Mayans MC: Sons of Anarchy Spinoff Casts J.D. Pardo as Series Lead

JD Pardo in Revolution

Sons of Anarchy spinoff Mayans MC is now well into casting. The show focuses on the Mayan Motorcycle Club that was previously introduced in the main show. This new series will be set in the border zone between Mexico and California, expanding geographically and on the mythology established in Sons. As with the original series the family element will be heavily stressed in Mayans MC.

So far, the series has brought on some impressive talent, casting Edward James Olmos and John Ortiz in major roles. The casting of two familiar faces gives the series a head start in terms of attracting an audience, and now Mayans MC announces it has cast its lead role.

As reported by TV Line, J.D. Pardo (Revolution) has been cast in Mayans MC as Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes, who will be this series' answer to Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam). He will be the audience's point of view character for the majority of the show's journey, if it takes any notes form its predecessor.

Charlie Hunnam Ron Perlman and Emilio Rivera in Sons of Anarchy

EZ sets out pursuing better opportunities for himself, before his life is ruined by cartel violence. He is after revenge (following that similar Hamlet story structure), and will find himself thrust more deeply into a world he never wanted any part of. If fans of Sons of Anarchy are looking for some more context and potential Easter eggs, they should remember that that Mayans are an impressive crew and have tangled with SAMCRO more than once in the past. Mayans MC, however, is set entirely in a world without Jax.

Mayans MC seems to be shaping up into a really interesting show that is building on the world set down in Sons of Anarchy, while dressing it up as a unique story. Pardo has the opportunity to redefine what audiences think of as being the leading man for this type of show. With Olmos anchoring the cast, the Mayans seem to be in good hands. It should be a blast to see both of these characters on bikes.

Enthusiasm aside, the striking similarities between EZ and Jax are obvious and could hamper Mayans MC if it just seems like a carbon copy of the original show. Until more details are released fans will be left hoping that the Mayans will get up to something different and specific to their geographic location. Similarities in formula are all well and good with spinoff shows, but its the individuality of the situations that can make shows like this truly special.

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Source: TV Line

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