MBTI® Of The Matrix Characters

The Matrix was the 1999 film that broke everyone’s brain. It has become a pop culture touchstone, as well as a conspiracy theory touchstone—just check the annals of Reddit. The movie follows programmer Thomas Anderson, also known as Neo, as he discovers the truth about our reality and the formidable artificial intelligence that controls it.

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Using what we know from this sci-fi classic, we’ve put together how we think the characters would score on the Myers‑Briggs® Type Indicator test. Some of the characters die too early for viewers to get to know them very well, but we think we’ve got the main characters down pat.

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10 Dozer — ISFJ, The Defender

Viewers don’t get to spend much time with Dozer, which is unfortunate because he’s a pretty interesting guy. He and his brother Tank are the only two completely human people we meet—they were born in Zion, the last human town.

From what we know about him, Dozer seems like a classic ISFJ. He acts as pilot and medic onboard the Nebuchadnezzar, both roles which flex his Observing and Judging traits. Though he keeps to himself, a classic Introvert trait, he is caring and dedicated. He is expressive and kind, especially when Neo first joins the crew, which are clear Feeling traits.

9 Tank — ESFP, The Entertainer

The cheerful and gregarious Tank is a relief compared to all the strong silent types that this movie is populated with. He is all Extraverted outgoing and welcoming traits, excited to get to know Neo. We know he has strong Prospecting traits because when he loads up the training for Neo, he skips the “boring” stuff, showing a classic non-conformist preference for improvisation. Tank’s Feeling traits make him hopeful that Neo is The One, but his Observing traits also means he needs to see it to believe it.

It’s too bad that Tank doesn’t survive into the other Matrix movies because the rest of the crew is really balanced out by someone like him.

8 Mouse — ENTP, The Debater

Mouse’s enthusiastic expounding on ideas and encouragement of hedonistic pleasure makes him seem young and naïve compared to the rest of the Neb crew (his t-shirts under blazers don’t help either). But had he lived into old age, he probably would have kept his philosophizing and wonder as he grew because they’re such classic Intuitive and Thinking traits.

He is excited about Neo and knows he’s going to do well from the beginning—more proof of his Intuitive traits. Mouse also has strong Prospecting traits, which we see when he offers Neo a private venue with the woman in the red dress at the first opportunity.

7 Apoc — ISTP, The Virtuouso

Though he’s pretty pivotal, Apoc barely speaks during this movie. In that way, he’s Introverted in the extreme. But what he lacks in conversational fortitude he makes up for in his absolute skill in almost everything technical aboard the Nebuchadnezzar. He is highly oriented toward Thinking and Observing traits—he explores with his hands and is good at taking things apart and putting them back together.

Apoc doesn’t seem impulsive, which rules out Judging traits for him; he likes to know how things work before he does something. By watching, Apoc knows when Neo is ready to handle a weapon and take up the fight.

6 Cypher — ESFP, The Entertainer

In many ways, Cypher is sort of Tank-gone-wrong. He’s a non-conformist, but it’s the rebellious Resistance characters aboard the Nebuchadnezzar that he’s not conforming to. He is one of the few people in the world who knows of the Matrix and wants it.

Cypher is so stuck in his Feeling and Observing ways that he wants the nice comfort of the simulation—he wants to have fun, not struggle for truth. He’s got an ESFP’s biggest weaknesses: He’s terrible at long-term planning; he’s extremely sensitive; and he hates conflict so much he’d rather live a lie.

5 Agent Smith — ISTJ, The Logistician

One of the most fun easter eggs in The Matrix is Agent Smith’s license plate. It reads “IS 5416,” a reference to the Biblical passage Isaiah 54:16, which talks about the blessings for Zion. Smith is either “the craftsman who fans the coals into flames” or “the destroyer” that wreaks havoc, depending on your perspective.

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That verse is actually a good summary of his personality: Smith is basically a police officer. He wants conformity, he wants everyone to follow the rules—both classic Judging traits. Thinking and Observing are big for him, and he’s always able to figure out what his opponents are going to do next because of that. He works within a group, but he’s not Extraverted with them, he’s just straightforward and in charge.

4 The Oracle — INFP, The Mediator

The Oracle’s role in the existence of the Matrix and her relationship with the humans is complicated and full of strange reveals. She both wants to help them succeed but also is a founding part of the Matrix herself.

Nevertheless, she’s so well attuned to human psychology that she is able to predict how they’ll behave before they do, which is Intuitive traits taken to the extreme. She is Introverted, likely because she has to be protected, but her strong Feeling traits are what make her want to help them. She’s passionate and flexible, both Prospecting traits, but occasionally impractical because she can’t simply hand Neo the answers.

3 Morpheus — ENFJ, The Protagonist

Even though Neo is the hero of the series, Morpheus is a clear Protagonist personality type. He’s an inspiring leader and genuinely cares about all the members of the Nebuchadnezzar crew, which his Extraverted traits enable. He is extremely Intuitive as well—he believes before anyone else does that Neo is The One.

He has very strong Feeling traits as well, meaning he’s altruistic and firm in his beliefs. That’s what allows him to spend his life searching for Neo. Of course, this can be a fault too—he doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself for Neo, even though everyone else will suffer without him.

2 Trinity — ISTJ, The Logistician

Because she plays her cards so close to her chest, Trinity might be one of the hardest character to get to know, even though she’s one of the most present. Obviously, that makes her Introverted. Her Observing traits are why she holds back part of the prophecy the Oracle gave her—she needs to see for herself if it's true before she reveals it to anyone else.

Trinity is dedicated to the cause. She prioritizes getting the job done over her own feelings, and only acts impulsively when she follows Neo to save Morpheus, citing how much Morpheus means to her. Whether she swings more heavily Judging or Prospecting is up for debate—Trinity knows the plan and prefers the plan, which are Judging traits, but she easily improvises when the plan goes wrong. Of course, she’s a non-conformist and flexible, which is how she became a hacker that was saved to begin with. All those are Prospecting traits.

1 Neo — INTJ, The Architect

At first, it seems ironic that the archetype name of INTJs is the Architect, and the Architect is who Neo ultimately needs to battle. But, Neo’s similarities to the Architect program may actually be his strengths.

Neo wants knowledge, he wants to know everything, which is a Thinking trait, but he’s also incredibly focused, which is an Introvert trait. His brain is in non-stop analysis mode, which is how he learns so quickly, but his constant awareness is in the driver’s seat of his Intuition. His Intuition makes him creative, and his Judging traits make him very decisive. Like all INTJs, Neo hates pointless rules, unnecessary restrictions, and pointless traditions. He believes he has the moral high ground, and that’s what allows him to be effective as he fights for humanity.

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