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The CW Network & Netflix's Dynasty is easily one of the most addictive series out right now! With an array of characters that deliver just about anything and everything each week, it is a show that you certainly don't want to miss out on. The show is full of constant family drama, cliffhangers and jaw-dropping moments that are suitable for just about anyone and everyone.

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With such a diverse and broad use of characters throughout the show, there are definitely numerous personalities, many of which clash during each episode. Luckily, we've gone ahead and sorted each character according to the Myers-Briggs® personality types!

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Blake Carrington, played by Grant Show, is the patriarch of the family! Blake is the man who started it all and built his way to billionaire status. When it comes to Blake Carrington he is undoubtedly the executive.

This personality type is known to possess immense administrative skills, and is unsurpassed at managing things, or people! Considering he has an entire dynasty on his shoulders, it goes without saying that he is quite the managing type! What Blake wants, Blake gets, and that is about as Carrington as things get.


Fallon Carrington, played by none other than Elizabeth Gillies, definitely takes on the role of the commander! This personality type is said to be quite bold, and strong-willed, and if that isn't Fallon Carrington then we aren't sure what is.

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Fallon, who is the daughter of multi-billionaire, Blake Carrington, takes orders from no one! She is incredibly independent, tells things like they are, and has absolutely no shame in being a true boss. Fallon fits the commander type to the T; not only does she own it unlike anyone else, but it is reason enough for just about anyone to stay clear of her wrath.


Steven Carrington, who is played by actor James Mackay, is also the son of billionaire Blake Carrington and although he may not be as power or money hungry as his father or sister, he is definitely a character with some redeeming qualities. Steven finds himself possessing qualities of both the debater and mediator.

His character is quite smart and curious, making him an ideal debater, however, he also works hard to help others, and gives back to the community, making him quite the mediator. Unlike the devious acts of his family, Steven is different, he ensures that the billions of dollars his family own goes towards good causes, including his own philanthropic work in Paraguay as seen in recent episodes.


Alexis Carrington, who is played by the infamous Nicollette Sheridan, is the estranged mother who walked out on the family a decade ago. Alexis returns mid-season to surprise her kids and ex-husband, Blake and begins to fall back into her devious ways. Much like Blake, Alexis is too quite the executive!

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They say opposites attract, but in this case, it appears Blake and Alexis were one and the same. She is a master manipulator and does not seem to have the slightest bit of regret or guilt in her actions, making her quite an executive type.


Robert Christopher Riley plays the role of Michael Culhane on Dynasty. Culhane who starts off as nothing other than Blake Carrington's personal driver turns into Fallon's love interest and soon to be Atlanta soccer team owner, talk about an upgrade! Michael possesses qualities that easily make him the architect, and rightfully so.

The architect type is known to be quite imaginative and strategic, and have a plan for just about everything.  Since Culhane managed to go from personal driver to co-owner of Atlanta's newest soccer team, that is definitely a plan that only an architect could pull of.


Sammy Jo, played by Rafael de la Fuente, is the nephew of the late Krystle Carrington and husband to Steven Carrington. Sammy Jo is undeniably the entertainer of personality types and there is no denying it.

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The entertainer personality type is known to be spontaneous, energetic and very enthusiastic with people, and considering Sammy Jo is the life of most parties, his character fits this type perfectly. Despite his rocky marriage to hubby Steven Carrington, Sammy Jo manages to find joy in just about anything and everything, making him not only the entertainer but easily a fan favorite.


Joseph Anders, or simply Anders as he's known on the show, is played by actor Alan Dale and is one of the most beloved characters on the show. Anders plays the household butler and is seen as a father figure for both Steven and Fallon, making him the consul.

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The consul personality type is extraordinarily caring, social and eager to help, and those qualities all point to no one other than Joseph Anders. Although Anders has a few secrets of his own, he is undoubtedly the caring character that helps in just about anything from planning a party or putting a hit on someone!


Cristal Flores, played by the talented Ana Brenda Contreras, is the newest addition to the cast, playing the role of Blake Carrington's newest love interest. Despite being referred to as Krystle 2.0 by Fallon, Cristal slowly finds herself being accepted by the rest of the Carrington clan. Cristal is incredibly loving and dedicated to her family, and is willing to defend her loved one at any cost!

This easily makes Cristal the defender personality type, who are known to be quite the warm protectors, and considering she has given her soon to be step-daughter Fallon constant advice and support, there is no better personality type that fits her character.


Jeff Colby, played by actor Sam Adegoke, starts off as an enemy to the Carrington family, however, he soon becomes a love interest to none other than Fallon Carrington, but for all the wrong reasons. Despite Jeff not always having been rich, he built his own company from the bottom up, and become one of the Carrington's biggest threats.

Due to his innovative and determined personality, this easily makes Colby the logician of the show. Not only does he prove to be quite a knowledgeable character, but he always means business!


Monica Colby, played by Wakeema Hollis, is Jeff Colby's sister, and long-time friend of Fallon Carrington. Monica is not as duplicitous as her brother or best friend, but tends to find herself playing devils advocate quite often! With her sweet charm, and desire for independence and experiencing new things, Monica is hands down the adventurer of personality types.

Despite her being somewhat timid and quiet at times, we wouldn't let that fool you, because Monica is full of tricks up her sleeve, many of which would shock you!

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