Maze Runner Costar Wants Dylan O'Brien to Play Nightwing

As Warner Bros. continues its search for Dick Grayson in Chris McKay's Nightwing movie, one actor is tipping Maze Runner's Dylan O'Brien as the man to leap across Gotham City's skyline.

From the orphaned member of the Flying Graysons to playing the first person to be Batman's Boy Wonder, Nightwing will follow Dick's time after Robin retirement as he takes on his own vigilante persona and spreads his wings to set out on his own. An official casting announcement for Nightwing could be right around the corner, but have we already found our Grayson ahead of time?

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Speaking to Cinema Blend, O'Brien's Maze Runner: The Death Cure costar Dexter Darden seems to think the 26-year-old has the right stuff to play the lead in Nightwing:

"He would be so good... So what happens is, Batman ages out unfortunately, in Gotham, and Robin just kind of grows up and just has the same resources, but a little bit more of a badass kind of edge to him... Nightwing is essentially a 25- to like 30-year-old Robin, and he's got this sick blue one-piece outfit. Blue, black, and he's dope."

McKay has been active on social media to keep fans informed, but he has yet to drop any hints on who could be the man behind the cowl. Plenty of names have been bandied around for the part - with Nick Jonas showing interest in Grayson - and O'Brien's name has popped up before. Given that Nightwing will be "stunt-heavy," the star's work on the Maze Runner series could really come in handy. He was famously injured on the set of The Death Cure, but even that hasn't stopped him from returning to work as one of Hollywood's upcoming young actors. Also, with his age in the right bracket to play the older version of Robin, Darden could be right with this one.

There have been some major changes to the DC film slate of late, but Nightwing is one of the movies that has seemingly survived the shakeup. With everything up in the air after Justice League's disappointing box office and reviews, the situation is only made worse by the constant rumors of Ben Affleck's departure as Batman. Being Bruce Wayne's trusted sidekick, the Nightwing movie could help take the pressure off and fill in some gaps if Batfleck is really leaving.

Given that McKay was the man behind the incredibly popular The LEGO Batman Movie, at least he knows his Dick Grayson from his Jason Todd. With Grayson having been a major player in the comic book world since 1940, there is plenty of source material to pull from. While the storyline is still shrouded in mystery and the titular role is yet to be cast, O'Brien would undoubtedly be a good fit to stick on a pair of spandex tights as Grayson.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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