Maze Runner: Dylan O'Brein & Kaya Scodelario Talk Scorch Trials

The release date for Maze Runner: Scorch Trials is almost here and to celebrate the occasion, we've got a few more insider details about the anticipated sequel straight from the cast members themselves. The Scorch Trials picks up right where Maze Runner left off and once again, our protagonists are running for their lives, fighting for survival in a barren wastelands overrun by new terrifying zombie-like monsters known as Cranks.

Franchise leading man Dylan O'Brien (Thomas) and leading lady Kaya Scodelario (Teresa) walk Screen Rant through what we should expect out there on the Scorch, how this film sets up a potential third and whether or not we should expect to see O'Brien playing Spider-Man or Han Solo any time soon. [Minor spoilers below].

So what's going on in the Scorch?

Kaya Scodelario: There's a lot of stuff going on

Dylan O'Brien: There's a lot of gossip. Drama. So much gossip. [Laughs] No, a lot of Cranks. A lot of gossiping Cranks.

Scodelario: And a lot of old buildings, which I think would be really cool to run around in.

How do you describe the Cranks?

O'Brien: Vicious, fast.

Scodelario: Fast, which I think is the coolest.

O'Brien: Fast is the coolest, I always like fast.

Scorch Trials photo

What during the filming was the toughest part for you and what in the film is the toughest part for your character?

Scodelario: For me physically it was the sand dunes because I wasn't prepared for how hard that would actually be. It looks so beautiful and you get excited, like "I'm going to run up that!" You get all pumped up and you're in a group like, "Guys, let's do this," and then you start running and you realize you haven't moved for five minutes and you're sinking into a hole and people are shouting at you to get up the hill and you can't, and that's really hard.

O'Brien: And they don't understand why.

Scodelario: Yeah, until you make them do it.

O'Brien: The hanging upside down was definitely tough. It shakes you up almost.

Scodelario: You feel the blood move through your body, which is something that you just shouldn't feel.

O'Brien: And the next week, you're not right for another week, if you know what I'm saying.

Scodelario:  It was handled really well but I think it was still a challenge, I think it was the first time, someone said to me, in movie history that you had eight people hanging upside down consistently throughout a scene that long.

O'Brien: Yeah, they weren't going to let [director] Wes Ball do it at first.

Scodelario: They didn't want him to do it, they were like it's impossible, it can't be done and he tested it and proved he could do it so that meant that we were all fine.

O'Brien: Yeah the only way they were going to let him do it is if he went up himself and did it for 5 minutes, isn't that cool?

So what happens next?

O'Brien: A lot.

Scodelario: The next one is all about finding, I think it's going to go between the Wicked world and Thomas's world, which will be interesting, I'm excited to show what it's like in the labs from their point of view and why they're doing what they're doing, how they justify it.

Scorch Trials Maze Runner group photo

It seems like there are a couple of Easter eggs that hint two things that I know happen in the third book in this film. Have you seen those, do you think they are there?

Scodelario: Ooh, like what?

Well in the hallucination, Newt, I thought foreshadowing maybe?

O'Brien: No no, you're right. Something Wes wanted to do was kind of split up elements from both the second and third book in kind of take them all, put them in a blender, spit them back out. He planted a lot of seeds.

Lastly, a lot of the Screen Rant readers are on board with you playing young Han Solo.

O'Brien: Me? That's awesome.

Dylan O'Brien as Thomas from The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Where do we go from here with that? Has anyone called you?

O'Brien: No. It's okay. But thanks, fans.

Scodelario: Keep petitioning!

O'Brien: I like it, I would love to.

And Spider-Man, was that true?

O'Brien: No. No truth to it.

I assumed you were getting these calls from the studios.

O'Brien: No. It's all made up, I actually am not.  

We'll get one of those to come through.

O'Brien: Yeah, hopefully one sticks.


Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials opens on September 18, 2015

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