MBTI® Of Adam Driver Characters

A quirky and versatile actor, Adam Driver is known for taking on a variety of roles and imbuing them with definable characteristics. Tall, with a willowy build and drawn features, the dark-haired thespian crept into the public eye portraying Adam Sackler in the HBO series Girls, the consecutive Emmy nominations for which made casting directors take note.

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Driver has an ability to deftly weave comedy and drama together into a charismatic mixture, which has made him a perfect candidate for complex characters in independent films. He has been able to utilize the craft he honed in smaller films to bring weight and intensity to blockbusters, such as with his surprisingly vulnerable portrayal of Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise. To discover the personality types of his varied roles using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator is to discover a deeper appreciation for his talent in bringing them to life.

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Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars The Last Jedi
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Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Kylo Ren is a complicated figure in the Star Wars Saga. A Dark Side user who is the son of two of the biggest heroes in the Rebel Alliance, he cast aside his identity as Ben Solo to become an agent of evil. He struggles with his affinity for the light side of the Force through his connection with Rey and the training of Luke Skywalker, believing it makes him weak.

It makes sense that Kylo Ren would be one of the most complicated personality types. Like most INFJs, he appears reserved and anti-social, disliking any interaction that makes him emotionally vulnerable. INFJs tempers are legendary, triggered by people who question their principles or belief systems.


Officer Ronald is a peacekeeper in the town of Centerville when strange behaviors begin to take over its animals and inhabitants. With news reports broadcasting alarming stories about the dead walking the Earth, it isn’t long before they rise from their graves in Centerville and begin feasting on its citizens.

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As an INTJ, Ronald is logical and practical, so he doesn’t like the uncertainty that the living dead present (which he voices many times over the course of the film), but he excels at developing ways to defeat them. Like most INTJs, he’s open-minded when he has to be, especially when it comes to creative ways of killing zombies, and works well with a team (his fellow police officers) whose intelligence and trust he values.


Though he’s a successful advertising executive, the imagination and freedom Toby Grisoni had when he was first studying film has left him. After an unsuccessful day of filming a Don Quixote commercial in Spain, he is swept up in a mystery involving the real Don Quixote, stepping forward and backward in time to reveal the true essence of art and life.

As an ENTP, Toby derives a lot of pleasure from intellectual pursuits, though his job doesn’t call for much of them. His keen mind questions everything, and his emotions are intuitive, both of which help him to navigate big picture ideas. He spent his life looking to the future when he really needed to look to the past, where he learns all things are cyclical.


Blackkklansman Adam Driver as Flip Zimmerman

Flip Zimmerman was an officer of the Colorado Police Department in BlackKklansman and partner to black officer Ron Stallworth, who, in 1978, managed to infiltrate the KKK by posing as a white member on the phone while Zimmerman pretended to be him in any physical interactions with members.

Zimmerman is a classic INFP, caring deeply about the world he lives in and relying heavily on his gut feelings and intuition to navigate conflict. He has his own standards and principles, which allows him to occupy space with bigots and retain his value system. His thoughtful nature, ability to see both sides of an argument, and good listening skills proved invaluable for obtaining incriminating information from chatty Klansmen.


On the series Girls, Adam Sackler is the boyfriend of Hannah, one of its female leads. A fitness obsessed sex addict with narcissistic tendencies, Adam is extremely candid, often offering his opinion when it isn’t asked for. As an ISTP, though he is outspoken about everyone else (and his insights on Hannah are usually spot-on), he remains intensely private on matters about himself.

Adam is incredibly physical, and like most ISTPs, he lives in the present, thriving off of new experiences. This also translates to his love life, where he pushes the limits of his partners sexually, and has fantasies some would consider odd. Experience-oriented, he’ll try anything once, and is easily bored if something isn’t stimulating enough.


As an aspiring documentary filmmaker, Jamie is creative, ambitious, and compelled to tell the truth about the world around him. The only problem is, seeing a world full of possibilities means that it’s highly possible he’ll manipulate those around him to get what he wants. This includes prestigious filmmaker Josh, who has the right connections and is charmed by Jamie’s enthusiasm.

Like most ENFPs, Jamie is warm, gregarious, and generous with his attention. He makes you feel great to be around him, which is exactly what happens to Josh when he goes through a mid-life crisis and feels like Jamie has the youthful jubilance he once had for film making. Because Jamie can talk his way in and out of anything, he uses Josh for his own ends.


Adam Driver in Paterson

As he picks up and drops off the same passengers on the same route in Paterson, New Jersey, Paterson the bus driver listens to the snippets of conversations they have, weaving them into heartfelt poems in his notebook. Like most INTPs, his unconventional way of thinking doesn’t always make sense to his wife Laura, but she champions his talent nevertheless.

Paterson sees the world around him in a unique way and is capable like most INTPs of original thought analysis that doesn’t occur to most people. Often Paterson seems sad or distant, but that’s only because the complex nature of his thought process makes it difficult for him to relate to most.


As one of two 17th century Portuguese missionaries traveling in Japan, Father Francisco Garupe finds his faith put to the test on a daily basis. Christianity is outlawed, and his mentor is missing in a land where he must mentor Christian villagers in secret. When he’s caught by feudal lords, he must decide whether he will renounce his faith or die violently.

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Like most INFPs, Father Garupe’s conviction and moral values are of the highest importance to him. He wishes nothing more than to discover his life’s meaning through his faith, letting his intuition about the people he encounters guide him. He’s able to adapt to a certain amount of change, but wonders if his faith is worth his life in a land of perceived heathens.


Adam Driver as Jude in Hungry Hearts

A new parent with his wife Mina, Jude is a hands-on dad who prefers practical applications to abstract strategies in parenting and in life. When Mina begins to put his infant son on a very restrictive vegan-based diet, he becomes worried. As she increasingly exhibits paranoid and obsessive tendencies, he knows he has to intervene for his son’s life.

Similar to most ISFJs, Jude is stable, hard-working, and takes a personal interest in the welfare of the people he most cares about. He has a very clear idea about how he wants to raise his child, and unless Mina can adequately convince him that her method is the best, he’ll do whatever it takes to give him and his son security.


The Logan brothers have never had good luck, it seems. When the eldest brother Jimmy gets fired from his job and told his ex-wife may get full custody of his child unless he can get a lawyer, he teams up with his sister Mellie and his one-armed brother Clyde to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

As an ESTP, Clyde agrees to Jimmy’s crazy idea without very much convincing, even agreeing to help get an incarcerated demolitions expert out of prison if it’ll help his brother’s cause. Playing by his own rules, without putting much stock in a traditional way of living life, makes him an adaptable risk taker, if not a bit foolhardy.

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