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While trying to prove himself as a Mayans M.C. prospect may seem difficult enough, Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes needs to remain alert at all times; even during his off-hours from the M.C. Constantly in danger, EZ finds himself collaborating with federal officers to protect his family, steering clear of Miguel Galindo's wrath due to his shared history with Galindo's wife Emily, and aiding his brother Angel during his hidden partnership with Los Olvidados.

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Throughout his hazardous journey, EZ faces a diverse range of antagonists, but is also fortunate enough to be surrounded by a whole host of loyal allies. Let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of the many personalities of Mayans M.C. that make this show so suspenseful yet entertaining.

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JD Pardo in Mayans MC
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10 Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes-ENFJ

JD Pardo in Mayans MC

With his remarkable photographic memory and his ability to read into situations, EZ shows a conscientiousness that many ENFJs are known to possess. Despite having this skill, he is still careful to tread lightly when dealing with potential foes. A great example of this is when he apologized to Miguel Galindo for spending time with his wife behind his back and assuring him that he would not cross the line again. This shows his typical ENFJ tactfulness.

While EZ, like many other ENFJs, is cooperative, this trait also puts him in danger. His tendency to work for the Mayans and cooperate with law enforcement as well as Los Olvidados sees him develop dual loyalties, which could get him killed if any of these parties discover the truth.

9 Angel Reyes-ESTP

Clayton Cardenas in Mayans MC

EZ's older brother, Angel is spontaneous like many other ESTPs. He immediately put a bullet in between the eyes of Dennis Reed upon tracking him down as a means of protecting his own secrets. This also shows his tendency to be pragmatic, and make quick-fire decisions based on current circumstances.

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While the ESTP traits of being adaptable and excitement seeking are typically positive, they are responsible for shortcomings on Angel's part. His decision to work for Los Olvidados and gain the affection of leader Adelita puts him in danger of being outed by the Mayans and becoming a target for the Galindo Cartel, who happen to be Los Olvidados' rivals and the Mayans' clients.

8 Marcus Alvarez-ISTP

Emilio Rivera Mayans MC

Since his days as Oakland Charter President, Alvarez proved to be a cool observer, who would think about the consequences of his actions before taking them so as not to make rash decisions that he may later regret. This typical ISTP attitude was one of the reasons why Alvarez was the only surviving gang leader from the original Sons of Anarchy series, and ensured the survival of his club by becoming allies with the likes of the Sons of Anarchy.

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Alvarez is an observer, which is yet another strong ISTP trait. This allowed him to figure out that EZ was involved in his brother's plans, after which he advised EZ to put the club first. Most of all, he exhibits ISTP adaptability, which allowed him to constantly gain more power, eventually becoming Miguel Galindo's top advisor.

7 Felipe Reyes-INFJ

Like many INFJs, Felipe is insightful and understands the reasons behind why his foes decide to carry out certain decisions. This is largely due to his background as a Mexican Federal Police officer, and is a great asset when setting out to protect his son EZ from external threats.

Like many INFJs, Reyes is quietly intense and uses his toughness to dissuade law enforcement officials from paying too many visits to his family. As Agent Jimenez soon discovered, one can never threaten Felipe without landing in some serious trouble with the paternal figure of the Reyes family.

6 Obispo "Bishop" Losa-ESFP

The charismatic president of the M.C., Bishop is expressive of his emotions like many ESFPs. Perhaps this is why he punched EZ in the face after the prospect spoke out of turn in a meeting with the Galindo Cartel. Bishop is not always so quick to anger, however, as he is often sociable and friendly, and ensures that he maintains good relations with his allies, for example, the Sons of Anarchy and the Chen Triad.

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Like many ESFPs, Bishop is hands-on and often does the club's dirty work himself. This includes the time he shot Jimmy Yen due to Yen's betrayal of the Chen Triad.

5 Emily Galindo-ISFP

EZ's high school sweetheart and Miguel's wife, Emily is gentle and soft-spoken. Like most ISFPs, she is compassionate and caring, which are traits she displays when her son is kidnapped. This compassion contributes to her typical ISFP spontaneity, however this trait resulted in her taking unnecessary risks whilst searching for her son.

One of the greatest ISFP traits that Emily effectively exhibits is loyalty. Despite her marriage and distance for many years, she still decides to meet up with EZ and ask him to keep an eye out for her son. At the same time, she does not divulge EZ's hidden alliances, not even to Miguel.

4 Johnny "El Coco" Cruz-ISFJ

A dependable member of the M.C., El Coco can be trusted with almost any task. Like a typical ISFJ, he is as thorough as he is dangerous. Since his days as a Marine, he has been an expert marksman, whose skills were wholly showcased when he took out three Basetown Tribe members in an intense battle.

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While he is as realistic as an ISFJ should be, he has misused this trait immensely. While he realized that he was unfit to care for his daughter, he resorted to telling her that he is her older brother while his mother acted as her parent in his place.

3 Adelita-INFP

Los Olvidados' fearless leader, Adelita, is incredibly idealistic, much like many other INFPs. After seeing her family get murdered by cartel members,  idealism became the driving factor behind her decision to establish a group that fights against cartel violence.

Adelita is an embodiment of the INFP quality of being an empathetic helper, as she constantly looks to assist children who have lost their loved ones to cartel violence, and subsequently convince them to join her group's ranks.

2 Miguel Galindo-ESTJ

The leader of the Galindo Cartel, Miguel has taken the reigns from his late father in an effort to maintain the family's thriving empire. Miguel possesses a strong ESTJ sense of assertiveness, and always takes charge of any situation, no matter who he dealing with. Whether meeting with friends or foes, Miguel always seems to be the man in charge.

Miguel is concrete and results orientated, and does not allow his emotions to influence his decisions. This principle particularly holds true when Miguel tortures other gang members for information, as well as murder a pair of innocent civilians to get Los Olvidados' attention.

1 Che Romero-INTP

Vice President and co-founder of the charter alongside Bishop, Che is level-headed and therefore displays the INTP quality of being objective. He seldom loses his temper and displays a level of wisdom that proves why Bishop relies on him for counsel.

While logical and analytical, Che does also suffer from the INTP shortcoming of being detached; often while other club members are socializing and building their brotherly bond, Che seems to be distant from the group.

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