MBTI® Of The Golden Girls Characters

Golden Girls may have ended long ago, but the characters (and their big personalities) are timeless.

The Golden Girls


From 1985 to 1992, TV was graced with the comic genius that was The Golden Girls. The series significantly contributed to defining the era of '80s television and is still considered to be an iconic sitcom today. The series maintained its reputation of being a hilarious yet heartfelt comedy, focusing primarily on the dynamics between the four central characters.

For years, Rose, Sophia, Blanche, and Dorothy enriched television, and their legacy is one that will not be forgotten. Other characters came and went in The Golden Girls, but the leading ladies definitely carried this series through seven seasons and a spinoff.

Had it not been for the witty, timeless, completely lovable cast of characters that The Golden Girls boasted, the series probably wouldn't nearly as loved as it still is today. Let's take a look at the main characters of the show - along with some recurring guests - and explore their MBTI® personality alignments.

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Referred to by his wife Sophia as "Sal", Salvadore Petrillo was never alive during the time period in which The Golden Girls took place. Sophia was the matriarch of the girls, and she had lost her husband years ago. Sal's death was never really delved into, so how or why he died remains completely unknown. However, according to Sophia, his last words were: "ten bucks says I don't need this oxygen tank".

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The viewers were introduced and only allowed to know this character through flashbacks, the odd dream sequence, and the way in which Sophia would describe him. From what we can gather, Sal was like a quieter, more down-to-earth counterpart for Sophia. His personality fits the MBTI® alignment of ISFP due to his frequent cheerfulness and go-with-the-flow demeanor.


Miles would appear in later seasons of The Golden Girls. Portrayed by Harold Gould, he was Rose's boyfriend, and the Golden gang - mostly Rose - always made a big deal out of the fact that he was a professor.

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In total, Miles Webber appeared in fourteen episodes of the series, but his character did leave a lasting impression on audiences. He was a part of one of the more peculiar storylines in The Golden Girls, in which he was supposedly in the witness protection program because he was running from the mob. Miles fits the description of an ENTP because he was portrayed as being an inspired, motivated innovator.


Dorothy's son, Michael, made sporadic appearances in the earlier seasons of The Golden Girls - usually dropping by unannounced for a surprise visit to Dorothy. Since he didn't appear consistently on the show, what we know of Michael is mostly revealed through his parents.

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Michael was a traveling musician who was often portrayed as a hopeless wanderlust sufferer. He was also shown to be a bit of a "mama's boy" on several occasions but was usually a pretty laid back guy. Michael is an ENFJ because he was charismatic and persuasive.


With a "Hi, it's me, Stan", Dorothy's ex-husband is more often than not remembered as being the most irritating, sometimes infuriating, recurring characters on the show. Stan was always portrayed as being a shameless sleaze, an all-around jerk, and in Sophia's words, a "yutz".

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Dorothy and Stan's relationship was often described as being never truly genuine, as it seemed the two didn't ever really get along that well. Their marriage lasted thirty-eight years, and Stan had countless affairs with other women during this time. Being a true thrillseeker and having dynamic energy, Stan is an ideal ESTP.


While recurring and secondary characters may have suffered from inconsistent development, there's no denying that the Golden gang's personalities remained dependable and unvarying. The consistent character development meant that audiences felt very close to the girls.

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Throughout the series, Dorothy was best known for being very bold and unafraid to speak her mind - much like her mother. Dorothy's unfaltering wit, hilarious sarcasm, and admirable confidence made her one of the most unforgettable characters on TV. Dorothy fits into the ISTJ alignment because she is responsible, driven, and neat and orderly.


Blanche is known for being the seductive Southern belle of the series, and she often had some of the most interesting and memorable misadventures - along with some unforgettable love interests. The Golden Girls is often revered for having characters that had much more depth than it would first appear. Blanche is no exception, as she was given one of the most compelling storylines in the series when suffers a great deal of regret after neglecting to be there for her father's death and funeral.

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Being unabashedly vivacious, an entertainer at heart, and having an abundance of charm and the ability to engage those around her, Blanche is a true ESFP.


Betty White's absolutely iconic character was often regarded by the audience and other characters alike, as being ditsy and quirky. While Rose was undeniably naive, her character also had a lot of depth that wasn't obvious at first glance.

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Rose is probably the most soft-spoken character on the series, and she often approaches everything with a very kind, sweet demeanor. Comically, Rose was always telling ridiculous, eccentric, downright bizarre stories about her hometown of St. Olaf. Rose was people-centered, gentle, warm, and compassionate, making her an ideal ENFP.


The sarcastic, wise-cracking matriarch Sophia was often putting everyone to shame with her bold, sharp remarks. Sophia fulfilled her role as being the designated mother of the group, and the other characters were always shown to go to Sophia for advice on just about anything.

Sophia was always willing to share her wisdom with others. Being older than the other women, she liked to think that she knew a lot more than them and that she could teach them several life lessons - which she undoubtedly did. Sophia was definitely a mastermind, and being an analytical problem solver, she ideally fits the INTJ alignment.

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