The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Mr. Robot Characters

Rami Malek in Mr Robot

With Sam Esmail’s beautiful and thoughtful Mr. Robot shutting down all processes later this year, it seems like there’s no better time than now—before the final season premieres—to take a deep dive into our favorite characters from the series and figure out how the hackers of fSociety—and those closest to them—pulled off the largest and most wide-spread hack ever recorded for our viewing pleasure.

Whether it’s the enigmatic Mr. Robot, who's always ready to take control (literally) in order to reboot the corrupted system that is society or the poised and responsible Angela Moss, who's working to take down the wicked E Corp from the inside, let’s use the Myers-Briggs® personality indicator to decrypt the inner workings of the most dangerous and talented group of hackers audiences have ever been introduced to.

*Spoilers ahead!*

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10 Darlene Alderson: The Entrepreneur- ESTP

Oh, Darlene, Darlene, Darlene. What can we say about Darlene? I guess the first thing that needs to be addressed is that fact that she’s probably the baddest bi*ch in fSociety. I guess it runs in the family. Darlene just refuses to take any crap from anyone ever. She plays by her own rules and when she gets bored of those rules she just changes them around to match whatever mood she’s in.

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While she may not have the strategic mind built for long-term complex plans that Elliot or even White Rose has, she’s certainly a major player that shouldn't be underestimated. Much like her brother Elliot, Darlene doesn’t care about the established structure of society and she sees through the fault inherent in blind obedience and apathy. She cares. And she’ll do whatever she can to help her brother fix what they’ve always viewed as broken. The world.

9 Mobley: The Debater- ENTP

Mobley is by far the most skeptic member of fSociety. He’s careful, creative, and dedicated to the truth. Mobley is the type of person that sees both sides of the argument, understanding that there is more than one universal truth and that gives him the type of perspective needed in a group like fSociety.

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While most of the members are mainly concerned with tearing the corrupted system out, Mobley is the guy tossing it in the microwave just to be safe. After that Five/Nine hack, Mobley is the first person to recognize that things aren’t going to work out the way they were supposed. And he’s the first, along with Trenton, that tries to escape and build a new life somewhere else before the Dark Army gets in to close. Unfortunately, even an early exit couldn't save him.

8 Angela Moss: The Consul- ESFJ

Portia Doubleday as Angela in Mr. Robot Season 3

In a series filled to the brim with complex and provocative characters, Angela Moss is perhaps the most complex (after Elliot, that is. Hard to be more complex than a main character with multiple personalities).

Angela, much like Elliot, was traumatized by the passing of one of her parents due to the corrupt and power hungry people at the head of E Corp. Angela, for much of her life, has spearheaded the battle against E Corp and its ubiquitous and evil branding. She is compassionate, kind, sensible, and brave enough to hop head first into the lion's den when called on.

7 Phillip Price: The Executive- ESTJ

Phillip Price is a man completely consumed by the quest to accrue as much power as he possibly can. He’s the type of man that walks into a room and isn't satisfied until he knows that he has more power, more importance than any other man in that room.

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He says it best himself when he says to White Rose, “I’m a mercenary. I don’t play fair. I play what I want. When you deal with a mercenary, then all decorum gets tossed out the window, so you go ahead with your cute threats and your watch beeps. Order will not protect you anymore, my friend. I will rain chaos, even if it hurts me, ’cause I would rather see you lose than win myself.

6 Joanna Wellick: The Commander- ENTJ

If there’s one thing that anyone can say about Joanna Wellick, it’s that she’s a woman who knows exactly what she wants and exactly how to get it. Whether she’s taking a very sensual beating from husband Tyrell or forcing the bloody hands of Scott Knowles into a significantly less sensual beating, Joanna Wellick is certainly no stranger to pain.

Something to take note of, specifically in the two scenes mentioned above, in both scenes, despite being physically dominated, Joanna is in the position of power. She maneuvers Scott’s actions masterfully and commands Tyrell with the same level of skill. It’s unfortunate that it’s that same commander presence and masterful level of control of others that eventually gets her killed by someone she couldn’t control as well as she thought

5 Tyrell Wellick: The Commander- ENTJ

It’s very interesting that Tyrell and Joanna are both ENTJs. At the same time, it also makes a lot of sense. Tyrell and other ENTJs like him are very growth-oriented individuals. They can, and will, take any chance they see for growth and use it to improve themselves. This is a trait that is at the core of their personality types.

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Tyrell and Joanna are both individuals that seemed endlessly starved for something more, something better, whether it be in their careers, their home, their bank account, who they are as individuals, any aspect they can improve upon in their lives, they will seek to do so. While they often find other personality types, especially those feeling-dominant types, rather annoying and illogical, they’d do well to understand that there is more than one way to improve.

4 White Rose: The Mastermind - INTJ

Despite being three-quarters of the way through the series (if you’re all caught up), we still don’t know a whole lot about one of Mr. Robot’s primary antagonists, White Rose, leader of the dark army. Here’s what we do know, however; White Rose is obsessed with time and being able to control it and those around herself. She's is in control at all times. This is a very important aspect of her personality. She decides not only when and where she will be seen, but also how she will be seen. For much of the seasons, we see White Rose as Phillip Price does, a collected and powerful Chinese minister of state security. Only later do we realize that White Rose is a transgender woman, which only add another layer to the type of control she, as a character, exudes over those around her.

3 Dominique DiPierro: The Advocate- INFJ

One of the reasons that Dom DiPierro is so incredibly good at her job is the simple fact that she is capable of empathizing with the people she’s pursuing very quickly. Rather later in season two, Dom says something along the lines of “I know her. I am her” when talking about Darlene, and this quote perfectly encapsulates who her character is. Dom has seemingly closed herself off to the world around her in her personal life, and it seems like her only real friend is Alexa, but Dom is structured, intelligent, and does well in a system like the FBI. She’s also very acutely in touch with her emotions and the emotions of those around her, despite trying to close herself off to them.

2 Mr. Robot: The Visionary - ENTP

Christian Slater and Rami Malek in Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 10

Despite being a personality based on Elliot’s late father, Mr. Robot doesn't seem to have a whole lot in common with Elliot’s father, at least when compared to what little we do know about the real version of his father.

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Mr. Robot seems to be all of Elliot rage and anguish compartmentalized and formed into a fully functional personality of its own. Mr. Robot doesn’t really care much about anything other than getting the revenge he believes Elliot deserves and tearing down the corrupted system that Elliot has identified. It’s hard to type a secondary personality, but we know that Mr. Robot is charismatic — or at least charismatic and intelligent enough to recruit just about anyone he sees as worthy under him. He’s also unencumbered by rules or any rigid structure at all. Mr. Robot will make his own path through and whoever doesn’t like it can just try to stop him. Hasn’t worked out for Elliot, but sure. Give it try.

1 Elliot Alderson: The Architect - INTJ

Rami Malek in Mr Robot

Where Mr. Robot is charismatic and unencumbered by rules and structure, Elliot has made sure that his entire life is run like a computer system. When we first meet him, Elliot is using just enough morphine to get a decent buzz and enough suboxone to battle the side effects that may come with withdrawal from his morphine use.

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After the Five/Nine hacks, we see him trying to debug himself by sending himself to jail and keeping a strict journal and noting every change, every blackout, every detail just to capture any anomalies in his day-to-day schedule. Elliot, despite being blacked out for most it, is, in fact, the architect behind the Five/Nine attacks. He’s had his plan in place for years and when it’s all said at done, Elliot is going to have to be the one to fix the system he’s worked so hard to crash.

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