MBTI® Of New Girl Characters

New Girl came on TV from 2011 to 2018, focusing on Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Cece. Fans watched these characters navigate through life, as they figured out their work situations, fell in and out of love and always had each other, in their cool loft, for support.

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These characters also all have unique personalities that could sometimes lead to disagreements yet always seemed to balance each other out, so we wonder… What is the MBTI® of each person from this television series? Let’s discuss, here and now, as we go over their traits, quirks, and personalities and sort them all, based on the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator instrument.

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10 Jess - ENFP

An ENFP is someone who is enthusiastic and imaginative, who needs a lot of affirmation from others and who is supportive. This sounds like Jessica Day! She is quirky, with bright outfits, random songs she sings, an interest in arts and crafts, and a fun personality. She likes for those close to her to compliment her, but she would drop everything to lend a helping hand. Her outgoing ways may have annoyed some of her roommates at times, but they all love her and know she loves them, too. Yes, no matter what Jess is doing, she is doing it in a creative and enthusiastic way.

9 Nick - ISFP

An ISFP is quiet and introverted. These people like to have their own space and like to work within their own time frame. They don’t like conflicts, so they won’t force their opinions on others. If needed, though, they will show a commitment to the people who are important to them. This sounds like Nick Miller. He is actually pretty lazy, so he definitely likes to just lounge in his room alone and won’t waste energy on arguing. When it comes to writing or telling Jess how he feels, he definitely worked at his own slow pace! But deep down, this guy loves his buds and his girl.

8 Schmidt - ENTJ

An ENTJ is a leader; these people can see where there are problems, and they can come up with solutions! They are organized, enjoy planning, and have knowledge they like to pass on to others. This type can also be forceful when presenting their ideas, and this sounds like Schmidt. He is a bit OCD, and he likes everything to be a certain way. Sometimes, he can come across as bossy, but he is bright and witty, so his plans are usually pretty good… even if he explains them in a very frank way that could turn people off a bit.

7 Winston - ISFJ

An ISFJ is quiet, friendly, responsible, committed and steady. This type remembers specifics about people who are important to them and strive to create harmonious environments, for themselves and for those around them. This sounds like Winston! He is sort of like a housewife actually, and that is a big compliment to this sensitive guy. He can be introverted, but he is so sweet. He enjoys hanging out with his cat and pampering himself. And at times, he remembers small details that can totally brighten someone’s day. Yes, this one-of-a-kind character seems most like an ISFJ, when looking at all the different personality types.

6 Cece - ENTP

An ENTP is stimulating and outspoken. These people can be resourceful, adept and strategic, as well as good at reading other people. An ENTP is usually bored by routine, so there are always big, new, exciting things happening in their lives. This sounds like Cece Parikh. She is definitely an extrovert, with a shining personality that attracts many to her. She is not just a pretty face, though; she is sharp and not afraid to speak up and out. Her life is pretty interesting, but deep down, she needs her friends close to her and cares about them a great deal.

5 Coach - ESTP

An ESTP likes immediate results. They are bored by long explanations. They are energetic,  spontaneous and active, as they live in the moment, enjoy material comforts and learn best by doing. This sounds like Coach! 

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He is an athlete, and his talents can sometimes go to his head. He knows what he wants, and he works in an excited way to see success in the gym, with his love life, and beyond. Although he wasn’t around for the entirety of the series, his scenes were always quite exciting, as his driven and energized personality lit up the screen and the show.

4 Abby - ESFP

A unique character on this show, one that popped up for a brief period of time, is Abby Day, Jess’ wild older sister. She seems most like an ESFP, as she is outgoing, exuberant and spontaneous. Sure, there are some other words that could describe this original character, but out of the personalities found through MBTI®, she fits best here. She speaks out. She brings excitement. She dresses in a bold way. And she is not afraid to live on the wild side! Even if all of her decisions are not the best, she is family, so she and Jess love each other, as well.

3 Paul - ISTJ

Another supporting character from this series is Paul, a music teacher that Jess likes and a man that the guys say is the female version of Jessica Day! He seems most like an ISTJ. He can be quiet, thorough, dependable and responsible. But he is also warm and bright, with a silly side. Overall, this guy is a total sweetheart, and he values traditions and loyalty, whether he is at work or starting a new relationship. Yes, there are many traits found in Paul Genzlinger (who is played by actor Justin Long) that make him fit into the ISTJ category.

2 Reagan - ESTJ

Reagan moves into Jess’ old room and starts dating Nick, and this feisty pharmaceutical sales rep is probably an ESTJ. These types of people are practical, realistic, and decisive. They can be very organized and efficient, as they focus in on results. They go throughout life in a logical way and can be a bit forceful at times. Reagan, a no-nonsense woman with her ESTJ personality traits, certainly shook things up when she moved into the loft with the guys, but she learned to open herself up a bit, and in return, she made some friends and a more-than-a-friend person, too!

1 Aly - ENFJ

When Winston becomes a police officer, he meets Aly, whom he ends up marrying and having kids with in life. Out of all the MBTI® results, Aly seems like an ENFJ. She can be tough and strong, but she is also super loving. ENFJs are responsive and responsible. They like to help others. They are loyal, sociable leaders. Whether Aly Nelson is seen on the job, with the love of her life or beside family members, she is showing tough love, she is making others become the best versions of themselves, and she is acting as a pillar of beauty and strength.

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