The MBTI® Of AHS Cult Characters

American Horror Story Cult

American Horror Story has served up some pretty despicable and frightening characters over the years. From circus freaks to latex clad ghosts, to witches and serial killers. What makes the characters of the seventh season, Cult, somewhat different is their inherent humanity. Cult is set just after the 2016 election and examines the political landscape of the time, while addressing gender imbalances and drawing inspiration from cults across the years. It's this connection to the real world which makes Cult one of creator Ryan Murphy's most interesting seasons.

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The grounded, human characters are rich and developed, as much as they are creepy, and for this reason they're open to analysis. Using the Myers-Briggs® system for identifying and categorizing personality traits, this article will break down the personality type of some of the most terrible and desperate AHS characters ever.

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Ally, as played by Sarah Paulson, is an incredibly layered and complicated character. She's ridden with phobias and irrational fears. Considered paranoid even by her wife, Ally's worries most often go unaddressed even when a cult of evil clowns are legitimately coming for her. However, when her life and child's safety are questioned, she finds strength, and belief in her own experience and becomes an idealistic leader, taking on the head of that cult.

Because of her idealistic nature, Ally is an INFP type. While they are introverted and uncomfortable talking about themselves these types are analytical of the world around them. Reading into metaphors and following signs from the universe to find their way is a very INFP thing to do.


Ivy is just about as complicated as her wife. For reasons of her own, she gets wrapped up in all sorts of trouble. But her actions are based on a need for freedom and identity. Ivy is an ENFJ type.

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Despite her logical approach to finding a solution, she can be irrational and jump without testing the waters. Despite her solid reasoning she can still be spontaneous and, in this case, run into trouble without thinking things through.


Beverly is a new reporter who is looking for more. She is disrespected in her field and finds refuge in the cult, believing that her potential will be fulfilled. Whether or not this is the case, Beverly is an INTP type. This type is usually extremely good at reading people and situations. Beverly is a good reporter due to her natural ability to understand a situation, and is one of the first to notice the tide shifting within the cult. Although it's too late, her lack of interest in practicalities has become a burden in this scenario and her desire to find a community her betrayer.


Dr. Rudy is Ally's counselor. He is intelligent and caring. He takes an interest in others well being and has a strong sense of social responsibility. Even after he becomes involved with the killer clowns, Rudy maintains his community-minded approach to leadership.

He is an ESTJ type and unfortunately for him, his ethical reasoning and social consciousness get him into some trouble with his brother.


Harrison is a mysterious character from the time he enters the equation as the dubious neighbor. A keen hobbyist, Harrison enjoys keeping bees and the meditative, methodical approach to maintaining an apiary appeal to his crafty, logical personality. However, Harrison also has some secrets. Quiet and mysterious, he is particularly hard to read. Just one of the reasons Ally was skeptical of him from the get-go.

Harrison is an ISTP type. Often thought to be spontaneous, their actions are usually due to a logically thought out plan, just one that the outside world is not privy to. Harrison and his actions in the series are a direct response to his motivations, however, his ISTP type means no one, not even Ally can figure out what he might do next.


Unlike her husband, Meadow is extremely extroverted. She loves the spotlight and is severely uncomfortable holding in a secret. Her actions are rash and illogical based purely on feeling and a need to express herself.

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As an ESFP type, Meadow loves attention and feeling like she is special. Not traits that allowed her a particularly long tenure in a cult where identity is sacrificed for the 'greater good.' It's due to her nature as an ESFP that Meadow's storyline played out as it did. No spoilers.


Gary is devout and faithful from the beginning to the end. Willing to sacrifice anything for his leader, Gary is purely selfless in the name of the cause. He is an ENFJ type, known for their giving ways. In other circumstances, these types can be extremely charitable and liable, however, once Gary is brought into the cult his self sacrificing and selflessness become a tool for the leader to exploit. These types are principled and live in the future. Gary's principles align so strongly with the cult's that his idea of a utopian future, although somewhat skewed, motivates his actions, which are pretty horrific.


Detective Jack is one slippery man of the law. A trained detective, Jack is formal and quiet. He is reserved yet upright. Stoic and traditional. He is an ISTJ type. Like, the other members of the clown gang, Jack's personality traits are often seen as positives in other people, however, when exploited by a nefarious cult leader they lead to a strong dedication to some less-than-wonderful ideals and result in some barbaric practices. Throughout, Jack remains calm and steadfast in his beliefs.


Winter is an extremely mixed bag. Despite having an extroverted approach and belief in a moral code, she is wrapped up in her brother's plans from the get-go, whilst also trying to undo him from within. She is a mix of beliefs, and her actions in the moment can be highly emotionally motivated, relying strongly on intuition. Her outgoing and confident nature means she's able to calmly slip into Ally's life without raising suspicion but also mean she can try and help out when the situation becomes too dire.

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Winter is an ENFP type. These types are extraverts who value extreme individualism. This sense of individuality is what allows Winter to remain impartial from her brother and eventually make the autonomous decision to get back on a path of goodness.


Kai is a classic cult leader. His reasoning is logical and waterproof, despite being anarchist and awful. His ideals are thought out to their final eventuality and his plans meticulously mapped out. He is charismatic, and able to pray on people's weaknesses, offering them change or approval in return for their loyalty. He is a visionary, able to plan two, three moves ahead of his opponents and make the most of every situation. He holds strong to his beliefs despite their origin coming from his own sense of social rejection and isolation.

An ENTP type, Kai is admired for his vision and his ability to be convincing. Many of his personality traits are common among cult leaders and lead the rest of the characters into some awful scenarios.

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