The MBTI Of Horror Movie Protagonists

Horror protagonists sometimes take the spotlight of a movie more than the actual horror. These are the MBTI types of some horror protagonists.

The worst thing a horror movie can do is create characters that are so flat and boring, they might as well be paper cutout dolls. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in the horror genre where there is not enough concentration on character development, and therefore we don't care as much whether or not the characters live or die in the film. Luckily, there are a handful of excellent horror movies where the characters shine through and are given colorful personalities that only add to the suspense of the film. Here is a list of The MBTI Types from some of our favorite horror movie characters!

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Bill Hader and Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier in IT Chapter 2

One of the greatest and most underrated elements to any horror movie is when the film isn't afraid to have a sense of humor. Sure, the genre might be designed to scare people, but what's better than thinking you're about to be so frightened that you'll scream at the top of your lungs and spill your popcorn everywhere when instead you are met with side-splitting laughter?

Well, thanks to Richie "Trashmouth" Tozier in IT, he provides much-needed comic relief when things seem to be their worst.  ENTPs are natural-born comedians because they believe laughter is truly the best medicine. We'd all be lucky to have an ENTP by our side during the wrath of Pennywise's killing sprees and luckily for The Losers' Club, they've got Richie to ease all the tension.


Norman Bates is a classic example of an unhealthy ISFJ. Common enough for most introverts, he doesn't have all that much trouble spending the majority of his time alone (with his mother of course- well... sort of). He only gets the chance to interact with the outside world on the rare occasion that he has a motel guest arrive.

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Because the general vicinity near The Bates Motel looks like a campy horror movie set, most people would rather spend the night at The Marriot than that creepy and isolated place. Since there aren't many guests, Norman spends most of his days obsessing over birds while pretending to argue with his overbearing mother. Typical ISFJ...?


ISFPs are known as the "peacemakers" and that is the perfect word used to describe Wendy Torrance. All Wendy wants is to have a happy nuclear family with a white picket fence. Yet unfortunately for her, she married a man who is all work and no play, making him a dull boy. ISFPs tend to be incredibly forgiving and gentle, yet unfortunately for Wendy, her giving nature does nothing to suppress the madness stirring inside Jack Torrance.


Although Victor Frankenstein may have created what seems to be a terrifying monster, the creature is really just a misunderstood soul with a heart of gold- at least that is until society treats him like he's the scariest monster alive- thus, making him actually become the scariest monster alive. Self-fulfilling prophecies are the worst, right guys?

Like most INFPs, the monster just wants to be understood in a society that seems to reprimand his odd way of living. This personality type may be different than most and INFPs sometimes struggle to fit in with the rest of the crowd, but that just makes them all the more unique and interesting.

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Chris Washington is a warm and caring individual who wants everyone around him to feel at ease. He is not a conflicting person and the last thing he would ever want to do is cause trouble. Yet despite his kind and giving nature which is very common for INFJs, he is trapped in a house that is filled with the worst lurking evils of all. Unfortunately, his classic INFJ warmth and soothing abilities cannot put an end to the sinister ways of the Armitage Family. Yet luckily, Chris is a smart guy and he is able to use his wisdom (also common in INFJs) to actually "get out".


Jennifer Check is praised in school not only for her beauty, but for her fearless charm. Like most ESTPs, she has no problem fitting right in and she is able to effortlessly control all those around her with the snap of her fingers. This personality type tends to be quite action-oriented and Jennifer is constantly up off her feet getting things done. It is easy for ESTPs to dominate any room they enter and Jennifer always has a tight grip on the people around her (and not just because she's a succubus who eats men whenever she's bored).


Tim Burton always does an excellent job creating characters that audiences would usually find horrifying, yet we end up falling in love with them because they are given a heart of gold. This is certainly the case with Emily in The Corpse Bride who at first appears quite scary, yet as we get to know her we begin to sympathize with her character and even grow to love her.

Emily has that classic ENFJ warmth and like most people with this personality type, all they want is to have deep and meaningful connections with the outside world. Emily is set on her belief that Victor is "the one", and even when she realizes he loves someone else, she is selfless enough to let him go so he will be happy- despite what that means for her.


Carrie White tries her best to fit in with the other high schoolers at Bates High, but unfortunately, her sense of "otherness" is too apparent for the mean kids at school to comprehend. It's not her fault, though. It was the way she was raised. Carrie was brought up in what is perhaps the strictest household of all time, and while most teens would do more to rebel against their bible-thumping parents, Carrie tries her best to please her mother in order to make sure she's happy. A handful of ISFJs tend to find a sense of comfort in tradition, and this seems to be evident in Carrie who goes along with her mother's preachings way more than most would.

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As stated previously with Richie Tozier, it's always fun to have a comedic character in the spooky depths of a horror film in order to ease some serious tension. Chuck is the jokester of his friend group in Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark and he is what makes the movie so much fun to watch.  The thing is, ENTPs are never afraid to push the envelope and reveal exactly what is on their mind regardless of whether or not it is considered socially appropriate to do so. This is why we tend to love them so much.


Tyler from The Visit is the eccentric force in M. Night Shyamalan's horror-comedy that makes the film such an outrageously fun watch. Without his zany personality, this film would not stand out as much as it does in the scope of horror films. ENFPs often have a quirky sense of charm that prevents situations from becoming too serious, and we're thankful for this personality type because of the way they add a joyous spark to any given scene - even if that scene involves murderous grandparents.

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