Every Single MBTI Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Everyone loves Harry Potter and the MBTI. But which house do you belong in at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, according to your MBTI?

In the world of Harry Potter, the sorting ceremony is the most important step in becoming a student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Not only does it determine what your dorm and robes would look like, but also which students will surround you, as well as how you will be perceived by the rest of the Hogwarts population for the upcoming seven years. Hence, it's no wonder young wizards find the ceremony so nerve-wracking.

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And while we don't have the Sorting Hat in the real world, we do have something called the Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator, which serves a similar purpose - categorizing people by their personalities. As we're certain a wizard's personality greatly affects the decision of the Sorting Hat, today we discover in which Hogwarts house each of the 16 MBTI would most likely be placed. To find out which Hogwarts house your personality would score you, keep reading!

16 ISTJ - Ravenclaw

Also known as "Logisticians," individuals with the ISTJ personality type are some of the most organized, hardworking, practical, and traditional people you'll ever meet. As people whose work desk always looks immaculate, ISTJs possess some of the best organizational skills and usually can't stand a mess.

Luckily, the books gave us an insight into one of the best examples of an ISTJ you'll find: Hermione Granger. Like your usual ISTJ, she is incredibly focused on studying and has an aversion towards breaking rules and tradition, and although her courage and wish to join Gryffindor placed her in this house, she'd make a perfect Ravenclaw, as would every other ISTJ.

15 ISTP - Gryffindor

Though introverted, ISTP personalities are highly action-oriented and quick-paced, these are the type of people you'd find enjoying extreme sports or embarking on adventures. And while they're often endlessly fun to be around, they tend to be bored by mundane tasks such as classes or studying.

In the books, this entertaining and confident personality was perfectly embodied by Harry Potter himself, which is why he makes for such a great protagonist. Harry is a logical, practical, and resourceful wizard who values friendship and is always up for adventure. He also happens to be the only person to be presented with the very Sword of Gryffindor. And with a daring, crafty, and adventurous personality, most ISTPs will surely be sorted into Harry's house as well.

14 ISFJ - Gryffindor

Often highly reserved and introverted in front of others, ISFJs (or "Defenders") possess an uncanny ability to read and understand people's emotions, sometimes even putting others ahead of themselves. They are the best kind of friend - one that will listen to you and try to help you in any way they can. Though highly sensitive and sometimes quiet, ISFJs will always stand up for their friends, even if it's their friends they have to stand up to.

Anyone come to mind? That's right, Neville Longbottom is your ideal ISFJ. And though for their kindness, tolerance, and understanding these personalities might fit into Hufflepuff as well, we believe that their chivalry, self-sacrifice, and hence courage make them an even better Gryffindor.

13 ISFP - Hufflepuff

ISFPs are some of the kindest and most pleasant people you'll ever meet. They are never imposing, yet always there for you. A prevalent example of an ISFP in Harry Potter is Rubeus Hagrid - the lovable half-giant and Groundskeeper for Hogwarts. Instead of seeking adventure, Hagrid loves to spend time alone caring for his animals or being there for his friends.

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His personality in fact poses a stark contrast to his fearsome appearance, as he'll never hurt a living soul and will shy away from conflict whenever possible. And though he was placed into Gryffindor during his Hogwarts studies, we believe ISFPs will almost always be placed into Hufflepuff - a house that values kindness, tolerance, loyalty, and modesty above all.

12 INFJ - Hufflepuff

Highly intuitive and attuned to others' emotions, INFJs are frequently perceived as idealists who love spreading new ideas and changing the world. They also prefer to stick to themselves, which allows for their creative side to blossom.

This, however, doesn't mean they don't value people - they will do anything for anyone whom they let close to them. Nevertheless, they will always remain modest, unimposing, and loyal - all traits valued by house Hufflepuff.

11 INFP - Ravenclaw

Similarly to INFJs, INFPs tend to view the world through rose-colored glasses. They love to think about the future and conceive new ways to be creative and help others. Despite their empathetic and sensitive nature, INFPs are quite reserved, and prefer close relationships. Thanks to this, they are deep thinkers who are deeply focused on their interests, no matter how unusual they are.

Rowling once again provided a textbook example of a personality type in her books, embodying a perfect INFP into the lovable and quirky Luna Lovegood. Appropriately, Luna was sorted in a house that values intellect, wit, creativity, and originality - Ravenclaw.

10 INTJ - Slytherin

You'll recognize individuals with this personality type by their perfectionism, competitiveness, and cold attitude. Instead of spending time with others, INTJs prefer the company of a good book and developing new ideas and theories.

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Because of their cold and judgmental nature and reserved attitude, they are often perceived as insensitive or misunderstood. But that's not the only thing that makes them a likely candidate for the house of Slytherin; they are also ambitious, deep thinkers and cunning strategists with a plan, and always ten steps ahead of everyone else.

9 INTP - Ravenclaw

Also known as "Logicians" or "Thinkers," INTPs rely on objective information and intellect when making decisions. They don't concern themselves with emotion and never let it affect their common judgement. This is why they're great at seeing "the big picture."

The introversion component of their personality also makes them highly individualistic, "Thinkers" will be happy to spend hours gathering new knowledge. These sharp and creative intellectuals make ideal Ravenclaws.

8 ESTP - Gryffindor

No other personality sounds more like Gryffindor than the ESTP. These individuals are fully open to new people and new challenges, preferring constant action and adventure to mundane and peaceful activities. They become empowered when around other people, which is where their personality truly shines.

Sometimes, they are too energetic, which leads them to making decisions they later regret. The house of Gryffindor above all else values courage, nerve, and determination, and a true ESTP will never shy away from a challenge.

7 ESTJ - Ravenclaw

Due to their highly-developed organizational skills, paired with their practicality and decisiveness, ESTJs are great in influencing and leading others. These confident individuals love to take charge and have the diligence to make changes. However, while their personality can make them seem overly controlling or bossy, you can rest assured that an ESTJ has the competence and intellect to solve every problem they encounter.

Because of this hard-working and practical nature, ESTJs would do extremely well in Ravenclaw - a house that values diligence, intellect, and wit. In the world of Harry Potter, this personality is best embodied in the beloved professor Minerva McGonagall. And although she was sorted into Gryffindor, there's a reason the Sorting Hat stalled for over 5 minutes before deciding against sorting her in Ravenclaw.

6 ESFP - Gryffindor

ESFPs like to live in the moment; they don't bother themselves with abstract ideas or the future. As such, these "Performers" are extremely easygoing and fun to be around, always happy to entertain. And we have a perfect pair to embody this personality in the Harry Potter universe.

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You guessed it - Fred and George. These two are always the life of the party, coming up with new creative ways of making everyone laugh, even if it's at their own expense. Like Fred and George, ESFPs have the courage and the nerve to show off in a crowd, and they'll never shy away from a challenge - much like any true Gryffindor.

5 ESFJ - Gryffindor

If you're looking for a great ESFJ, just look at Molly Weasley from Harry Potter. Outgoing and kind, ESFJs like Molly are loyal protectors, delighted to be able to help others and defend the ones they love.

Of course, this by nature makes ESFJs incredibly loyal and brave. And though she may be a bit overbearing, we couldn't imagine a better mother than Molly - and a better Gryffindor at that.

4 ENFP - Gryffindor

ENFP personalities are recognized for their enthusiasm, warmth, and outgoing nature. Whether in Quidditch or as a friend, our go-to "Champion" in the Harry Potter universe has always been Ron Weasley - a brave, outgoing, carefree, and incredibly loyal character who perfectly sums up everything that makes a great ENFP.

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The Sorting Hat put him in Gryffindor for a reason, and most other ENFPs would join him as well.

3 ENFJ - Hufflepuff

An ENFJ's favorite place is around other people. Dubbed "Givers," these personality types are some of the warmest, and kindest individuals who never get tired of helping others. In fact, their tendency to be there for their friends often leaves them neglecting their own needs.

Yet they play a crucial part in the society - bringing consensus, and love among people. As such, we can describe them as peace-loving, loyal, tolerant, and modest. Coincidentally, we've just described everything that makes an ideal Hufflepuff.

2 ENTP - Ravenclaw

Extraverted and easygoing, ENTPs love gathering new ideas and putting their knowledge to the test. As such, they make passionate conversationalists and debaters. It's their tendency to reserve judgement and sincerely discuss ideas, with a strong desire to learn, that often makes them great intellectuals.

Naturally, a sharp and witty ENTP will probably placed in Ravenclaw, where they will thrive surrounded by the brightest and most creative students in Hogwarts, fiercely discussing complex ideas and theories.

1 ENTJ - Slytherin

Possessing the personality type of a "Commander," ENTJs rely on their strong organizational skills, intellect, and charisma to project authority onto others. As such, they make highly potent leaders.

A great (and unfortunate) example of an ENTJ in the Harry Potter universe is Lord Voldemort. His ability to plan far ahead and influence everyone from his professors (remember Slughorn) to his followers marks him a textbook ENTJ, while his ambition eventually allowed him to rise to power. Like him, ENTJs do extremely well in Slytherin, which values cunning, intellect, and ambition over all else.

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