Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of The 100 Characters

You know, The CW has got a lot of good things going for it. From Riverdale to The Flash to Arrow to Supernatural to Charmed to The Vampire Diaries, they've got a line up of shows that just won't quit! Seriously, the number of stellar series this network puts out there is amazing. We haven't gotten up from our couch in months. Our personal trainer's not too happy about it, but we sure are.

Anyway, speaking of The CW, let's talk The 100 — yet another fine, quality program offered by that channel. Ever wonder what the Myers-Briggs® types of the main characters are? Well, you're in the right place! Find out below.

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10 Clarke Griffin - ENFJ

Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) uses her strong morals to guide her. When she's confident she's right, she can be quite stubborn, but she always puts other people first and is determined to improve things wherever she can. Because she's both action- and people-oriented, we're typing her as an ENFJ.

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This personality type is responsible. If they say they're going to do something then — they're going to do it. This is the person you want to leave in charge because you know they'll get the job done right. Always eager and willing to take the wheel, the ENFJ is sincere in their desire to help others, making them great leaders.

9 Thelonious Jaha - INFJ

Like the ENFJ, INFJs have an innate desire to help people. They want to make sure that everyone is taken care of, that everyone is on equal footing, and that everyone is achieving their full potential. If that doesn't sound like Thelonious Jaha (Isaiah Washington), then we don't know what does.

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Thelonious is understanding and wise. He's also very fair, even willing to allow his son to be part of the 100. He places the needs of his people above his own, which is oh, so very INFJ. Thelonious is capable, competent, and compassionate, but make no mistake, he's no pushover. He's a guy with a big heart, but he's got a strong backbone, too.

8 Marcus Kane - INTJ

The INTJ is so adept at setting long-term goals and taking the necessary steps to achieve them that it's frequently called "the mastermind." Though this personality type is often associated with villains, that's only half the story. INTJs are often very concerned with people, but their motives can sometimes appear ambiguous (think Walter White).

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Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) is methodical and dedicated. He wants to help humanity as a whole, yet he doesn't mind sacrificing a few individuals as long as it benefits the many. Although, far from unfeeling, Marcus often comes to regret his decisions. But, due to his firm reliance on logic over emotion, and his difficulty processing feelings (his own or others), we're typing him as an INTJ.

7 Abigail Griffin - ESFJ

Warm, considerate, and conscientious, the ESFJ type doesn't just like people, they want to help them achieve their full potential. To say that the ESFJ is a people person doesn't do this type any justice. They don't hang out with people because their sociable. Well, they are, but that's not the only reason. They really, truly, honest to goodness care, and that's what makes them so special.

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ESFJs tend to be traditional people. They're loyal to the ones they love and aren't just willing to put their friends and family first, but they're even willing to do so to their own detriment. Efficient, dedicated, and hard-working. Yep, that's Abigail Griffin (Paige Turco).

6 Octavia Blake - ESFP

Octavia Bellamy (Marie Avgeropoulos) doesn't play by the rules. She doesn't like being told what to do, which fits into that whole rebel image that she has created for herself, but it can sometimes land her in hot water. Reckless, outspoken, short-tempered, and super self-confident, Octavia fits right in with the ESFP personality type.

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The ESFP enjoys working with other people. They're very sociable, and they're also action-takers. They want to get in on a situation and they want to find solutions that provide fast results. Flexible, hard-working, and with a knack for adapting to an ever-changing environment, that sounds like The 100's Octavia to us.

5 Bellamy Blake - ENTJ

The ENTJ personality type makes for great leaders, and Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) is proof enough of that. As an intuitive thinking type, Bellamy is good at reading not just people, but also situations. His ability to pick up on patterns helps him predict future outcomes, often with great accuracy, which is what you want in a person in charge.

Throughout the series, Bellamy makes decisions based on facts. He's quick to recognize inefficiency and is just as great at coming up with organized, long-term plans to correct them. Though he can seem aggressive and insensitive at times, his protectiveness of his sister, Octavia, as well as the other delinquents prove that he cares a great deal.

4 John Murphy - ENTP

The Myers-Briggs® personality system doesn't account for a person's actual personality (their likes, dislikes, etc.), it simply helps explain how a person processes and reacts to information. So it's fair to say that any one of the 16 personality types can be resourceful and analytical — but perhaps none of them more so than the ENTP.

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John Murphy (Richard Harmon) is adaptable, independent, and quick to respond to a changing environment. Though he appears reserved at times, he's actually a keen observer of what's going on around him, and his attention to detail allows him to pick up on things other people miss. This logical, fact-based approach gives ENTPs like him an edge when it comes to solving problems.

3 Monty Green - INTP

Monty Green (Christopher Larkin) is an INTP because...well, because...look, he just is, alright? We mean, how could he not be? The guy is as smart as they make 'em. He avoids conflict and keeps to himself, except when he's around his friends, where he feels comfortable enough to display his quick wit and flex his sarcastic muscles.

INTPs are logical, yet theoretical at the same time, so while they tend to fixate on the facts, they're great at analyzing abstract concepts, too. Though he can be short-sighted and skeptical at times, Monty always trusts his gut and is loyal to and protective of his friends.

2 Raven Reyes - ESTJ

The ESTJ Myers-Briggs® personality type is practical and decisive. They prefer to deal with the facts over considering abstract concepts. Detail-oriented and results-driven, the ESTJ deals obstacles with a realistic approach and takes the necessary steps to see every project through to completion.

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Intelligent, sensible, and hard-working, Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) has no problems speaking her mind and remains unfazed and determined in the face of a setback. Though Raven doesn't actively seek to break the rules, she also has no qualms about breaking them when she feels they're stupid or stand in the way of common sense. She's competent, driven, and independent — the epitome of an ESTJ.

1 Jasper Jordan - ENFP

After witnessing the death of Maya (Eve Harlow), his first love, Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick) saw a huge shift in personality. His time as a shy, timid, and soft-spoken guy came to an end, and he evolved into an adventurous, foolhardy, and brave rebel.

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Though such a traumatic event caused a major change in his character, Jasper's basic characteristics have stayed the same. He's spontaneous and authentic, wanting to live in the present moment and get in on the action.

He's also curious, warm, and considerate of other people; he always wants to ensure others are comfortable and makes an effort to ensure that they feel understood. Enthusiastic, imaginative, and caring, Jasper's an ENFP.

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