standing.

1 Caleb Nichol-INTP

Kirsten's father and successful businessman, Caleb comes across as being detached (as is common among INTPs) and he is consequently uninterested in taking the feelings of his family members into consideration.

He is objective and critical, and willingly compromises his relationship with Sandy for financial gain as well as a boost to his ego. He does, however, possess some seriously positive INTP traits, such as the good logic and superior intellect that has allowed him to become a wildly successful real estate magnate.

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