MBTI® Of Life In Pieces Characters

Life In Pieces, the sitcom which ran for four seasons, has some quirky characters. Let's take a look at the MBTIs of some funny family members.

Life In Pieces has just ended its four-season run, and fans will miss the Short family and all of their wild antics. This multi-generational sitcom is funny but has a sweetness to it that is sometimes missing from the genre. Whether Jen is bossing around Greg or the parents/grandparents are acting super in love, each episode has countless great moments.

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Since the show is now, sadly, over, it's the perfect time to take a look at the characters and their MBTIs. Read on to find out the MBTIs of Life In Pieces characters.

10 Lark Short: ISTP

Lark Short, the daughter of Jen and Greg, may be small but she's mighty. Played by Ana Sophia Heger, she provides hilarity and sweetness to any scene that she's a part of. One of Lark's shining moments is when she learns how to heat food up for herself in the microwave. Sure, she gets the timing wrong (she thinks it's "100 minutes") but she's trying to be more independent.

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Lark's MBTI would be ISTP or "Logical Pragmatist." As a toddler, she's figuring out the world and what she can do. ISTPs "enjoy learning and perfecting a craft through their patient application of skills" which is how Lark approaches life (including feeding herself). She's also "confident" and "analytical." For example, when she learns that Colleen wants to have a baby, she says she can have the baby in her mom's stomach since she's not big on having a sibling. You have to love that kid logic.

9 Sophia Hughes: ISTJ

Giselle Eisenberg is Sophia Hughes, one of Tim and Heather's daughters. Sophia spends a lot of time rolling her eyes and wondering why her family is so nuts. Nope, she's not a teenager yet, but she definitely sounds like one.

Sophia's MBTI would be ISTJ or "Responsible Realist." She is the voice of reason in the Short family. ISTJs don't like "being rushed" or "uncertainty" which is how Sophia feels since she likes to know what's going on in the household and with her larger, extended family. She knows that she's young so people don't always take her seriously, and she really hates that.

8 Colleen Brandon Ortega Short: ESFJ

Angelique Cabral's Life In Pieces character Colleen is quirky, fun, and a great partner for Matt. It's emotional to watch them fall in love and try to get pregnant which, unfortunately, doesn't happen (although they do adopt in the fourth season).

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Colleen is often confused and doesn't understand what people are saying to her, but she's got some charm. She's definitely an ESFJ or "Supportive Contributor." She's one of those friendly people who is happy to be part of a team and help people out. She's "outgoing" and a "loyal" member of the Short family. She always does her best to be a part of things. She's also "personable" and loves to chat.

7 Matt Short: ESTP

Matt (Thomas Sadoski) is often competing with his siblings for their parents' affection, which is often the case on a family sitcom (and in real life, too). His MBTI would be ESTP or "Energetic Problem-Solver." When he and Colleen hire a surrogate to have their baby, they invite everyone over but it quickly becomes a total disaster since she's so rude to everyone.

Matt does his best to take care of Colleen and make sure that they can get their dream of starting a family. ESTPs "apply common sense and experience to problems" which is what Matt does here. He's also "easygoing" and "alert" and someone who "reacts quickly."

6 Dr. Tim Hughes: INFJ

One of the funniest characters on the show, Dr. Tim Hughes (Dan Bakkedahl) is bald (and nervous about it), a great dad and husband, and a unique combination of very insecure yet someone who believes in himself. One great example: when he wears women's athleisure leggings. Another one: when he swears that wearing a hairpiece is a good idea (but his family would beg to differ).

Tim is an "Insightful Visionary" or INFJ. He often has big ideas, like the previously mentioned leggings (or small ideas, but since it's a sitcom about a family, the small is often big and important). INFjs are "typically idealistic as well as imaginative and visionary." Tim is also "determined" and "sensitive."

5 Heather Short Hughes: INTJ

Betsy Brandt's Life In Pieces character Heather is very intense. She's a wonderful mother who might get a bit too caught up in the details of her kids' lives, but hey, that's part of why she's loveable.

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Heather's MBTI is INTJ or "Conceptual Planner." She brings new meaning to the term Type A. INTJs have a "compelling, long-range vision" and if she could plan ten years in advance, that would make her very happy. She's "productive" and "clear."

4 Greg Short: ISFJ

Colin Hanks plays Greg, Jen's husband and a sweet but neurotic guy. Since he's so nice and would literally do anything that he could for his relatives, including his immediate family, his MBTI would be ISFJ or "Practical Helper."

Greg is the type of person who does have his own thoughts and opinions but he would be nervous to voice them out loud just in case they offend someone else or upset them. He often has to walk on eggshells around Jen. Greg has many ISFJ traits: he's "cooperative" and "low-key" and "follows rules."

3 Jen Short: ISTJ

Zoe Lister-Jones plays Jen Short, the hilariously deadpan and tough wife of Greg. It's clear that she cares about him and would do anything for her family... but she does tend to want things to always go her way. For this character, even pregnancy is something that can be totally controlled.

The "Responsible Realist" or ISFJ personality type fits Jen the most. She is "reserved" and also "calm" and "steadfast" and "organized."

2 Dr. Joan Short: ISFP

Joan (Dianne Wiest) is definitely an ISFP or "Versatile Supporter." As the mom and grandma of the Short clan, she looks after everyone, although of course she does play some favorites.

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ISFPs "enjoy providing practical help or service to others" so it makes sense that Joan is a therapist. She is "reserved" because she will often give her kids a disapproving stare rather than yell at them, and she is also "modest" and "tolerant" and "kind."

1 John Short: INTP

James Brolin's character John is an INTP or "Objective Analyst." The description says "They typically adopt a detached and concise way of analyzing the world and often uncover new or innovative approaches" and this is what he does.

For example, when his wife Joan is injured, it's time for him to take care of her instead of the other way around. Since he can't cook, he makes her a truly gross concoction that is supposed to resemble food. It makes sense to him, though, and he thinks that he's doing a great job. He's a sweet, great dad and grandpa, although he does have a bit of a "detached" vibe. Sometimes he seems like more of an observer than part of the family.

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