The MBTI® Of Leonardo DiCaprio Characters

Over the course of his absolutely massive filmography, Leonardo DiCaprio has played some of the most iconic and recognizable characters to ever hit the big screen. From the impossibly controlled charisma of Frank Abagnale to the absolute insanity that was Jordan Belfort, it’s hard to tell where Dicaprio’s next role might take him. With the help of the Myer-Briggs® Type Index, let’s take a closer look into the various personalities that Dicaprio has brought to life over the course of his long career. Hopefully getting a better understanding of the character as well as the process Leo goes through when creating each character.

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10 Billy Costigan (The Departed) - ISTP

One of the reasons Billy Costigan is so great at being an undercover cop working directly with Frank Costello is because he knows how to read a room. Billy is very adept at reading people and he uses this knowledge to shift attention somewhere else, like an illusionist that makes the audience watch his hat in one hand while the other works the real magic. He’s also an incredible improviser, very quick to think on his feet. There are numerous times throughout the film where it’s almost certain that Billy will be made or end up sleeping with the fishes. Although, when he does finally bite the dust it’s out of the pure luck that Colin Sullivan had backup that even he wasn’t aware of.

9 Teddy Daniels (Shutter Island) - ISFP

Leonardo DiCaprio Shutter Island dream sequence

Much like his character in The Departed, DiCaprio’s Teddy Daniels is a man that knows how to read a room. Even if the room is inside of a mental hospital filled with the mentally unstable. Teddy is introverted, preferring to keep mostly to himself unless discussing the case with staff members, patients, of his partner. However, one of Daniels' key character defects is that he has let his emotional state runaway with his life. As audiences discover, after his wife murdered their children Teddy, in turn, took the life of his wife. While a devastating and truly traumatizing event, to be sure, but as the film closes Teddy asks his (fake) partner if he’d rather live as a monster or die as a man. Leading audiences to question, as Daniels walks to his own lobotomy, had he really lost his mind? Or did he just want to be punished for his crime?

8 Romeo Montague (Romeo + Juliet) - INFP

Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes in Romeo and Juliet

O Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo? It seems that while the rest of his family, along with the Capulets, are just itching to dive headfirst into battle, Romeo sees very little point in the violence. In fact, rather than scorn the Capulets as he had been raised to, Romeo follows his heart right into the loving arms of one. Romeo is quiet, impulsive, and understanding. While their families clamor to tear each other apart, Romeo and Juliet (another INFP) are the only two capable of finding an end to the conflict. Finding a peaceful resolution is a hallmark of this personality type, unfortunately for Romeo and Juliet however, peace between their families cost them their lives.

7 Jack Dawson (Titanic) - ESFP

Titanic Jack Dawson Leonardo DiCaprio

In stark contrast to the very poised and controlled Rose, Jack is spontaneous, impulsive, charismatic, and always excited to meet a new friend. Jack is an artist with extreme attention to detail. He’s also a nomad, free-moving and uncaring. Jack, like many artists, doesn't really follow a set schedule or stick to one place too often. 

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Rather, he prefers a more fluid lifestyle, the type of lifestyle that allows for him to win tickets to board the Titanic in a poker game before meeting (and attracting) the love of his life aboard the ship. Unfortunately for him, however, it’s also that same fluid lifestyle that gets him turned into a frozen Jack-cicle.

6 Frank Abagnale Jr.(Catch Me If You Can) - ENTP

Catch Me If You Can - Best Leonardo Dicaprio Performances

DiCaprio’s Frank Abignale Jr. is probably one of the most confident, charismatic, and quick-thinking characters ever grace the silver screen. Confident and competent enough to elude FBI custody for years, scam his way into a becoming the chief resident of a hospital for nearly a year, and take all the free flights he could manage, Frank Abagnale is the ENTP take to the extreme. He’s the kind of guy that could walk into a family business, tell them how he expected things to be done, and walk with some new friends as well as a new business. Frank is intelligent, capable of improvising elaborate plans to avoid capture, and when it comes down to it, ultimately very helpful during his time working for the FBI (after he was caught).

5 Dominick Cobb (Inception) - ISTP

Cobb is the very serious, very concentrated, architect of dreams in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. While much of the film is focused on the trauma of Cobb’s past, there are many details about his personality and preferences that can be pulled from the film. Cobb is very meticulous, focusing on every detail as he constructs dreamscapes and different levels of the dream. While he always has a plan, when those plans blow up in his face Cobb is already ready and able to improvise in order to attain his goal. Even though most of his actions throughout the film are ruled by an emotional weight, getting back to his children, the way he finally accomplishes that is something he spent a lot of time planning out and thinking about before putting his plan in action.

4 Calvin J. Candie (Django Unchained) - ESTP

Calvin J. Candie has the kind of extroverted confidence that only a pre-civil war era southern white male plantation owner can have. Calvin is arrogant, expressive, and is often seen discussing topics he doesn’t have the faintest idea about. However, when brought to his attention Calvin is able to sniff out the ploy to free Broomhilda and he manages to use it against Django and the good doctor Schultz. This plan, however, may not have been as well throughout as Calvin had assumed, as it is this act, along with so many other acts of arrogance, that ultimately cost Calvin his life.

3 Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby) - ENFJ

While slightly different from the Jay Gatsby of F. Scott Fitzgerald's original work, Dicaprio’s Gatsby is lively, excitable, passionate, and willing to follow his heart wherever it may lead. While many will impulsively follow their hearts from here to there, Gatsby takes the time to understand his desires and build a solid plan around reaching them. 

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He is charming, optimistic, and a hopeless romantic. Gatsby may have spent a lot of time developing the perfect plan to win over the affections of the alluring Daisy Buchanan. However, even meticulous planning can’t guarantee the desired outcome. A lesson that Gatsby has to learn the hard way.

2 Jordan Belfort (The Wolf Of Wall Street) - ESTP

Leo Dicaprio as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street

Dicaprio’s Jordan Belfort is confident, charismatic, alluring, and willing to do just about anything to make his own way in the world. From the very beginning of the film, it is made clear that not only does Belfort know exactly what he wants, he knows exactly how to get it. And so what if there are a few pesky laws in the way of him getting what he wants? With a little know-how and a lot of money, one can accomplish just about anything. Belfort is all about having a good time. For him, the money is just a perk that unlocks more and more experiences, more drugs, more booze, more, more, more. It’s this kind of excessive living and indulging, however, that leads Belfort straight into troubled waters. Hopefully, his yacht can weather the storm.

1 Hugh Glass (The Revenant) - INTJ

Throughout the course of Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant, audiences hardly hear a word out of Dicaprio’s Hugh Glass. Instead, audiences are left to get to know the complex character through his actions. As he tracks the man responsible for his son’s death Glass shows exceptional intelligence, foresight, and dedication. With tunnel vision that blocks out practically anything other than his mission of vengeance, Glass exhibits the kind persistence and vigor that neither a bear attack or nature itself can hold back. Quite similar to the kind of persistence DiCaprio showed to finally land him an Oscar win for his performance.  

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