Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Your Favorite Lost Characters

Lost was a series shrouded in mystery. The island the plane crash survivors landed on was a conundrum and what brought them all to the island was a mystery in itself. And for much of the series, many characters themselves were all mysteries — all with a dark past.

The group of survivors were brought together, each with a complex and intriguing past which was slowly teased out across the six seasons. Despite all the unknown aspects, we did get to know these characters well, learned what made them tick, and discovered what types of people they are.

Find out which Oceanic Flight 815 survivor fits with your personality type with the Myers-Briggs® types of Lost characters.

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Lost Sawyer
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10 James 'Sawyer' Ford – ENFP

Lost Sawyer

Sawyer was Lost’s great anti-hero. A charismatic and dangerous man with a seedy past, he was a good guy at heart. Given how he behaves throughout the series, he seems to fit the ENFP type. He is a man who likes to go by the beat of his own drum, he has his own way of doing things and will be very resistant to being boxed in.

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Throughout much of his adult life, Sawyer was dedicated to his mission of vengeance. And while he might appear uncaring, he has been shown to deeply care for some of the characters on the show.

9 Charlie Pace – ESFJ

Charlie Lost Character Guide

While Charlie is set-up to be a comic relief character on the show, we soon see that he has a lot more to him than that. His personality fits closely with an ESFJ type. He is a very social and friendly person, even in the intense circumstances he finds himself in. He is also very helpful in difficult situations and has a lot of energy to him.

He has his own demons and sometimes struggles with uncertainties. But he is obviously a compassionate person who is easy to like and sensitive to the needs of those around him.

8 Michael Dawson – ESTJ

Michael and Walt Lost Character Guide

Michael is the closest match to an ESTJ type out of all these characters. Michael’s main concern in the series is protecting his son, Walt. He holds family as a strong value and keeps his focus on that no matter what. And when those values were threatened we saw how difficult that was for him to deal with.

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He is strong-willed when he sets out to do something, he'll put in a lot of hard work to see it accomplished. These traits were on full display when he oversaw the construction of the raft to escape the island.

7 Sun-Hwa Kwon – INFJ

Sun Lost Character Guide

An INFJ person shows compassion for others as well as passion about their own dreams. These are traits Sun has shown throughout the series.

Sun starts as a fairly passive character who slowly reveals herself to be caring and resourceful as a member of the survivors. Though very smart, Sun often trusts her own instincts and uses caution in intense situations.

Her relationship with Jin showed she has her own dreams and plans for herself that she’s not willing to give up, which ultimately brought the two closer together.

6 Sayid Jarrah – ISTJ

Sayid Lost Character Guide

Sayid is one of the most resourceful members of the survivors and an ISTJ personality. Sayid is reserved and conservative in his beliefs. He is highly intelligent and an excellent strategist which he uses many times to help the survivors in dangerous situations.

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We see Sayid commits fully to his relationships, even if they don’t always have a happy ending. He is serious and always manages to keep a clear head even in dire situations. This reputation led to him being respected by the entire group.

5 Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes – INFP

Hurley Lost Character Guide

Hurley is one of the most likable characters on Lost and fits well into the INFP type. Despite being stranded on an island with a bunch of strangers, Hurley is usually happy and cheerful about the circumstances. He is warm and loving to those around him, and others feel comfortable around him.

When conflict does arise, Hurley is usually the one trying to mediate the arguments and find an effective agreement. He avoids hurting people’s feelings and tries his best to help out everyone he can. He can be controlling when he feels things spiraling but it’s all done to help his friends.

4 Jack Shephard – INTJ

Jack Lost Character Guide

Jack is often thought of as the leader of the group of survivors and he seems to be a solid fit for an INTJ type. He is a very logical and rational person which often puts him at odds with Locke. He is extremely intelligent and a brilliant strategist when it comes to the plans for survival.

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Jack’s career as a doctor and his subsequent role as leader of the survivors shows that Jack holds himself to a high-level of responsibility. He may be too hard on himself at times, but his main concern is helping others.

3 Kate Austen – INTP

Evangeline Lilly as Kate on Lost

Kate hides a lot of secrets throughout the show, but her personality seems to tell us she is an INTP type. When we first meet Kate, she is very closed-off and independent from the rest of the group. She seems to have trouble connecting to those around her and is made uncomfortable by their emotional vulnerabilities.

She is a very intelligent and rational thinker. She is also willing to bend conventional or traditional approaches in favor of more effective methods. She is a person of action but is smart about how she takes those actions.

2 Juliet Burke – ISFP

Juliet Lost Character Guide

Juliet is one of the characters we meet later in the story as she is a member of “The Others.” She is also a good fit for an ISFP type. Juliet is a thinker and problem-solver. She takes risks to achieve what she wants but she is also very calculating in her decisions.

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She is not comfortable with the unknown or being told what to do. She forms a combative relationship with Ben because of his controlling tendencies, but she pushes back against such restrictions as she's concerned with the well-being of those around her.

1 John Locke – ISTP

Locke Lost Character Guide

John Locke is maybe the most interesting character on the show. Though he is hard to pin down at times, he best fits with an ISTP type. As soon as he arrives on the island, he is very concerned with the environment around him and seeks to learn as much as possible. He takes a lot of risks in his pursuit of answers but is also a realistic thinker.

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Around others, he is kind and easy to talk to. He serves as a mentor of sorts to a number of characters and helps them with their issues.

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