The Myers-Briggs® Types Of American Gods Characters

American Gods is a show like no other, filled with magic, murder and mayhem. Based on one of the most incredible novels ever written, the tale features some of author Neil Gaiman's most charismatic characters as it spins the legends we know (as well as ancient ones we don't) together with the modern tech that today's culture worships.

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Each character can be analyzed in a number of ways, including their Myers-Briggs® Personality Types. We doubt that any of the characters have taken an MBTI quiz recently, but if they had, they might have had scores similar to the ones that follow.

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Shadow Moon in American Gods season 2
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10 Shadow Moon: ISFP

Shadow Moon in American Gods season 2

Our protagonist Shadow is "The Artist" who lives in the real world. This ISFP doesn't believe in anything he can't see for himself, refusing to work for Wednesday until all of the details were clear and pragmatic in his best interest. While Shadow may not seem like someone who makes art for a living, he adheres strictly to his own set of values in life.

Difficult to get to know at first, Shadow is also quiet, reserved and attracted to beauty. He is also charming and thrives on connecting with others. Shadow loves his privacy as well as his independence and has to do things on his own terms.

9 Technical Boy: ESTP

American Gods - Technical Boy

As "The Entrepreneur," Technical Boy thrives on being the center of attention and demands it constantly. This ESTP makes rash decisions and lives for the rapid-fire decision-making a modern god demands. Nothing old is ever interesting to Technical Boy; he's all about what's new and fresh, and anything outdated or formal has got to go in his not-so-humble opinion.

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Technical Boy also doesn't respect rules, choosing to break them and do whatever is necessary for himself to come out on top. He is passionate and energetic to a fault, and he doesn't concern himself with any kind of deep or inner meaning.

8 Mr. World: ENFJ

American Gods Season 2 Mr World

He might be terrible, but you can't deny that Mr. World has charisma and passion for his attempt to take over all gods in a mega merger. The "Protagonist," Mr. World is full of confidence and pride in his work, making him a natural-born leader who truly believes that he's working toward improving the world.

Mr. World has the entire big picture in mind, and he can easily see what motivates everyone from the old gods to Shadow. He uses that knowledge to cunningly fulfill his own goals, and his optimistic nature makes him certain that he'll win in the end.

7 Mr. Wednesday: ISTJ

Ian McShane as Mr Wednesday in American Gods

Practical and calculating, Mr. Wednesday is a textbook ISTJ "Logistician." He could care less about feelings when it comes to decision-making, instead opting to use logic and previous decisions based on his old Norse god way of thinking. Upholding tradition is everything to him and he will do everything to do it, spending all of his time and energy with one eye, so to speak, on the prize at all times.

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Wednesday is all about the facts, and he will patiently and persistently pursue his security as a god as long as it takes. Once he makes a decision, he sticks with it.

6 Mr. Nancy: ENFP

Mr Nancy in American Gods season 2

Charming and energetic, Mr. Nancy is a classic ENFP, the "Campaigner." His intuitive energy and innovative style come in handy for trickster shenanigans and his ability to see how everything is connected mirrors the symbolic spider web. He's easily seen as a leader, and he's pretty much allergic to boredom.

An imaginative free spirit, it's no wonder that Mr. Nancy is prayed to in times of turmoil as well as a need for rescue. The observant ENFP sees everything as a puzzle piece and doesn't miss anything. Nancy is also highly skilled at communication, which is obvious every time he opens his mouth, and comes in handy when he's talking people into doing his bidding.

5 Czernobog: ENTJ

American Gods Season 2 Czernobog

As a "Commander" ENTJ, Czernobog is strong-willed and sure, with enough confidence to power a bolt stunner. His mere presences is enough to overwhelm most people and his ruthlessness is only matched by his drive to stand by his own word. He loves a good challenge, whether it's a game or a bet, and his focus is always on long-term goals rather than the moment.

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ENTJs are known for the strength of their willpower, and Czernobog is quite proud of his. His primary goal is to be efficient at what he does, and he will never miss the opportunity to demonstrate his own prowess, no matter how violent that might be.

4 Laura Moon: ISTP

Private yet friendly, Laura Moon is a Virtuoso who suffers from doing the same thing every day in her life. An ISTP needs a challenge to thrive and without one, they might self-destruct. Virtuosos are practical and realistic, with a sense of fairness yet a tendency to act too soon. Like other ISTPs, Laura fears rejection and pain associated with love and isn't able to connect in a romantic sense.

Laura's attention span is short, and the next interesting thing to come along is what will capture her focus, even if it's her husband's best friend. She also acts too quickly without fully thinking the consequences through.

3 Media: ESFP

American Gods - Gillian Anderson as Media as David Bowie

If there ever was an ESFP, it's Media. The "Entertainer," Media only exists as beloved characters, from Lucy Ricardo to Ziggy Stardust to Marilyn Monroe. Media is generous with her time and energy because that's what she wants from her worshipers: all of their time and energy. Media craves attention and does everything, from styling her look in the perfect fashion to observing the exact desires of her audience to assess exactly how she should portray herself.

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She's also addicted to drama and eats it up as it is fed to her. Media is also critical about what constitutes as good quality, adapting as she ages with humanity.

2 Bilquis: INFJ

American Gods Season 2 Bilquis

The INFJ is the rarest of all personality types just as Bilquis is the rarest of gods. This "Advocate" is passionate to a fault, and as an ancient goddess she constantly pursues the worship of modern people. It's not enough for her to receive the willing sacrifices, however; as any INFJ does, she feels unfulfilled without a greater purpose, a truly authentic path. Her pride remains her biggest challenge to overcome.

This becomes evident when she revisits her old jewels laid out on red velvet and recalls her former glory. The Queen of Sheba needs a grander goal to pursue and the fulfillment of that grand vision.

1 Mad Sweeney: ISFJ

American Gods Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney

Like many of the old gods, Mad Sweeney holds onto old traditions and customs very tightly. As an ISFJ, he's a conservative "Defender" who can still adjust his plan as he needs to in order to keep his principles alive. He wants to do right and maintain his history, and his personality type makes him so relatable because around 13% of the population has the same type.

Sweeney may have procrastinated a bit in obtaining his coin, but like other ISFJs he still wants to get the job done in a timely manner--and in this case, he decides to help Laura Moon as she reminds him of someone who also held to the old ways.

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