Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Characters

Using the MBTI®, we explore this group of deplorable Philly natives and their crazy shenanigans on the set of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Few shows have characters as completely immoral as the colorful cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. While they started off as self-centered Philly natives, season by season the Paddy’s Pub gang become even more deplorable people than before. Worse still, they seem to bring down anyone who comes in contact with them.

With such a deranged group of characters, the obvious question becomes which of these horrible people fit your personality type? Do you see yourself more of a Dennis? Or perhaps a Dee? Check out the Myers-Briggs® Types for the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia characters and find out.

10 Mac – INTJ

One of the key traits of an INTJ personality is dedication. If nothing else, Ronald MacDonald (aka Mac) is dedicated. More than any other Paddy’s Pub member, Mac has always been invested in long-term pursuits. This is a man who has gained and lost an immense amount of weight in his obsession of achieving the perfect physique.

His goal-oriented nature is best seen when Mac puts on an elaborate and beautiful interpretive dance to tell his father he’s gay. We don’t really see that drive in his daily work, but it’s clear Mac has those tendencies, however misguided they can be.

9 Artemis – ENFJ

Artemis is Dee’s friend from acting class who has inserted herself into many of the gang’s plots. She is bold, charismatic, and passionate, making her an ideal ENFJ. You don't need to look further than her wild and often disgusting relationship with Frank to see how much passion she has.

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Artemis is very outspoken, often taking control of whichever room she is in. In the episode, “Who Pooped the Bed,” Artemis confidently takes over the investigation, offering a wild and ultimately incorrect conspiracy that momentarily silences the group. Her charisma is strange but undeniable.

8 Charlie’s Mom – ESFJ

An ESFJ personality describes someone who is compassionate and wants to make people happy. This doesn’t describe many characters in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but Charlie’s mom certainly fits the bill.

Charlie’s mom is a pretty timid woman, but if there’s one thing she’s concerned with, it’s looking after her baby boy. She has gone to some extremes to help ensure Charlie is loved and taken care of. She is also very loyal to her companions, such as when she briefly had a relationship with Frank. Like many ESFJ personalities, her selflessness is something of a weakness.

7 Charlie – INFP

Charlie Kelly, the janitor of Paddy’s Pub, is a hard man to pin down, but he’s probably closest to an INFP personality. Charlie is a bit of a man-child who seems to operate in his own world. He is dedicated to his “Charlie work,” no matter how disgusting and depressing it may be.

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Perhaps because of the nature of his work, Charlie seems to live with his head in the clouds. He creates fantasies for himself where he is married to The Waitress, and he seems totally unwilling to admit the fact that he can’t read.

6 Dee – ENFP

Always Sunny The Gang Broke Dee

Dee started the series as being the more reasonable and rational members of the gang, but that personality quickly deteriorated. The Dee that we know now exhibits many traits of an ENFP.

Such personalities hate to be boxed in and prefer to forge their own path. Dee is certainly stubborn and will ignore the proper way of doing things in favor of something that fits her needs. She likes being around people as long as she is the center of attention. Her pursuit of being an actress displays her focus on long-term goals without considering what needs to be done in the short-term.

5 Frank – ESTP

Danny DeVito in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 11

When Frank Reynolds joined the gang in season two of the show, he quickly aligned himself with their moral decline. Frank’s wild lifestyle fits very well into the ESTP personality. He is certainly a blunt person with no filter whatsoever and no sense of decency.

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Frank is a risktaker, often the most gung-ho of the gang when it comes to their most bizarre schemes. He is attracted to adventure and leaps before he looks. This can often get him seriously hurt but that never seems to stop him either.

4 Waitress – ESTJ

The Waitress began the show as a relatively normal person, but slowly became worse due to her interactions with the Paddy’s Pub gang. However, throughout this change, she has maintained an ESTJ personality.

When we are introduced to the Waitress, she is dignified, turning down Charlie’s advances and is appropriately appalled by some of the things the gang does. She eventually loses that dignity but keeps some of the other traits. She becomes practical and traditional when she decides to finally settle down and have a child with Charlie.

3 Dennis – ENTJ

Figuring out Dennis’ personality is troublesome since he is so clearly a psychopath. But some of those traits do match with the ENTJ personality. He is clearly the leader of the gang, a role he inserted himself into. Seeing as he calls himself a "god" on numerous occasions, you could also say he’s quite confident in himself.

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The D.E.N.N.I.S System is a disturbing display of his project- and detail-oriented way of thinking. The fact that he also is very eager to teach the system to the rest of the gang supports the behavior of an ENTJ.

2 Cricket – ISFJ

Matthew "Rickety Cricket" Mara is the biggest degenerate in this show about degenerates. That’s pretty bad for a character who started out as a respectable priest. Despite being so over-the-top in his depravity, his personality traits can be cemented in the ISFJ type.

For all his faults, Cricket is reliable. Whenever the gang needs someone with no sense of pride, Cricket is eager to help out. He is also a survivor. Through his life on the streets, Cricket has learned how to create a sense of security and will do whatever is necessary to maintain that security. We’ll just leave it at that.

1 Uncle Jack – ISFP

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Jack Kelly's Hands

Uncle Jack has slowly turned from a strange background character to being a regular participant in the gang’s adventures. He is also a pretty good example of an ISFP personality. Despite being a lawyer, Uncle Jack is very quiet and reserved. He’s soft-spoken and has trouble connecting with others, mostly due to his awkwardness.

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The biggest evidence of his personality is his fluctuating self-esteem. Jack will go to extremes to make himself appear more confident than he actually is. This includes wearing fake hands because he thought his real hands were too small.

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