MBTI Of Aubrey Plaza Roles

While Child's Play's Aubrey Plaza is open-minded and an original INTP, these ten characters she's played have varying MBTI results.

Aubrey Plaza is known for her snarky, hilarious roles, like the badass April Ludgate on NBC's Parks and Recreation. But she's also tried her hand at horror recently as Andy's mom, Karen Barclay, in the 2019 remake of Child's Play. The actress has even done some improv and producing.

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While the comedian herself is open-minded and original, with the personality of an INTP, or "The Logician," some of the characters she's played have different MBTI results. Most of her characters remain in the realm of the strange, dark, or quirky, and while she shares similarities with several of them, Plaza definitely still has the range for portraying a variety of people.

10 Tatiana: ISFP

Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) and Alice (Anna Kendrick) in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

In Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Plaza plays Tatiana, a slacker party girl who acts like a sweet, innocent teacher in order to score some free tickets to Hawaii from Adam Devine. The character is an example of one of Plaza's least like herself roles, as Tatiana is an ISFP, or "The Adventurer." Tatiana is brave and reckless, a person who would never want to be boxed in and needs her independence.

Tatiana is creative and competitive, living in the moment as she embarks on her latest adventure--whether it's an all-nighter on the town or posing as a respectable wedding date.

9 Lulu Danger: INTJ

Jemaine Clement and Aubrey Plaza in An Evening With Beverly Luff Lin

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Danger is highly analytical, demanding to know not just the answers to her questions but also the why and how of everything. She's also not very adept at romance, vacillating between different characters as she awkwardly decides which one she prefers best.

8 Daisy Danby: INTP

Danby is, in her own words, an independent woman, and she doesn't care if she hurts Ira's feelings when she's blunt and honest with him, because honesty is much more important to her than mincing words. She's correct in that she doesn't need his permission to date other people when they haven't even been on a date yet and puts him in his place for being rude about it.

7 Ingrid Thorburn: ESFJ

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In Ingrid's case, she is an ESFJ, "The Consul" the extreme. She could be warm and loyal, but instead she's so obsessed with what others think of her and her social status that it leads to her near destruction. She uses that near destruction, in fact, to get more social media responses, and smiles based on her "fan" reactions.

6 Darius Britt: INFP

Safety Not Guaranteed

Britt is hard to get to know, and her original thinking truly manifests when she connects with Calloway when the rest of her team fails at the job--not because she's just a pretty face but because she challenges him with her forwardness and passion, even if it's on the dark side.

5 Sarah: ENTJ

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The character's stubborn nature and impatience lead to her to a few relationship mishaps, which is one of the weaknesses of an ENTJ. Handing emotions is trickier business than either law or the culinary arts for Sarah.

4 Karen Barclay: ISFJ

Aubrey Plaza and Gabriel Bateman in Child's Play

Karen is very practical, which means she doesn't believe Andy when he comes to her about his possessed toy, but she's also not above blackmailing her boss in order to procure the demon doll in order to help Andy adjust to his move and her terrible boyfriend, which frankly takes some imagination. Even though she's generally a loyal, patient mother, it's a situation most moms don't have to endure.

3 Lenny Brusker: ENTP

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Lenny grew up with a terrible home life and a grandmother who plied them with alcohol, forcing them to grow up quickly with a bit too much adult-knowledge. Lenny is a quick thinker, trying to bargain with Amahl for their freedom.

2 Julie Powers: ISTJ

Julie is all about practicality and logic, and in her mind it would make sense to stop seeking Ramona if it means all of the battles that are sure to ensue. She's very honest and direct, laying the facts out for Scott in a calm and practical manner. She is a responsible person who feels as if Scott needs to know what's ahead of him.

1 April Ludgate: INTP

She can be absent-minded and forget how many days are in a month, resulting in 94 meetings being scheduled in a single day, but she also comes up with brilliant plans, like absorbing animal control into the parks department. She's imaginative and highly enthusiastic when it comes to things that she actually cares about.

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