First Mayans MC Teaser Previews Sons of Anarchy Spinoff

FX is finally ready to sew a new badge onto its leather vest, as the network has released the first teaser for the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spinoff, Mayans MC. The project is another collaboration between the FX and SOA creator Kurt Sutter, who co-created Mayans with Elign James. And for FX, the series promises a return to the violent world of biker gangs that delivered the network some of its highest pre-The People v. O.J. Simpson ratings.

Mayans will be a familiar bunch for Sons of Anarchy fans, as the MC alternately tussled and cooperated with the boys of SAMCRO over the original show’s seven season run. The spinoff will even feature Emilio Rivera, reprising his role as Marcus Alvarez, thereby bridging the gap between the two shows. It’s likely that there’ll be more connections and callbacks to the original series, but so far the teaser trailer isn’t revealing anything more than some not-so-subtle implications of the kind of negative influence the Mayans MC have on the world around them. 

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The new series will essentially function as a follow-up to Sons of Anarchy as it takes place following the events of that series’ finale. And rather than tell another tale of an entrenched but embattled legacy member of a powerful motorcycle club, it follows Ezekiel ‘EZ’ Reyes (J.D. Pardo, Revolution), a recent parolee and prospect for the Mayans MC. The new angle should keep the spinoff from following the same path of its predecessor too closely, while still giving audiences what they want in a violent drama co-created by Kurt Sutter. 

JD Pardo in Mayans MC

The road to television hasn’t been an easy one for Mayans MC. Despite sharing DNA with one of FX’s biggest hits, the series’ pilot was sent back for reshoots once with several key roles recast as well. That all transpired in 2017, and it wasn’t until January of 2018 that FX officially announced a series order for the first 10-episode season. For what it’s worth, the reshoots probably aren’t anything to worry about, as even much of the Sons of Anarchy pilot was reshot in order to replace Scott Glenn with Ron Perlman in the role of Clay Morrow. 

How the show will ultimately turn out is anyone’s guess, and the teaser trailer isn’t giving viewer much more to go on than a familiar ominous vibe. It will be interesting to see whether audiences will return for a series without Jax Teller and his (mostly) loyal crew of outlaws. Since the series won’t premiere until the fall, FX has plenty of time before the marketing blitz will begin, but with any luck we’ll be seeing more of what EZ Reyes and the Mayans plan to bring to the table sooner rather than later. 

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Mayans MC will premiere this fall on FX.

Source: FX

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