Mayans M.C.: 5 Things We Hope To See In Season 2 (& 5 We Hope We Don't)

As a spinoff to the legendary series Sons of Anarchy, Mayans M.C. has been given the challenge of living up. Here are our hopes for season 2.

Michael Irby in Mayans MC Season 2 FX

As a spinoff to the legendary series Sons of Anarchy, Mayans M.C. has been burdened with the difficult challenge of living up to the expectations of SOA's die-hard fans- a task that it has coped well with. After a thrilling first season, fans of the show were left in awe of what's next for 'EZ' Reyes, particularly after the shock revelation concerning his mother's death.

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With the above news, as well as some intriguing plot twists surrounding Los Olvidados, the Galindo's and the return of familiar faces such as Lincoln Potter, let's take a look at some of the things we'd like to see in Mayans M.C.'s second season, as well as those potential storylines that we'd rather see left out.

10 What We Hope To See- Adelita And Angel Together

Since the first time that fans were treated to an interaction between the leader of Los Olvidados and EZ's older brother, it was clear that there was romantic chemistry between the two. Future episodes did more to confirm fans' suspicions, with Adelita even offering Angel to spend the night with her after what proved to be a difficult day for him and his brother.

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In the opening episodes of the second season, it was revealed that Adelita was pregnant, with much speculation circling around who the father may be. Of course, we saw that Angel was the father, however, there is still a reluctance on Adelita's part to publicly admit their relationship or even to allow Angel to inform his family about his unborn child. We would certainly hope for these two lovers to be able to openly pursue their relationship in the future.

9 What We Don't Want- More Lincoln Potter

When he first appeared in Sons, Lincoln Potter was a quirky yet ingenious Assistant U.S. Attorney who was inspecting SAMCRO for their involvement in the illegal weapons trade. While he may have appeared to be slightly odd, his participation in the series saw SAMCRO plunge into previoudly unparalleled danger.

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His inclusion in Mayans was met with equal intrigue, particularly when it came to pressuring the Reyes brothers' into cooperation. Unfortunately, due to having already been so frequently featured in both the original and spinoff series, it seems that Potter has overstayed his welcome. For the sake of progress, it would be better if he did not return in the second season so that the series can pursue fresh avenues of storytelling.

8 What We Hope To See- The Redwood Original

While a Sons of Anarchy charter appeared in the Mayans pilot, fans were treated to a familiar face in the later stages of the season, with Happy Lowman coming to Santo Padre to meet with the Mayans charter there. References about Chibbs, Jax Teller's legacy and even the appearance of a SAMCRO prospect make us wonder what the old crew is up to these days.

While it's true that many of the Redwood Original were killed off throughout the show's duration, there are some survivors left for fans to catch up with, such as the zany Tig Trager and presumed club president Chibbs. With Happy making the trip to Santo Padre, it has become clear that more interactions in Charming could transpire.

7 What We Don't Want- More Jax Teller

While Gemma Teller was featured in a flashback in the Mayan's pilot, references to SOA were kept to a minimum. While it's great to see the return of minor characters such as Chuck Marstein to the fold, the show has done well to steer clear of too many SOA references as it seeks to pursue new storylines.

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With SOA members occasionally paying a visit to the Mayans, it's understandable that Jax and his plans for the club have been referenced on a number of occasions. What Mayans has to ensure, however, is that memories of Jax do not hijack the fresh storylines that have been featured in the spinoff show. While we may sometimes feel nostalgia over SOA, Mayans still has it's own identity to forge.

6 What We Hope To See- More Of Leticia

In what was an unexpected turn of events, Leticia Cruz found out that Mayans member Johnny "Coco" is actually her father, rather than her brother as she was always led to believe. While this revelation caused much tension between members of the Cruz clan and even led to a death, Leticia's involvement in the series resulted in much intrigue.

Firstly, Coco was given the opportunity to show his sincerity and humanity to the audience through his interactions with his daughter- he no longer was just seen as a silent killer. Secondly, it was clear that Leticia had a romantic attraction to EZ and any potential connection between the two would surely make things interesting as the season progresses.

5 What We Don't Want- More Tension Between Angel And EZ

Clayton Cardenas and JD Pardo in Mayans MC Season 1 FX

As the first season wrapped up, there was much tension between the Reyes brothers. With ill feelings over Felipe's apparent favoritism between his two sons and the fact that EZ and Felipe did not tell Angel about EZ's deal with the DEA, Angel was clearly infuriated with both his father and his younger brother. So much so, that he repeatedly hit EZ before abandoning him in a field.

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While their tensions were only elevated due to Lincoln Potter's demands, it is high time that the brothers make amends. Not only do their futures in the M.C. depend on it, but after EZ's discovery involving the ever-lethal Happy Lowman, he and Angel will need each other's support if they are to survive the potential conflicts ahead.

4 What We Hope To See- More Of Felipe

While not a member of the Mayans himself, the Reyes patriarch was a key character in the series' debut season. He shared in EZ's secret deal with the DEA, giving him vital advice throughout the ordeal. In addition, Felipe defended his sons against potential adversaries, even pulling out his shotgun on occasion to thwart some dangerous threats.

Apart from his strong personality, Felipe also brings mystery into the series due to his murky past. In fact, even his own sons were not aware of his original name. With an appharent tie between Miguel Galindo's mother and Felipe being revealed early on in season two, Felipe's storyline will only boost the series' suspense.

3 What We Don't Want- Too Many Frequent Deaths

Sons of Anarchy - Mark Boone JR as Bobby Munson

SOA was characterized by the danger that was faced by its main characters, and emphasized the fact that no one was ever safe. While this concept is definitely something that had to be carried over to the spinoff, it does not mean that the constant circle of violence need necessary persist at the same intensity.

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As SOA proceeded into its later seasons, viewers were shocked by some of the unexpected deaths that transpired with some of their most beloved characters, however even this drama has an expiration date. With so much bloodshed, viewers become accustomed to seeing their favourite characters perish, and this is a mistake that most Mayans fans will want avoided.

2 What We Hope To See- A Showdown With Happy

In one of the pivotal final moments of Mayans debut season, EZ learns a shocking truth about his past that is centred on SAMCRO's Happy Lowman. This saw EZ endure a tense encounter when Happy and his SAMCRO counterparts visited the Mayans, and seems to suggest that EZ and Angel may encounter Happy at some stage in the future.

While it may seem highly likely that any potential encounter could turn violent, what also adds intrigue to the equation is the motive behind Happy's actions, which will clearly be something that viewers will want to discover.

1 What We Don't Want- A Return Of Wendy And Jax's Sons

Wendy Sons of Anarchy

Throughout the run of SOA, Wendy showed some of the greatest character development of any of the show's many characters. From drug issues and irresponsible parenting to becoming a compassionate mother who would do anything for her kin, Wendy went from being disliked to one of the fan favourites in later seasons.

While she and Thomas and Abel are safe on Nero's farm, their stories are best left as is. Not only have Jax's sons been through more than any child should have to endure, but Wendy too has suffered much trauma at the hand of the M.C. world.

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