MBTI® Of Kim's Convenience Characters

Kim's Convenience is one of the greatest hidden gems on television. The show follows the day-to-day life of a convenience store owner and his family. The family is made up of Appa: the patriarch, Umma: the matriarch, Janet: the artsy daughter, and Jung: the sporty son. They are an immigrant family from Korea, making a life now in Toronto, Canada. The sitcom is witty, has a big heart, and most importantly is downright hilarious.

Here are the Myers-Briggs® types of your favorite Kim's Convenience characters.

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10 Kimchee - ESFP

Kimchee is Jung's longtime best friend on the show. He is without a doubt the life of the party. Kimchee is playful and comical, often joking around at the Handy Car Rental when it is considered inappropriate to do so.

Sometimes he can come across as materialistic seeing as he often cares more about gaining access to free stuff rather than morally questioning whether or not it is wrong to steal. This can be seen when he claims all of the lost items that are left behind in the cars of the rental shop. Yet despite his flaws, he means well and cares deeply about his friends. He is "The Entertainer" of the characters, and can easily be an ESFP.

9 Shannon Ross - ESFJ

Shannon Ross is the manager of Handy Car Rental. She is also Jung's love interest throughout the show. Shannon is lovably awkward, kind, and dedicated to the people she cares about. She is a talker who often slips out sexual innuendos at work without meaning to.

Shannon is extremely social and tends to feel uncomfortable when alone for long periods of time. She even claims in a season one episode that she doesn't know how to eat lunch alone, because she never knows where to look. Shannon has a bit of a hard time being stern or critical when she needs to be, often neglecting her authoritative status as a manager in order to be seen as more of a friend than a boss to her employees. She is an ESFJ.

8 Jung Kim - ISTP

Jung is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kim. He is the embodiment of masculinity done right. He plays sports, has a six-pack, is sexually active, and cares deeply about the people he loves. Sometimes his sporty nature can make him seem a bit naive compared to the others.

In season 2 episode 3 titled "House Guest", Jung has an epiphany that he isn't as intelligent as he would like to be. In an effort to become smarter, Jung begins to read as many books as he can and makes the decision that he is going to finish up High School. He is loyal, playful, and supportive. He is an ISTP.

7 Gerald Tremblay - ISFJ

Gerald Tremblay is Janet's best friend on Kim's Convenience. He is slightly uncomfortable in is own skin and often appears anxious.

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This is especially apparent whenever he is around Mr. Kim. He is a good friend and a talented photographer. He has the qualities of an ISFJ.

6 Terence - ISFP

Poor Terence. Always getting the blame! Terence, a.k.a the Toby Flenderson of the show, is often getting ripped on for no apparent reason by his coworkers. Although he doesn't get treated with much respect at Handy Car Rental, he still seems to do his best to treat everyone with kindness.

5 Pastor Nina - INFJ

Pastor Nina is played by Amanda Brugel, who you might recognize as Rita from The Handmaid's Tale. Pastor Nina seems to be the voice of reason on the show. She is polite and open-minded, while at the same time is often uncomfortable when it comes to the overtly blunt behavior from The Kim's (which truthfully, we can't really blame her for)! Her guidance and warmth lead us to believe that she is an INFJ.

4 Uni Park - ESTJ

Uni Park isn't exactly the type of woman that you'd want to reveal all your deepest darkest secrets to. She is cold, judgemental, and controlling, always aiming to be the best person in the room in every which way.

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Oh, and did she mention that she drives a BMW? Well, she does. She does drive a BMW. Uni seems to be an unhealthy version of an ESTJ.

3 Janet Kim - INFP

Janet Kim is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kim. She is intelligent, artistically skilled, and extremely empathetic. Janet is often emotionally invested when it comes to the situations that take over her family and often gets teary-eyed due to the overwhelming level of feelings she experiences. Janet is extremely observant and open-minded, often trying to teach her traditional parents how the modern world thinks. She is an INFP.

2 Mrs. Kim "Umma" - ISFJ

Mrs. Kim is the mother of Janet and Jung. She is also Mr.Kim's wife. Mrs.Kim is gentle, kind, and traditional. She is extremely supportive of her family and is always looking to do what is morally right. Sometimes her outlook on the modern world can seem a bit outdated, such as when she refers to her niece as a "slut" for dressing a certain way.

Her strong desire to fix Janet up with a man who is "Cool, Korean, and Christian" even though she is not ready for such a serious setup is evident in Umma's desire to control certain situations in a conservative fashion. On the whole, she is a deeply caring individual who works hard and loves her family more than anything.

1 Mr. Kim "Appa" - ENTJ

Mr. Kim is the father of Janet and Jung. He is also Mrs. Kim's husband. Mr.Kim is authoritative and demanding while at the same time he is open-minded and thoughtful. Appa is extremely stubborn but still manages to be extremely loveable and good-natured. His catchphrases include him yelling "STOP!" which causes whoever he is with to come to a halt, and "Okay, see you!" whenever someone leaves his store. His bluntness can often create problems with the rest of the sensitive world around him, yet Appa stays true to his beliefs despite the fact that they might clash with the modern world. Appa is the perfect ENTJ.

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