The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Marvel's Runaways' Characters

Living in an age where the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings all of our favorite comics to life is wonderful, and Marvel's Runaways is no exception. It's even featured some much-needed updates, like Nico not using self-harm to summon her powers, which might have been very interesting in the books and aligned with Brian K. Vaughan's style, but not suitable for teens watching the show.

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Everyone has their favorite Runaway, and it's fun to not only imagine what each character's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator results might be but to also compare those to our own, not to mention which characters might be suitable as our best friend or mortal enemy.

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Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder in Marvel's Runaways
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10 Alex Wilder: INFJ

Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder in Marvel's Runaways

Alex Wilder is the brains of the operation, but as longtime readers of The Runaways know, he also has a closet full of secrets. Alex is exceptionally loyal, but only to those whom he deems worthy enough for his loyalty through is own set of ethics. Once someone seems on the "wrong" side to Alex, he is done with them.

While he's definitely a visionary and a leader, Alex isn't "The Counselor" brand of INFJ but rather "The Advocate." His cause is important to him and he'll do whatever it takes to advance his agenda, much like fellow INFJs Nelson Mandela, Adolf Hitler, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and David Koresh.

9 Karolina Dean: ENFJ

Karolina Dean LSD in Marvel's Runaways

Extroverted Karolina is almost always led by her feelings, making her an ENFJ. People-focused and charismatic, "The Giver" makes it difficult to NOT be drawn in to her personality. While Karolina lives strongly by her own code of ethics, the human-alien is literally glowing with rainbow beams that not only point toward her powers and heritage, but her need to express herself and rely on her own intuition to make the best decisions.

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Naturally the rainbow also symbolizes Karolina's sexual orientation, but it also mirrors the abstract way of thinking that Karolina is prone to engage in like others who identify as ENFJ types. The rigid Church of Gibborim way of thinking was never suited to her.

8 Nico Minoru: INFP

As the member who loves symbols, who else would be an INFP other than Nico? This introvert is "The Idealist," the Wiccan who isn't so much reserved as private and truly hopes to contact her lost sister. She might enjoy her alone time, but of course she's willing to pretend to be Alex's girlfriend if it helps them maintain precious secrecy.

Nico isn't as confident about her abilities as she should be, but she searches for deeper meanings and is the first to become truly suspicious of another member of her team. Nico is also highly creative, noticing details that her teammates miss, from Topher's mysterious skin care regimen to Karolina's bracelet use.

7 Leslie Dean: ENTJ

A focused and dedicated leader, Leslie Dean can convince almost anyone to join her cult. "The Commander" to her core, Leslie is an ENTJ who is organized and driven yet practical. She will use whatever tools she has at her disposal to accomplish her goal, even if it means lying to her daughter and covering up her powers with an allergy bracelet.

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A take-charge person, Leslie is in the habit of coaxing people to do what she wants. While she lives to be in charge and is naturally extroverted, like other ENTJs Leslie doesn't allow many people to be a part of her true inner circle of people she trusts.

6 Gert Yorkes: ENFP

Marvel's Runaways Gert Yorke

Unconventional and individualistic, Gert Yorkes is an obvious ENFP, "The Champion." As a riot grrrl, she has nothing but disdain for "basic" people with cookie-cutter thoughts and feelings. Instead, she prefers to pave her own trail, making the fact that she has a genetically engineered pet dinosaur rather convenient.

Sassy, sarcastic and book-smart, Gert is thoughtful and perceptive, not afraid to correct her own parents when they convey the wrong information and despite her unconventionality has no problem going after the "hot guy." Despite the fact that she doesn't follow the common course, of course Gert is the Runaway most interested in attending college since it will help to further her activism and unique path.

5 Geoffrey Wilder: ENTP

An intimidating man who pulled himself up by his bootstraps in order to obtain success, Geoffrey Wilder is "The Visionary," an INTP who abhors anything small and meaningless. To Alex's dad, small talk might as well be smallpox; this Pride member is a brilliant strategist whose ultimate goal is always in the back of his mind. He is all about the bigger picture and will stop at nothing to make it happen.

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Wilder knows that nothing comes without risk, and his multiple arrests point toward his willingness to make bold moves. The cunning plans that he executes to get out of trouble all align not only with self-interest but the big plan he's had all along.

4 Chase Stein: ESTP

In the comics, Vaughan wrote Chase as a brainless jock who needed to get a clue in order to become a helpful member of the team courtesy of Gert, but the Hulu program portrays him in a much more complex light. Comic-Chase doesn't necessarily match show-Chase's ESTP personality. As "The Doer," Chase lives for social interaction and his own freedom. He's not one to prepare but he's definitely there for the action as it arises.

Chase is still quite athletic as a lacrosse player, but he's also an engineer whose goggles, among other choices, give him the same dramatic flair that other ESTPs are known to have.

3 Tina Minoru: ESTJ

We love how Nico's mom connects Marvel's Runaways with the rest of the MCU, even if the Master of the Mystic Arts is played by a different actress other than Doctor Strange's Linda Louise Duan. Brittany Ishibashi plays the classic "tiger mom" as the perfect polar opposite of her daughter, making her "The Supervisor" to the core. She's traditional, a perfectionist and a natural leader as the CEO of Wizard.

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Tina is always dignified and emotionally reserved, yet so dedicated to her cause that she'll even film her fellow Pride members to ensure their full compliance. She feels this is the most acceptable form of "encouragement," even if others see it as blackmail.

2 Victor Stein: INTP


Victor Stein isn't only portrayed by fantasy and sci-fi favorite James Marsters, but he's also an INTP, "The Thinker": he's so brilliant it's scary, and logic and science rule his world. He accepts his mistakes and learns from them, not because he's particularly responsible but because that's the only way he can practically move forward with his scientific schemes.

Victor's inventions aren't always evil. Some of them have the potential to actually save mankind, which only points toward his logical nature. Even when he's being cruel to Chase Victor believes it's all simply an expedient part of parenting and getting the "best results" from his son.

1 Molly Hayes Hernandez: ESFP

The youngest member of the Runaways might be missing her trademark pink eyes from the comic, but her ESFP personality makes her born for the spotlight. She even wanted to be a cheerleader. Molly's incredible Luke Cage-like invulnerability and strength are only rivaled in their might by the girl's positivity. Vivacious and fun, Molly is definitely "The Performer" who loves to learn and craves knowing more about her parents than anything else.

Generous and caring, Molly is concerned about the well-being of her team and is the biggest people-person on the team. She is happy to go out on a limb to rescue those she cares about, like Karolina.

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