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When will the second season of Mayans MC start, and what will it be about? It was confirmed in early October that FX had renewed the biker gang drama for another season. The Sons of Anarchy spinoff was one of the cable network's biggest successes this year, sustaining a strong viewership from premiere through to season finale.

Which is good, as the show put quite a few different narrative threads in motion with its back half. Indeed, Ezekiel 'EZ' Reyes, his brother Angel, and the rest of the Santa Padre chapter of the Mayans MC have some difficult days ahead of them. Season 1 saw EZ just about retain his sanity as he struggled with informing the FBI of the club's happenings versus becoming more enshrined as a member, while the club itself managed to stay intact in the bloody struggle between the Galindo cartel and a group of insurgent rebels seeking to burn everything down.

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The first season of Mayans MC closed on a moment of relative peace for all involved – but who knows how long that will last. When can we expect more, and what are the major storylines to keep in mind?

Mayans MC Has Been Renewed For Season 2 By FX

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Mayans MC was renewed for a second season by FX at the start of October 2018, with FX President of Original Programming Nick Grad pointing to its strong first season ratings. "The series premiered as the highest rated cable series this year and continues to sustain a committed fan base, reflecting the talent and drive of creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James," said Grad in a press release announcing the renewal, adding, "We couldn’t be more excited to take this ride to a second season." Mayans MC season 2 is expected to be another ten episodes, filming in the spring to begin airing in early September.

When Will Mayans MC Season 2 Premiere?

The show is likely to resume its fall season slot, premiering in the first week of September 2019. This was the same schedule that Sons of Anarchy, which Mayans is a sequel to, followed. As of now, co-creator Kurt Sutter, who developed the show with writer Elgin James, has said there's nothing concrete storywise for season 2, meaning development on the story-lines has just begun. This isn't unusual; Sutter worked like this for Sons of Anarchy too, and it's common in television to work season-to-season with only the broadest of ideas carrying over.

Mayans MC Season 2's Story

Despite Sutter stating he's got nothing major worked out, we can surmise what the major plot-points will be - at least for the first half of the season. The big dilemma is that EZ has now identified Happy, a member of the Sons of Anarchy Redwood chapter, as his mother's killer. EZ has a photographic memory, and the reveal was something set up through-out the season through different flashbacks leading right up to the incident itself. Happy, played by David LaBrava, is not only a high-ranking member of the Sons of Anarchy mother charter; he was also a main cast member of the original show, bringing stories old and new into conflict.

Likewise, Lincoln Potter, the district attorney who nearly brought down the Sons, has returned and has taken control of EZ's informant case. Season 1 ended with EZ and his brother gunning down the FBI agent EZ was originally working, killing one of his colleagues in the process. Potter clears EZ's record, as promised, but tells him he owes Potter a favour for cleaning up the sloppy killing of the second agent.

The Galindo cartel, under the leadership of Miguel Galindo, have begun making moves to work with the rebels while making the FBI think they're working with them. This has included a re-structuring where Marcus Alvarez, the Godfather of the Mayans MC, is moved away from the club to become a full-time member of Galindo's team. Galindo's plans, and the reverberation of Alvarez leaving the MC, are sure to send a lot of ripples.

Finally, Angel and EZ's family conflict is gradually starting to boil over. EZ chose to remain a member of the MC despite Angel's wishes to the contrary, and Angel has begun to let their father know about his trauma growing up feeling less-loved compared to his high-achieving brother. The importance has fluctuated from minor to major depending on the episode, but looking at the Tellers in Sons of Anarchy, the potential damage of family dysfunction shouldn't be understated.

Everyone's on a head on collision with each other – the real question is, who'll survive the impact?

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