The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Cheers Characters

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. Well, maybe not Carla. She's usually not glad to see anyone. But hey, it's all part of the fun, right? Cheers is one of the most classic sitcoms of all time, making us laugh and cry from 1982-1993. What makes the series so fantastic is the main cast of characters with their animated personas and destructive relationships with one another down at the Boston bar. Who wouldn't be fascinated by Sam and Diane's love/hate dynamic? How could anyone in the world not root for Coach while regarding him as our very own TV grandpa?

These characters are so interesting that they deserve further analyzation. What are the MBTIs of the characters on Cheers? Read on to find out!

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The beloved bar owner with the gorgeous head of hair and obsession with plaid shirts is a quintessential ESTP. Socially, this man has no trouble making an abundance of connections and people often find themselves looking up to the guy (and not just because he's over six-feet tall.) Like most ESTPs he is physically skilled and is fascinated with sports. Before working at the bar, Malone was a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. During his days at the bar, he is still quite into being physical in- well- other ways. Hem Hem. *Ladies Man alert.*

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ESTPs usually have no trouble when it comes to speaking their minds even if it is sometimes considered inappropriate to do so. Sometimes Sam gets a lot of slack for running his mouth, especially with Diane.


Diane Chambers is the perfect example of an ENFJ. Her aura is naturally warm and she is a caring individual who sees endless potential in everyone she comes across. Sometimes this can be a bit of a burden on her relationships with others as she often finds herself trying to push her peers into becoming better versions of themselves when they simply don't feel the need to change.

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Her presence inside the sporty male-driven bar often stands out as being "motherish" and uptight, yet in reality, she is just trying to improve the world around her so it can reach its maximum potential. Like most ENFJs, Diane is sophisticated (and a bit of a know-it-all,) but it is all part of her charm and it is ultimately why we love her so much.


Like most ESTJs, Carla has an extremely domineering presence. When she enters the room, she is almost always the clear leader of the scene. People respect the waitress for her work ethic and strong personality. Sure, she's tough, and she is often blunt to the point of being rude, but the truth stings sometimes, right? If you want an honest opinion on something, you can always count on Carla to be real with you.

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If it wasn't for her hard-as-nails personality, the bar would most likely be in shambles. Because of her, people get things done and they get it done right. Yeah, she might be a bit terrifying on the outside, but once you truly get to know her you will realize she is just as caring as the next person.


Fraiser Crane was so fascinating as a character on Cheers that they decided to go ahead and give him a whole spinoff show. It is rare for a spinoff to gain so much success, yet Fraiser is interesting enough for it to work out for the best and become a major hit series. On Cheers, Fraiser plays Diane's lover and he is able to stimulate her with his endless intellect. Like most ISTJs he is very structured and prefers to act in the realm of his comfort zone. This is why he is so happy in his relationship with Diane where he feels as though she is very similar to him in her desires to be intellectually stimulated.


As stated previously, Coach is like our certified TV grandpa that we can't help but love unconditionally. Sure, he might have the intellect of a goldfish, but that doesn't mean he isn't brilliant in other ways. When it comes to emotional intelligence, Coach is a genius. Although most ISFPs are quite smart, Coach has had a bad history of getting hit in the head with baseballs which caused him to become severely brain-damaged. Regardless, he is most likely the kindest soul to ever step foot in Cheers. He was greatly missed after his passing, his presence adding endless warmth to a bar where most people were rather cold. Like a true ISFP he was the heart of Cheers, and therefore single-handedly made the series all the more wonderful.


Woody is as loveable and happy-go-lucky as a golden retriever.  His kind spirit prevents the series from becoming overly cynical and although no one could ever replace Coach, Woody Harrelson's character certainly adds something beautiful to the Boston bar. Just like Coach, he isn't the brightest bulb in the box, but that doesn't mean he isn't bursting with emotional intelligence. Although most ESFPs are rather smart, Woody gets by with his sweet Indiana-boy persona. He has no problem fitting into the group as a newcomer and blends right in effortlessly, as most ESFPs do. ESFPs are social creatures and often thrive around others. What better place than Cheers to form a strong family unit?


"NORM!" everyone shouts as he enters the scene.

Norm Peterson may lean on the quiet side, but whenever he does speak, his cynical anecdotes always derive laughter. Like most INTJs, Norm has an extremely mathematical mind which helps with his career in accounting. He is the bar's best customer due to his consistency of returning to the same place for a beer (or twelve) every single day. Common in INTJs, they often like to settle for a consistent place to spend their time rather than hopping from bar to bar. Although his exterior leans on the cold and cynical side (especially when he's discussing his wife, Vera,) he is deep down a people person who cares a great deal about those who he deems as important in his life.


Cliff Clavin is a kind soul who cares deeply about his career as a postal worker. In fact, he cares so much about the importance of his service, that he is often the butt of the joke at his favorite bar. Like most ISTJs, they care a lot about their civic duty in society and they tend to have an incredible work ethic in an effort to make a difference in the world. Sometimes people with this MBTI tend to take their work so seriously that they can come across to others as rather uptight. In reality, they are just extremely passionate about what they do. Cliff is absolutely obsessed with Florida and plans to move there, yet he ultimately decides to stay in Boston with the others. This is rather typical behavior of ISTJs who tend to have a great fear of change and prefer the day to day structure of their every day lives.


Rebecca Howe is a character who is driven by her ambition to become the best possible version of herself that she can possibly be. Her desires are often rather extreme and sometimes even unrealistic which is common within ESFJs who tend to envision the "perfect" lives for themselves. Because ESFJs tend to strive for perfection, they can often find themselves met with disappointment when their lives don't turn out according to plan. Rebecca's ambition, although often unrealistic, is also extremely admirable because of her goal-oriented persona which constantly strives for the best possible outcome. On the whole, she is a warm, social, and driven individual who adds something special and unique to the series at large.


Lilith Sternin plays a psychiatrist on Cheers and she is also Fraiser's ex-wife in the series. As a whole, Lilith is extremely logical and is able to put on a stern face throughout without ever exposing her emotions. People admire Lilith's intellectual approach to all things around her, yet some people admittedly find her cold nature off-putting. She is described as coming across as an "icicle" as the characters put it on the hit spinoff, Fraiser. Even her last name describes her perfectly with the word "Stern" placed not so subtly within it.

Do you agree with this list? Let us know your thoughts!

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