The MBTI Of Family Guy Characters

Family Guy

Family Guy is known for its hilariously outlandish characters. The show that has been on since the late 90s has featured everything from a talking baby who craves world domination, to a cynical talking dog who enjoys a stiff drink and long-winded novels. Seth Macfarlane's animated sitcom has even managed to create iconic side characters that are voiced by A-list actors who have since passed away, such as Adam West (playing the role of Adam West), and Carrie Fisher (Playing the role of Peter's boss at Pawtucket Brewery).

So what exactly is the MBTI for each of these Family Guy characters? Let's find out below.

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Although Stewie is a baby, he is the smartest member of the Griffin house (which might not be saying much next to Peter and Chris). Stewie often feels isolated in his intelligence, struggling to adapt in a household that he feels is surrounded by idiots. Luckily he has his pet dog, Brian, to confide in and the two share a strong friendship over mutual intelligence.

Stewie is extremely goal-oriented and he will stop at nothing to get the exact outcome that he wants, whether it's killing Lois or successfully creating a time machine. He is extremely observant and critical of the rest of his family and often has a dismissive remark to throw at any given person within earshot.


While watching Family Guy, we sometimes sit and wonder why the hell Lois has put up with her husband Peter and all his nonsense for so long. He is not rich, not warm, not attractive, so what gives? Perhaps Lois sticks with Peter due to her undying loyalty towards him, a trait which is commonly found in ESFJ's.

Lois sticks to the commitments she makes and always finds a way to forgive Peter's actions that include him falling in love with a cardboard cutout of Kathy Ireland or sliding down their roof in a shopping cart. She works as the caretaker and finger-wagger to her husband's nonsensical ways, which is a bit of a tired-out TV trope nowadays.


Peter Griffin on Family Guy

Peter Griffin may look like your average middle-aged American dad, yet his mind is that of a giddy toddler. Like many ENFP's he gets amused very easily and will do whatever it takes to keep things entertaining, regardless of how much it might set off the rest of his family. While he is easily amused, he is also easily bored which is often the root of what gets him into the most trouble.

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Peter has done everything from faking his own death to get out of a dentist appointment (relatable) to starting chicken fights just for the sake of starting chicken fights. Sometimes his spontaneous nature can cause problems within the household, yet it is the main source of our entertainment so it doesn't look like Peter will be growing up any time soon.


Chris Griffin is voiced hilariously by Seth Green and his character is best known as the loveable idiot of the Griffin household. Chris may not be the brightest bulb in the box, (he seems to get this from his father), yet he is passionate towards the things he cares about and he is friendly to all those around him (except for Meg, perhaps).

Like his father, Chris is very easily entertained and can't seem to keep himself focused, like when he bursts out singing "The hamster song" at the dinner table or when he imagines getting pulled into the "Take On Me" music video while at the grocery store as he is shopping with his mother.


Family Guy Quagmire in Bed

Quagmire lives his life according to his own set of rules and doesn't resort to a conventional lifestyle for a man of his age. He admits in one episode that he is in his 60s and he stays young-looking by eating carrots. "Lots and lots of carrots".

Quagmire sees life as one big adventure after another and sometimes fails to consider the consequences of his spontaneous and unstable actions. He isn't afraid to tell his friends or the people around him exactly how he feels about them, which can especially be seen in his hostile relationship with Brian. He is pretty much an open book and what you see is what you get.


Brian Griffin considers himself to be an intellectual and a writer filled with wisdom (despite the fact that no one else seems to agree). Often times he is not taken seriously for his passions and this can leave him feeling lonely and isolated. Luckily he has Stewie as a friend to confide in, and Brian often serves as the role of Stewie's protector.

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He is independent and he cares deeply about the great works of literature along with catching squirrels (after all, he is a dog).  In a house filled with people who lack any sense of logic, Brian is always there to serve as the voice of reason to offer a logical standpoint on whatever issue the house is facing. He has the ability to form his own opinions on matters regardless of how often his family tends to oppose his outlook.


Meg Griffin is the punching bag of Family Guy. It is a classic trope for sitcoms to have a character that is basically used to serve as the one everyone else rips on, yet perhaps no one suffers this burden as deeply as Meg Griffin who is constantly abused by her own family.

Meg's character is meant to be unloved, unpopular, and extremely ugly, which is all incredibly ironic considering she is voiced by Mila Kunis who has been voted as one of the most loveable/ beautiful celebrities of all time. Despite how bad Meg has it, she still has hope that one day she will be popular and she seems to care a lot about social status. This is a trait that is common in ISFJ's who want to fit in and will do whatever they can in order to rise to the top.


Joe Swanson is one of Peter's best friends on Family Guy. He is dedicated to his job as an officer and takes great pride in being a dutiful citizen within the town of Quahog. He is easily angered with a short temper, yet he has a gentle side to him which comes out when he is trying to help out his friends and support them in one way or another.

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It is baffling to imagine a cop being best friends with Peter Griffin considering all of the illegal things Peter has done over the years, yet luckily in the world of animated sitcoms, these rules are allowed to be broken.


Doctor Hartman is the least serious doctor in TV history and also one of the funniest (sorry everyone on Scrubs). In the world of Family Guy, it is no surprise that a character would act in the exact opposite way of how they are supposed to, so it's no surprise Doctor Hartman exists in the town of Quahog. He is constantly making jokes at inappropriate times and he seems to want to entertain others more so than inform them, a trait which can be quite common in the ESFP personality type. He is one of the funniest characters on Family Guy yet as funny as he is, we would hate to have him as our doctor in real life.

Doctor Hartman: We did an X-ray and your body is full of a spooky skeleton man.


Adam West, voiced by the real Adam West (R.I.P) is in his own little world on Family Guy and perhaps that is what makes him so loveable as a character. His outlook on life is quite eccentric to the rest of the planet, something that is commonly found in INFPs who tend to live inside their heads.

What separates him from the rest of the characters on Family Guy is his kind-spirited nature. Although he means well, he can come across as idiotic, like when he starts bleeding and assumes the blood coming from him means he's actually a tomato. The fact that a person like him would be the mayor of Quahog makes way more sense than it should.

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