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The Maze Runner series has come to an end. After production being forced to shut down for an extended period of time due to injuries Dylan O’Brien suffered while filming a stunt for the 3rd and final film in the franchise, the movie is now complete, and fans of the series can watch the epic finale. Screen Rant recently sat down with some of the cast from movie, titled The Maze Runner: The Death Cure and discussed their favorite memories from the past three films, what it felt like to complete the series, and how Dylan O’Brien has changed his approach to doing his own stunts.

Screen Rant: I enjoyed this film, I enjoyed the series you, guys really upped the ante in this one, there’s a few surprises and twists and turns. The book series is wildly popular, but the film series, it's been astounding. How does it feel to complete this trilogy?

Dylan O’Brien: It's so, you know, it's all we've been talking about the whole press circuit because obviously that's what, you know, it's about at this point for us. But it's so funny because I think we all just keep saying, you know, it's really, it's everything. It's not a total depressing thing, you know, we're not all just like. . . I don't know, it's kind of. . . it's kind of just nice, it's I think we all feel so proud about what we've been through together you know, in the movies that we've made, that we can always have to look back on, and the experiences we've had together, the friendships we've built you know, it's just amazing man, we’re just so lucky.

Screen Rant: Obviously you guys have been through a lot of films together, talk to me about how your character's have grown or changed throughout the course of the trilogy. (To Kaya) Your character has changed quite a bit.

Group: Yeah. . . quite a change. . .

Kaya Scodelario: Yeah, she takes some turns. . . Yeah, I mean, I signed up for these originally because I knew that this change would happen, that she'd have to make these decisions and she'd have this full arc. I think it’s pretty important for me to play women like that, that's what I look for in roles, and it's great to have so much time to do that in because it's kind of a lot more realistic, sometimes in movies people which left right and center very quickly and it's nice to have three movies to span that over.

Screen Rant: Now reflecting on your time during the course of the Maze Runner franchise, what's been your, each one of your favorite memories from the past, since like 2014?

Kaya Scodelario: That’s going to make me cry . .

Dylan O’Brien: Yeah, yeah, these are always so hard.

Dexter Darden: It’s so tough. . .

*Talking over each other*

Kaya Scodelario: It’s like our friendship, genuinely the fact that we made friends, because that really doesn't happen a lot on jobs. You get on with people and you can have like at the right time, but we’re like buddies forever.

Dylan O’Brien: Baseball in the first one, Mario Kart in the second one. . .

Dexter Darden: We were playing Mario Kart for hours and it’s like, it's that there’s just so many memories that just compile a family and it's like we do, we reach out to each other on birthdays and just those kinds of things. I mean if we, if I take anything away from this whole experience and just be taken away like working, developing a family, and just having -being blessed with the opportunity to work with them and just play with them and then you know we just do things . . . like the week, there's like so many different moments from so many different movies, so it's hard to just nail down one specifically.

Screen Rant: Now if you guys had to sum up Maze Runner: Death Cure in like a hashtag that you want fans to take away, what we each one of your hashtags be?

Dylan O’Brien: Hashtag “feels”

Screen Rant: That's a good one.

Dylan O’Brien: Mmm, that's gonna play.

Screen Rant: Yeah.

Kaya Scodelario: Hashtag you're gonna cry your bloody eyes out.

Dylan O’Brien: Good luck guys. . . Thomas doesn’t get it.

Dexter Darden: Hashtags “the end”.

Kaya Scodelario: (To Thomas) You don’t know what feels are?

Thomas Brodie-Sangster: Feels?

Dexter Darden: (Singing) Don’t be afraid to catch feels . . .

*Talking over each other*

Dylan O’Brien: Like field Hockey. . . like on a “field”. Hashtag “fields.”

Dexter Darden: You know like a little *points to his heart*

Kaya Scodelario: Like you can smell a field. . .

*More talking over each other*

Dexter Darden: Thomas, you know, that little place in your heart.

Dylan O’Brien: You get it? Feels . . . you get it, you do get it.

Screen Rant: Do you have a hashtag Thomas?

Kaya Scodelario: He barely knows what a hashtag is.

Dylan O’Brien: He know, he knows.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster: The Maze Runner: The Death Cure.


Dylan O’Brien:  The Maze Runner: The Death Cure?

Maze Runner The Death Cure Dylan O'Brien Thomas Brodie-Sangster Giancarlo Esposito

Screen Rant: Fair enough, I think that’s the official hashtag.

Dylan O’Brien: Hashtag “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure. . . “


Screen Rant: Dylan, you had quite a traumatic experience on this, how do you feel about doing your own stunts now and what do you feel about the risk involved in doing that stuff?

Dylan O’Brien: Well, I approach it completely differently, you know. It took me a while to, you know, even get over that and come back to work and even engage in those kind of things again obviously, but, it will forever change how I approach those things. I think it's, you know, I said this since, that it's very easy sometimes to get comfortable on a set and everybody falls into the make believe, you know, and it's easy to forget sometimes that you know, things can happen and things can go wrong and lives have been lost on a set and that should never happen, you know? Everything should just always be taken with safety as a priority and when you're doing things like this, you know, just remember that it's not all make believe, you know, you are creating this. . . you know, this fiction, but it is real on a set and there are things - big big, you know, things, machinery everywhere, there's a lot of you know, danger involved, absolutely, so, yeah you know, I'll always vet something entirely before I do it but, I still, it hasn't killed my passion for you know, making films and participating in that side of things as well, you know, it's always something I enjoy doing it was something I felt partially responsible for, you know, so yeah.

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