The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Jessica Jones Characters

Now that Jessica Jones, drunken detective extraordinaire, has successfully wrapped her third and final season, along with the rest of Netflix’s Marvel universe, it’s time to take a look back at some of the most important characters involved in her three season-long tale of trauma, love, and loss. Whether it’s the sly, slippery, and salient Kilgrave, the villainous man responsible for Jessica’s trauma, and her turn to heroism, or Trish Walker a beloved friend turned sister turned foe, there’s plenty to dive into. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Index, let’s breakdown some of the iconic characters and get to know them a little better before saying our final goodbye. So grab that giant bottle of bourbon and prepare. Major spoilers ahead for all three season of Jessica Jones.

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10 Killgrave: The Debater - ENTP

While it originally seemed like there was nothing on the planet that could get Killgrave to shut his fast-flapping mouth, however,  a super-powered, bourbon-pounding, sleuth and a broken neck manage to get the job done. Killgrave’s power may come from his voice, but even without his powers, Killgrave’s words are the most powerful weapon in his arsenal. He is manipulative, cunning, and quick-witted with questionable, arguably non-existent, morals. Without his powers, Killgrave would still a formidable opponent to anyone seeking to get in his way, however, with the abilities he’s been granted heightening his natural gift of gab, Killgrave becomes a force to be reckoned with.

9 Dorothy Walker: The Crusader - ENTJ

Jessica and Trish may spend a lot of time demonizing and vilifying Trish’s estranged mother in the first couple of seasons, but as they begin to spend more time with her they start to get a clearer vision of the fierce mother and businesswoman. Dorothy is immensely extroverted and blunt to a fault. She makes her opinions and thoughts known with a loud and confident voice. While Dorothy is often viewed by her children as harsh and needlessly cruel, only during her funeral do they realize just how many people she had taken the time to help through their careers. Dorothy is a woman with a plan and the knowledge and confidence to take the reins and do what it takes to get the job done.

8 Will Simpson: The Executive - ESTJ

When audiences first meet Will Simpson he seems like nothing more than an average cop who had an unfortunate run-in with the extraordinary. However, it is only after he escapes Kilgraves that viewers get a real peek in the determination and obsession Simpson is capable of. Will is willing to do nearly anything, up to and including murder to rid the streets (and the world) or the man who calls himself kill grave. While audiences watch as Simpson willing subjects himself back into the military program that he nearly escapes with his mind intact. Simpson is structured and thoughtful in his actions and despite nearly losing his mind to the IGH project he was apart of, he still had the strength of min and of character to make his escape, not once but twice.

7 Alisa Jones: The Consul - ESFJ

Alisa Jones is a special case as far as typing her personality goes, as the audience only meets her after the accident that cost her her family and most of her body and mind. However, what we do know about Alisa is that she is strong. Not just physically like her daughter, but mentally strong. Strong enough to deal with the massive trauma she suffered. Strong enough to lose nearly everything in her life and still come out fighting to rebuild.

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Alisa isn’t one to sit back and quietly let the people she loves being taken advantage of. She can, and will, fight for those that matter to her most. Regardless of the personal cost to herself.

6 Erik Gelden: The Entrepreneur - ESTP

Erik Gelden is an extrovert through and through. While he has a hard time approaching anyone with a proclivity towards darker acts, he has no problem making conversation with Jessica Jones, a woman who could undoubtedly ‘Break his face.’ Erik may not be the most thoughtful when it comes to his gambling addiction and the perils that come from owing his bookie Sal, he manages to successful con many terrible people into paying large amounts of money to sustain his habit. A ploy which eventually comes back to bite him. However, when danger reaches his door, Erik proves himself to be both courageous enough and good enough to fight a battle with an opponent that deeply outmatches his own strengths. Erik may not be the perfect hero, but he will fight whatever forces he needs to in order to carve a path towards his goal.

5 Gregory Sallinger: The Architect - INTJ

Gregory Sallinger is a man that always has a plan ready for when things fall apart. He’s careful, considerate, and the type of person that’s willing to obsess over the details. ‘God is in the details’ may as well be his motto. While God may be found in the details there is a separate and quite opposite force found in his actions. Sallinger is cold, malicious intent given human form. There is no reasoning with a man that isolates himself the way Salinger does. He has created his own micro-verse in which he is the architect. Sallinger may often be found out in the world, seemingly enjoying what it has to offer, but these outings, along with the person he becomes while venturing outside are merely a mask to hide his violent delights.

4 Jeri Hogarth: The Commander - ENTJ

Jeri Hogarth, somewhat unsurprisingly, actually has quite a bit in common with the Sallinger, the antagonist of the third and final season. While Sallinger is a much more introverted person, preferring to stick to himself mostly, Jeri is far more willing and enthusiastic about interacting with people. Much like Salinger begins to discover through the course of his discourse with Jessica, Jeri believes that the best part of playing the game is beating someone else. While her tactics are often morally grey or downright wrong, Jeri views these labels as the excuses of weak-willed people. To Jeri, the most important thing is winning, everything else comes at a distant second. She is a strong-willed and powerful woman always plotting and playing the game in three dimensions at all times. Very rarely is there a position that Jeri can’t work her way out of in just a few moves.

3 Malcolm Ducasse: The Mediator - INFP

Malcolm Ducasse is a bit of a strange case as far as the Jessica Jones cast goes. He is generally incredibly empathetic. He is often working around others and catering to the emotional needs of those around him. Malcolm is the caretaker, the support for the band of soldiers that Jessica leads through example.

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After his run-in with Kilgrave and the experience he gains while working with Jessica, Malcolm’s career takes a pretty massive turn. He begins using his empathetic nature in order to prove his skills as a fixer for Jeri Hogarth. While his empathy is often used as a tool to help those around him, at this point it becomes a weapon he harnesses like a surgeon with a scalpel. Malcolm knows exactly where to apply pressure and cut open the most lethal wound.

2 Trish Walker: The Protagonist - ENFJ

Despite her objections and longstanding disdain for her mother, Trish Walker actually has quite a bit in common with the woman who raised her. The key difference being that Trish is actually quite reckless when it comes to dealing with her emotions. She has a tendency to be impulsive, irrational, and more often than not, Trish doesn’t take the time to form an actual plan before jumping headfirst into a problem. While the introverted Jess is often given voiceovers so that the audience can understand what she’s thinking, with Trish a voiceover is unnecessary as Trish will always make it clear exactly what is on her mind and exactly how she feels. Left unchecked, her impulsive nature and affinity for letting her emotions take the wheel can get her into a lot of trouble. The kind of trouble that will eventually cause her to lose her sense of right and wrong. As well as her sister.

1 Jessica Jones: The Virtuoso - ISTP

Throughout her three season arc fans have seen Jessica overcome quite a lot. In the first season, fans see how Jessica deals with and overcomes the trauma of her abuse. In the second, they watch as Jessica reconciles her past with a renewed hope for the future. And in the final season fans watch as Jessica comes to terms with not only the hero she has become, but the hero she always wanted to be. Jessica is cool-headed, intelligent, thoughtful, and when she’s not racing to meet the bottom of a bottle she can be incredibly persistent and organized. She spends much of her time in the series looking for and identifying the worst in those around her, however, when it comes to family and those closest to her, she has a hard time remaining objective. Jessica is observant enough, smart enough, and capable enough to be good at just about anything. Now imagine what she could accomplish if she wasn’t rocking a cool buzz 95% of the time.

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