Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Fast And The Furious Characters

The Fast and the Furious main cast

With a story spanning over 10 films, the Fast and the Furious franchise has provided viewers with tons of thrilling street races, aggressive rivalries, intimate romances, and suspenseful encounters with law enforcement that have allowed the franchise to continue with the development of its 10th film.

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As one could expect from such a highly detailed cinematic universe, The Fast and the Furious features an array of fascinating and unique characters who have provided viewers with plenty of entertainment over the years. Let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs® personality types of some of the main characters in this speedy franchise!

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10 Dom Toretto - ENFJ

The de facto leader of the crew, Dom has been an imposing presence since the first film, when Brian had to win his approval to join his street racing crew and date his sister Mia. While a muscular, intimidating figure, Dom also has a softer side and holds family as a priority in his life.

Once Brian proved his worth, Dom allowed him into the crew, but also warned Brian against upsetting Mia when he found out that he likes her, thus showing his intuition. Dom is incredibly expressive and makes his feelings known whether through words or actions, as viewers saw during his hardcore fist fight with Hobbs during Fast Five.

9 Brian O' Conner - ISTP

When we were first introduced to Brian, he was a young, ambitious FBI agent. His undercover operation as a street racer showed off his adaptability, while he used his cool demeanour and analytical abilities to convincingly play the part for almost the duration of the first film in the series.

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As the story progressed, we saw Brian use his hands-on approach to take carry out dangerous tasks such as pulling off a bank heist in Rio de Janeiro in Fast Five and pulling off a tense final encounter in a large aircraft at the conclusion of Fast and Furious 6.

8 Mia Toretto - ENFP

Mia proved herself to be a caring individual who holds her family members as an utmost priority. Her playful side came out when originally flirting with Brian in the first film as well as when looking after her son in the sixth and seventh films. While she is typically a warm individual, she showed how stern and future-orientated she could be on the numerous occasions when she warned Dominic and Brian against committing certain crimes.

Mia is always insightful and can talk sense into Brian and Dom, thus stopping them from doing something they may regret, no matter how stubborn they may seem.

7 Letty Ortiz - ISTJ

Dom's long-term girlfriend and eventual wife, Letty proved herself to be a pragmatic member of Dom's crew, especially since she was a key component of each hijacking heist that they pulled off in the first film. She has proven herself to be decisive and concrete, as she always speaks her mind and never backs down from confrontation.

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She is incredibly tough and durable, as she proved when she actually survived the car crash in which everyone had assumed her to have perished in. Letty is entirely committed to her team, and can always be relied upon in times of distress.

6 Roman Pearce - ENFJ

Tyrese Gibson

Audiences were first introduced to Brian's childhood friend Roman when he assisted him in his investigation in 2 Fast 2 Furious. This character is incredibly expressive, and openly admits his feelings on any topic to the group, particularly when it comes to his reluctance to participate in hazardous activities.

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Due to his keen sense of humor, he has been used to provide much comic relief throughout the series. He also has no inhibitions when it comes to speaking his mind, as was evident when he attempted to flirt with Gisesle the first time he met her. Despite his apparent reluctance to take risks, Roman is a loyal member of the squad and always comes through for his friends.

5 Tej Parker - INTP

A logical and critical thinker, Tej is a genius behind a computer screen and the go-to-guy for all things electronic, including surveying the bank and unlocking the bank vault in Fast Five. Able to remain objective and level-headed, Tej has displayed the required temperament to complete numerous missions without being phased when faced with an unexpected obstacle.

His intellect also came in handy when it came to running a successful garage as well as underground street races, and he has also surprised audience members when he shows his combat aptitude and overcame several armed guards.

4 Luke Hobbs - ENTP

An elite DSS agent and bounty hunter, Agent Hobbs uses his analytical skills and enthusiasm to take down some of the world's most dangerous criminals. From his introduction in Fast Five, Hobbs showed off his inventiveness and ingenuity to solve issues when no one else could, such as when he found the elusive computer chip in the car that Dom and his team stole.

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His grit and determination has been proven time and again, and he has even been successful at apprehending Dom and his crew on two occasions.

3 Gisele Yashar - ESFP

A sociable and expressive individual, Gisele first gave viewers a taste of her charisma in the Fast and Furious 4 when she was still working as a liaison for the film's main antagonist. An excitement-seeker, Gisele showed no inhibitions when it came to flirting with Dom and expressing her romantic interests in him.

Ever adaptive and spontaneous, Gisele immediately agreed to switch sides and assist Dom and his team as the film progresses, and returned to assist the crew in Fast Five and Fast and Furious 6. She proved herself to be a formidable combatant, and ultimately sacrificed herself to save the one she loved.

2 Han Lue - INFP

Han Seoul-Oh in Fast and Furious

A reserved and analytical person, Han proved his worth to the team without having to say much at all. He showed his quietly caring side when he took Sean Boswell under his wing and taught him how to drift race in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

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Considering that he spent time living in Tokyo, the United States, and the Dominican Republic, Han is an adaptable person, and it makes complete sense that Dom labeled him as a "chameleon" when choosing him to join his team in Fast Five.

1 Elena Neves - ISFJ

Elena was a dependable and loyal member of the Rio military police, which is why Hobbs was happy to recruit her as part of his team. She also proved her determination and grit when it came to taking down hardened criminals and did well to corner Dom Toretto during their chase through the Rio de Janeiro Favelas.

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Elena does have a warm and sympathetic side, however, as she and Dom shared an intimate moment where they exchanged stories about their lost spouses, which paved the way to their eventual romance.

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