The Death Cure Poster: Every Maze Has An End

A brand new poster for Maze Runner: The Death Cure has debuted, giving us a closer look at the gang led by Dylan O'Brian's Thomas. The film will be the final chapter in the film trilogy adaptation of the novels of the same name written by James Dashner that first started in 2014.

Fox is slowly ramping up their marketing machine for the nearing release of the film. Just a couple months back, we were treated to the first batch of promo stills for the movie, followed by the release of the official trailer. The trilogy capper is expected to follow Thomas and all the remaining Gladers in their conquest to finish the maze without losing anyone. But if that isn't too much of a task, our heroes are also presented with a brand new mission: to find a cure for a deadly epidemic that has already killed millions of people over the world.


To keep the hype running until The Death Cure finally arrives in theaters, a brand new poster has been unveiled by Fox featuring the main Gladers crew looming the headquarters of World in Catastrophe: Killzone Department. This teases us a major battle between Thomas and his friends against W.C.K.D., especially when they are also trying to take back Minho (Ki Hong Lee). You can remember that he was taken as a hostage during the climactic face-off in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials no thanks to Teresa's (Kaya Scodelario) betrayal. Check out the poster below.

The Death Cure has been a long time coming. Originally set to arrive in cinemas earlier this year, production of the movie was halted after O'Brien was involved in an on-set accident in Vancouver in March 2016. Specific details regarding the fiasco were never brought to light, but while folks behind the show reassured fans that the Teen Wolf alum wasn't in grave danger, his injuries turned out to be more serious than originally perceived. This led to principal photography shutting down altogether with the original release date scrapped. In May 2016, it was later pushed to a January 2018 debut but was once again moved a month further to February, in order to allow more time for post-production. Following one last rescheduling, the movie now has an official global premiere all ready for January 26.

It is curious how Maze Runner: The Death Cure will perform at the box office considering that it is a property mainly backed by a loyal fandom. Scorch Trials already suffered a significant gross dip compared to the original Maze Runner film, which pocketed a more than $100 million. With the threequel's major delay, it's possible that what once was an enthusiastic fan community has already lost its interest in the franchise.


Source: 20th Century Fox

Key Release Dates
  • Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018) release date: Jan 26, 2018
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