Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Family Guy's Greatest Characters

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Quahog is a diverse city, and the creative mind of Seth MacFarlane has filled it with a wide array of characters. Most are wild and wacky, making the few normal people stand out as the “weirdos” of the city. Do you fancy yourself more of a Peter or a Lois? And who does Brian most relate to? Let's take a look inside the cooky minds of Quahog's finest. Here are the Myers-Briggs® personality types of Family Guy characters.

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10 Mort Goldman - ISFJ

Mort's defining characteristics are stereotypically Jewish. The show plays on his whiny neuroticism, his chronic hypochondria, his wimpy attitude, and his general gawkiness. Mort has terrible social skills, frequently discussing his various maladies and childhood bullying in otherwise polite conversation.

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ISFJs have trouble separating personal and impersonal situations–any situation is still an interaction between two people, after all–and any negativity from conflict or criticism can carry over from their professional to their personal lives, and back again.

9 Joe Swanson - ESTJ

Joe is a macho paraplegic police officer in the Quahog Police Department who is at many times subject to intense anger problems. Seeing things to completion borders on an ethical obligation for ESTJs. Joe still proves to be an extremely skilled police officer, as he is constantly seen pursuing criminals or rescuing victims with the aid of his wheelchair. He even goes so far as to abandon his wheelchair to complete his work.

8 Glenn Quagmire - ENFP

Quagmire Family Guy Bob Hope

If Quagmire could be summed up in just one word, it would be "pervert." However, his Myers-Briggs® personality type places him as an ENFP. The ENFP personality is a true free spirit.

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They are also charming, independent, energetic, and compassionate. At the same time, he is shown on a number of occasions to be unnecessarily competitive, most notably while playing friendly games of baseball, bowling, and golf.

7 Cleveland Brown - ISTJ

Ah, Cleveland; Peter's mild-mannered friend who formerly owned and ran a deli. He also used to be an accomplished auctioneer but was struck in the head by a totem pole, which resulted in his speech being permanently slowed. He is Peter's heavyset, mustached pal who is very polite to everyone and has a unique laugh. Integrity is the heart of the ISTJ personality type, after all. Emotional manipulation, mind games, and reassuring lies all run counter to ISTJs’ preference for managing the reality of the situations they encounter with plain and simple honesty.

6 Chris Griffin - ISFJ

Chris is a friendly, warm-hearted, and funny teenager who is a younger version of Peter physically, but intellectually, he shows better potential. This is demonstrated from moments of coherence and articulation within his speech, especially when talking about films and TV series. Despite this, he is very naive, often showing a tendency to be easily fooled.

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New challenges can be particularly hard to address since ISFJ personalities value traditions and history highly in their decisions. A situation sometimes needs to reach a breaking point before ISFJs are persuaded by circumstance, or the strong personality of a loved one, to alter course.

5 Brian Griffin - ENTJ

Brian is is the family's anthropomorphic talking white Labrador Retriever and the best friend of both Stewie and Peter. He is portrayed as an intellectual—despite failing out of college twice—who often serves as the family's voice of reason, pointing out how ridiculous Peter's ideas are. He is not-so-secretly in love with Lois and is an unsuccessful, unemployed writer. Sometimes all this confidence and willpower can go too far, and ENTJs are all too capable of digging in their heels, trying to win every single debate and pushing their vision, and theirs alone.

4 Meg Griffin - ISFJ

Meg is a self-conscious, insecure, and sensitive teenager who is more often than not ridiculed and ignored by the people around her. Meg just wants to be another face in the crowd by fitting in with her peers and being accepted, but she often finds herself to be a victim of circumstance.

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She has had several love interests over the course of the series, including Brian Griffin, Mayor Adam West, Tom Tucker, Glenn Quagmire, and Joe Swanson. As their relationships do progress, ISFJs often continue to struggle with emotional expression, but they have the opportunity to let physical affection stand in for their loving words.

3 Lois Griffin - ISTJ

Lois and Meg on Family Guy

Though initially appearing to be a typical doting housewife and ideal mother, Lois has many dark aspects to her and in some cases be worse than her husband, except without the excuse of intellectual developmental delay. She has made it clear several times that she never wanted to be a mother. However, their defining characteristics of integrity, practical logic, and tireless dedication to duty make ISTJs a vital core to many families.

2 Peter Griffin - ENFP

Peter Griffin Family Guy

For most of the series, Peter is shown as an obese, unintelligent, lazy, outspoken, immature, and eccentric alcoholic. His mental shortcomings have resulted in various accidents to other people; most notably the death of his step-father Francis Griffin, and injuries on multiple occasions to his wife Lois. His attention span is also incredibly short, likely signaling ADHD.

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When it comes to conceiving ideas and starting projects, especially involving other people, ENFPs have exceptional talent. Unfortunately, their skill with upkeep, administration, and follow-through on those projects struggles.

1 Stewie Griffin - ENTP

Stewie is a child genius who frequently aspired to murder his mother Lois and take over the world but has since mellowed out considerably. Stewie's mastery of physics, mechanical engineering, and firearms are at a level of science fiction. He has constructed advanced fighter-jets, a mind control device, a weather control system, robots, a time machine, a shrinking pod, a teleportation device, and more.

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Stewie employs these to deal with the stressors of infant life such as teething pain, and his hatred of broccoli, or to kill his mother. ENTPs have tremendously flexible minds and are able to shift from idea to idea without effort, drawing on their accumulated knowledge to prove their points, or their opponents’ points, as they see fit.

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