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With It: Chapter 2 now in theaters, it's the perfect time to look at the personality types of the beloved Losers' Club. Although many people will classify Stephen King's horror story as the unsettling tale of a killer clown on the loose, the real focus of It is The Losers' Club and their relationships with one another. According to Jessica Chastain (who plays the adult Beverly Marsh), this is more of a coming-of-age story than anything else. It's the characters and the bonds they share with one another that gives the story heart, and ultimately, that's what keeps fans coming back for more.

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So what is everyone's MBTI in Stephen King's It? Read on to find out! (And there's definitely a spoiler warning here.)


Richie Tozier is an ENTP through and through. In the darkest of times, he understands the importance of providing laughter and comic relief when there seems to be no hope left. Richie "Trashmouth" Tozier gets the nickname Trashmouth because he is known for saying whatever comes to his mind without considering the consequences of his actions.

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This is a common trait for ENTPs who value honesty and truth above all else and they will say what they believe everyone else in the room is thinking in order to ease the tension.  Without Richie around, things would be a whole lot less fun and exciting and King has even declared "Trashmouth Tozier" as one of his favorite characters that he's ever written. We totally understand why, because Richie is the man!


Stan Uris prefers logic above all else in order to understand the world around him. This is why he has the hardest time accepting Pennywise and all of the shape-shifting magic he unravels every 27 years. Because there is no logical explanation towards the killer clown's existence, Stan feels as though everything he's ever believed in is a lie. This is one of the reasons why Stan ultimately commits suicide in the book.

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He can't live or function in a world that isn't ruled by logic, which is the one thing he takes the most comfort in. ISTJs are known for relying on practical thinking above all else and they are also rather serious and dutiful in nature. As emphasized in the movies and especially in Stephen King's book, Stan is clearly the most responsible member of the group and he has a talent for keeping the rest of The Losers' Club in check.


Beverly Marsh is known for marching to the beat of her own drum and she values loyalty and friendship above all else. She doesn't care about superficial things like money or social status even at a young age, which is why she is so proud to call herself a member of The Losers' Club. She would rather feel as though she can be herself with a bunch of "losers" than act as though she is someone she is not with the popular crowd.

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Beverly also understands the power of words which is most evident in her consistent admiration for the anonymously signed "January Embers" poem that was written specifically for her. This is extremely common with INFPs who tend to feel most inspired by words above all else. This is why Bev chooses Ben in the end because his words make her feel something that she's never felt before.


Mike Hanlon is in a lot of ways the group leader of The Losers' Club, as opposed to Bill, who is originally perceived this way. If it wasn't for Mike's careful and concise leadership skills there is a good chance Pennywise would still be alive and well, killing the innocent people of Derry one by one.

INFJs are often described as "The Counselors" because they have a way of guiding people while making them feel as though they are important. This is exactly what Mike does in order to get all of his old friends to come back to Derry.


As kids, everyone looks up to Bill Denbrough as the quintessential leader of The Losers' Club. This continues to be the case 27 years later when everyone is well into adulthood and they find themselves relying on Bill for answers. There is something about his mysterious persona that keeps The Losers captivated. ISTPs have a natural mysterious charm to them where they often leave people guessing and wanting more.

Everyone feels safe with Bill in charge because it feels like the ISTP's natural position. This personality also tends to be the most action-oriented out of the 16 types and "Big Bill" is always the first to make a move in order to push his friends towards finally defeating the clown for good.


Eddie Kaspbrak is one of the sweetest members of The Losers' Club and he is most certainly a "Lover" as opposed to a "Loser." He is a hypochondriac and an unfortunate victim of Munchausen Syndrom with his own mother as the perpetrator.  He has been a victim to Ms. Kaspbrak all his life which is why he takes refuge with the Losers who allow him to be his true authentic self.

As an ISFJ, Eddie is warm and somewhat neurotic but this only adds to his charm. He and Richie have a beautiful and deep connection because they find attraction in the fact that they are such polar opposites. While Richie is daring and adventurous, Eddie is gentle and cautious. They make the perfect team, teaching each other how to grow.


 Like Bill, Henry is an ISTP yet he is clearly an unhealthy version of this personality type. Unfortunately for Henry, he ends up spending his adult life in a psych ward for killing his abusive father as a teenager. As he lives in the mental hospital 27 years later, he becomes thrilled at the sight of the red balloon indicating Pennywise's return to Derry and he follows through with the clown's orders to kill everyone in The Losers' Club.

He is extremely in touch with the physical world around him like most ISTPs and he is wildly action-oriented which is what ultimately inspires him to escape the psych ward.


IT 2017

Like Beverly, Ben has a strong connection to reading and writing which is why he spends most of his time at the library when he's not in the underground clubhouse he built with the rest of the crew. Before he became friends with The Losers, he would spend his time on his own observing others around him.

INFPs tend to be very skilled when it comes to making distinct observations about the people around them which is why he is able to see Beverly in a way that no one else can. He blows her away with his poetry which is not surprising at all for his personality type considering INFPs tend to excel in writing.


Georgie is too innocent for this world... especially for Derry which is filled with terror and evil forces. He would've never survived long in such a hateful environment unless he took refuge in The Losers' Club along with his older brother. His sweet innocence and gentle nature are reminiscent of a true ISFP.

ISFPs are for the most part very loving and affectionate towards their peers and his admiration for Bill is truly inspiring.


Pennywise the dancing clown is an extremely unhealthy version of an ESTP. The shapeshifting killer is filled with energy and drive, which is common for ESTPs who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Sometimes their spontaneous nature labels them as unpredictable individuals and Pennywise is certainly unpredictable.

You never know what crazy tricks and horror he will throw at the town of Derry and his lack of consistency is in part what makes him so terrifying. Whether he is filling fortune cookies with tiny monsters or writing threatening quotes in blood on the walls, you never know what to expect with this dude.

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