Maze Runner: The Death Cure Final Trailer Promises a WCKD Showdown

The final Maze Runner: The Death Cure trailer has been released online. With two months left before the film hits theaters, promotional materials for it has been slowly trickling out of 20th Century Fox's gate. The trailer follows the release of an official Death Cure poster that features the remaining Gladers with Dylan O'Brien's Thomas at the center of it.

The Death Cure follows Thomas and his allies on their "final and most dangerous mission yet." Said mission involves breaking into the infamous Last City, a "WCKD-controlled labyrinth that may turn out to be the deadliest maze of all." But first, they have to save their friend, Minho (Ki Hong Lee), who was taken by WCKD (aka. World in Catastrophe: Killzone Department) during the climactic battle in Maze: Runner: The Scorch Trials, after Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) revealed their hiding spot to the organization.

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Fox premiered the final trailer for The Death Cure at CCXP 2017 (aka. the Brazilian Comic-Con) along with the movie's first 11 minutes, prior to releasing the trailer online. You can now watch the trailer for yourself, in the space above.

As the final trailer for The Death Cure illustrates, Thomas' mission becomes all the more complicated when he is forced to make a decision that could impact not only his friends, but the fate of the world at large. Previous trailers for The Death Cure have also shown that Thomas will be forced to decide between saving his friends and finding a way to save the rest of the world, as he learns more about the killer epidemic that continues to claims the lives of people around the globe - and will keep on doing so, until the Gladers find a lasting cure for it.

We do not know yet how the leader of the pack go about handling this seemingly no-win situation and we're guessing that we have to wait for the whole movie to find out what eventually happens. Still, in the meantime, the latest footage from The Death Cure provides a bit more context for the film's greater narrative. Here is to hoping that the movie proves to be the "epic" conclusion to The Maze Runner film franchise, as its final theatrical trailer has promised it will be.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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