MBTI® Of Emma Stone Characters

Ever since she starred as Jules in the beloved 2007 comedy Superbad, Emma Stone has been rising through the ranks of Hollywood, snagging both comedic and dramatic parts. She is equally amazing playing a role like Mia in the Oscar darling La La Land or a quirky character like in the popular film Easy A.

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Since Emma Stone is so compelling no matter which part she plays, let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of her characters. Here are the MBTIs of her 10 most well-known characters.

10 Mia Dolan In La La Land: ENTJ

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in La La Land

The musical La La Land made a huge splash and Emma Stone starred alongside Ryan Gosling and won the Best Actress Oscar in 2017. While he played a musician who has a special focus on jazz piano, she played an actress who was dreaming of success.

Mia's MBTI would be ENTJ or "Decisive Strategist." She's always reaching for her dreams, and she'll do what it takes, from taking a job in a cafe to continuing to try to land parts no matter what. She is "planful" and "action-oriented." She's also incredibly honest, which makes sense since ENTJs are "natural critics": as she says to Ryan Gosling's character Sebastian, "I should probably tell you something now, just to get it out of the way. I hate jazz."

9 Abigail In The Favourite: ISTP

Olivia Colman Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz in The Favourite

Emma Stone has won lots of praise for starring in The Favourite as Abigail, who is the cousin of Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz). She's definitely a pretty tough character and spends the whole film scheming and treating everyone around her badly. She even gives Sarah drugs in the form of tea, which ensures that she has an accident when horseback riding (yikes).

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Abigail's MBTI would be ISTP or "Logical Pragamist" although, of course, she takes these personality traits to the extreme and behaves in a negative way. She's "detached" and "confident" and a "problem solver." In her mind, the other characters are a problem that need to be fixed, and she's going to come out on top. This is what makes her character so fun to watch... but IRL, she would be a total nightmare.

8 Hannah Weaver In Crazy Stupid Love: INFJ

Hannah Weaver is a brilliant lawyer-to-be who isn't as interested in falling in love as everyone around her. She can't help but be drawn to Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), even though he seems like a player and she's not a fan of that.

Hannah is a girl who knows what path she's headed down and she's not going to change for anyone. Her MBTI would be INFJ or "Insightful Visionary." She's "idealistic" and "loyal" and "conceptual." Hannah is always there for family, and she also has the INFJ trait of "quiet warmth."

7 Kayla In Friends With Benefits: ESTJ

Emma Stone has a small role in the comedy Friends With Benefits, playing Kayla. She dumps Dylan Harper (Justin Timberlake) and that's the impetus for him and Jamie Rellis (Mila Kunis) starting a friends with benefits situation.

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Since Kayla doesn't like that Dylan is a workaholic and doesn't know how to be in a relationship, she clearly values love, connection, and living in the moment instead of stressing out. Her MBTI would be ESTJ or "Efficient Organizer." She's "direct" like when she ends her relationship without a second thought, and she's also "practical" and "assertive." It's awesome that she stands up for herself and doesn't simply keep dating Dylan even though she knows they're not right for each other.

6 Wichita In Zombieland: ESTP

Emma Stone played Wichita in the 2009 horror movie comedy Zombieland (and again in the 2019 sequel Zombieland: Double Tap). She's extremely caring about her younger sibling, Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), and she's tough, self-sufficient, and strong.

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She would be an ESTP or "Energetic Problem-Solver' since she and the other characters are trying their best to survive after the zombie apocalypse. Yup, that's definitely a big problem to solve.

5 Allison Vandermeersh In Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past: ESTJ

While the 2009 comedy Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past isn't the best movie, Emma Stone's character makes a great impression. She plays Allison Vandermeersh, who Connor Mead (Matthew McConaughey) dated back in high school. She's his guide, making him realize that he treated his other ex-girlfriend, Jenny, really badly.

Because Allison has this role in the film, that makes her an ESTJ or "Supportive Contributor."  ESTJs are "sociable and outgoing, understanding what others need and expressing appreciation for their contributions." She's also "loyal" and "helpful."

4 Skeeter In The Help: ENFJ

Emma Stone had a big role in the 2011 drama The Help, the adaptation of the 2009 novel by Kathryn Stockett: playing Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan, who is one of the main characters.

Skeeter is a journalist who can't believe the way that the rich women in her town treat the maids. Skeeter is determined to write a book about it and even has an editor on board. She wants the maids to trust her enough to share their stories, difficult as it might be. Skeeter's MBTI would be ENFJ or "Compassionate Facilitator." ENFJs "are able to get the most out of teams by working closely with team members and make decisions that respect and take into account the impact on others" which is exactly what she does when she gets to know the women working as maids.

3 Jules In Superbad: INFP

While Seth (Jonah Miller) has a crush on Jules (Emma Stone) in Superbad, she's not that impressed with him. She's throwing the party that is the main setting of the 2007 comedy, and all Seth wants is to drink and look cool, but she's not into that. In one scene, he wants to kiss her, and she doesn't like that he's so wasted. By the end of the movie, she does like him a little bit more, though.

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Jules is definitely an INTP or "Thoughtful Idealist." She's "reserved" and "introspective" and "deep." She's not totally opposed to seeing Seth as a potential love interest, but she wants things to unfold in a much better way, and the self-respect that she has for herself is awesome.

2 Gwen Stacy In The Amazing Spider-Man: ISTJ

Emma Stone's character Gwen Stacy in the 2012 movie The Amazing Spider-Man is Peter Parker's (Andrew Garfield) love interest. She's a bit rebellious, smart, witty, and seems like she would fit into the ISTJ framework (or "Responsible Realist."

She has ISTJ traits like being "thorough" and "orderly" and "sensible." She also has a great sense of humor and approaches things in a practical way: when she discovers Peter's identity, she says, "Oh, I'm in trouble."

1 Olive Penderghast In Easy A:

Easy A Emma Stone

Emma Stone has played some tough, rebellious characters throughout her acting career, and Olive in Easy A might be the toughest one of all.

Olive's MBTI would be ENFP or "Imaginative Motivator." She gets the idea to copy The Scarlet Letter and to pretend to have a much, let's say, looser reputation. She keeps up the pretense for much of the movie, acting like she's much more experienced, and by the end, of course, she realizes that honesty is the best policy. She has many ENFP traits like having a "zest for life" and creativity and she is someone who does "inspire leadership."

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